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10 Best 12ft Ladder Alternatives (UPDATED 2024)

Best 12ft Ladder Alternatives
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re on the search for Alternatives to 12 foot Ladder. As far as we know, 12 Foot Ladder makes every effort to bypass paywalls and provide access to the full content. Simply append to the beginning of the URL of the paywalled page you wish to visit.

According to 12 Foot Ladder, Google Ad Words ruined the internet by corruptly rewarding websites to perform better in search engine rankings. Additionally, sites not optimized for Google Ad Words are forced to optimize for email capture through cookies.

Luckily, there are several 12ft Ladder alternatives for various platforms, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here We Have Compiled a list of the best free 12ft Ladder Alternatives.

Best 12ft Ladder Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to 12ft ladder, this article will help you sort through your options. We’ve read everything we could get our hands on, and these are the most important among them.

1. Flatfile

Flatfile is a one-of-a-kind data storage platform where users can upload as many files as they need without the cost and easily share them with their friends, family, and business partners while still anticipating receiving the essential data set.

Clients can keep records, share files from their personal computers, or upload files from their distributed storage provider. The service can even help its clients ensure the security of their data and files even after a record has been erased.

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All else being equal, every guest in your group will want access to a few extra shared envelopes, which is why Flatfile offers a premium version to help its users build the number of shared organizers.

2. Incoggo

If you’re looking for an alternative to 12 Foot Ladder that can filter out all the distractions on the web, Incoggo is a great choice. Incoggo is a paywall ad blocker that provides unrestricted access to content from a wide range of premium publications.

The functionality of this device is superior to that of the 12-foot Ladder, and it boasts of being the first universal blocker in the world. Incoggo eliminates the need for advertising, tracking, paywalls, and malware. Incoggo’s cutting-edge blocking technology also makes browsing 20 times quicker.

Compared to 12ft Ladder, which is only compatible with Firefox, Mac, Google Chrome, Windows, and Linux, Incoggo can be used on any platform. Incoggo works with any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge) and any desktop application (Spotify, Slack, Discord, and Mail, for example).

3. PayWall Blocker

When installed on a Chrome browser, the PayWall Blocker extension will prevent previews of articles behind a paywall from being displayed. It’s a great alternative to 12ft Ladder if you want to avoid dealing with annoying paywall articles.

This tool supports the most popular German online magazines, news sites, and newspapers, in contrast to 12ft Ladder’s support for news and book categories. The latest version of PayWall Blocker hides paywalled articles by default but restores them when the mouse has hovered over them.

You can examine it and handle it like any other object. All versions of Firefox and Chrome are supported without issue. Since PayWall Blocker does not track or save any of your data, you can use it without worry.

4. Unpaywall

In this context, “unpaywall” refers to the restriction-free access program that can give its users access to the credibility of the data and information base presented. To help its users find useful papers and metadata, this platform provides a free web crawler, API, and application module.

Customers will be able to access their daily papers, periodicals, assets, and articles without worrying about distribution or ownership.

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Removing the paywall necessitates unrestricted access to certain distributor sites, whose assistance is predicated on data growth. Anyone can use the data to develop superior methods and services for composing logical or other texts.

5. Reader Mode

The Chrome extension and web app Reader Mode allow you to read your favorite articles in peace and quiet, removing all extraneous content and advertisements.

More features than a 12-foot Ladder, an excellent research tool, and dyslexia support round out this superior tool. The Reader Mode has more features.

Reader Mode’s features include setting a personalized theme, removing unwanted elements from web pages, printing them out, viewing them in full screen, saving changes to previously viewed versions, and setting individualized styles for the site’s layout.

6. uBlock Origin 

When it comes to blocking annoying pop-ups from most websites, uBlock Origin is a fantastic alternative to 12 Foot Ladder. One of the most effective blockers is uBlock, a Mozilla add-on that uses very little memory and processing power.

Its primary features are efficient processing power and memory, making it more than just an ad blocker. With this add-on installed, you may forget that pop-ups ever existed.

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uBlock has many helpful extras, such as an Easy Privacy Tracker, an Online Malicious URL Blocklist, and a Spam 404 feature. Additionally, uBlock origin makes it easy to disable JavaScript on a per-site or network basis with a single click.

7. Readium

A user can use the Readium bookmark to bypass the paywalls and click-entryways of popular online publications like Medium, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Towards Data Science, The New York Times, and many more.

This service provides its users access to various open-source software tools for examining programs written for various operating systems, including Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and others.

Customers with print disabilities can also use an EPUB 3 app, which is compatible with screen readers like Jaws and NVDA for Windows and VoiceOver for Mac.

8. The Free Internet Plugin

If you’re an internet fan, you know that nothing beats unlimited, cost-free access. Interesting open-source Chrome plugin, Free Internet Plugin, strips paywalls from Google search results.

It holds that the paywall business model relies on annoying internet users with advertisements and that users will eventually give in and pay for stories.

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The Free Internet Plugin is dedicated to the idea that the Internet should be completely open and free to all users. If you don’t want to encounter paywalled content, this tool is preferable to 12 Foot Ladder because it removes it from your search news feeds and results.

9. Text Fish

Text Fish users can access the service without having to pay for it to avoid interruptions. This service provides its customers with access to all paywalls that store the page’s text to disable it from the site page, regardless of how often the text is used there.

If you put it in front of a URL, you can get around paywalls and read whatever you like without worrying about spending money.

Similarly to direct site access, Text Fish only works with the sites you specify, meaning it won’t help you if you try to access a site like WSJ. Users can avoid having to integrate with popups by using the safe and simple interface that is provided.

10. StopAd

StopAd is a great option for discerning web users who want to avoid annoying pop-ups on all their favorite sites without having to install a separate ad blocker like 12 Foot Ladder.

Using StopAd should result in social media sites like Facebook loading faster and providing a more enjoyable experience without the interruption of sponsored content.

StopAd is easy to use if you have a Windows computer. You can download it from the Windows section of Softonic.

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