Is Apple TV Remote Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

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Do you have an Apple TV and find your remote isn’t working? Well, everything is possible in this technical world. However, it is rare to find this issue with Apple devices, but it is not impossible. Apple TV has a Siri remote with two microphones and a Siri button.

Aside from having all the functions that the voice assistant delivers on iPhones, Apple TV’s voice assistant may answer especially TV-related requests. But consumers frequently claim that the Apple TV remote is not working, which is why we are here.

This comprehensive article has highlighted some of the fixes that can assist you in resolving this problem. So, let’s check out the fixes.

How to Fix if Apple TV Remote Not Working

Apple TV remotes are typically quite reliable, but depending on the model, they may cease working for various reasons. But, nothing to worry about. You can perform these fixes:

1. Check the Battery Level of Your Remote

When the Siri remote is fully charged, the battery should hold a full charge for months, even if it is often used. Your Apple TV will prompt you to change the battery when the charge falls below 15%. It will no longer be possible to detect the remote’s existence if the battery dies or is destroyed in another way.

There will be no way to identify the remote on your Apple TV if the remote is damaged or battery-powered. However, the Apple TV remote app in the Control Center can be used to check the battery status if your Apple TV is connected to another device.

For low battery, recharge the Siri remote, attach it to the lightning connection for 30 minutes, then unplug and try it again. You should always use an Apple USB cable, as third-party cables can harm the battery or at least block it from charging.

2. Bring Apple TV Closer To The Remote

For the older remotes that use Bluetooth 4.0, the remote has to be within 10 meters of the device before a handshake can be established. There is a distance of 40 meters between the Siri Remote and the 2nd generation.

You should move closer to the device if you are further than the distances recommended in those remotes before attempting again. Therefore, if anything stops the Apple TV remote from seeing the device, such as furniture or people, it is advisable to go around them.

3. Power Cycle the Apple TV Device

Even when remote access fails, a power cycle often fixes electronic problems. To troubleshoot the Apply TV, disconnect it from its power source if none of the troubleshooting alternatives work.

Afterward, unplug it and let it run for around 10 seconds to complete the setup protocols. Try restarting the device to see if the Apple TV remote stopped responding after a restart.

4. Repress The Power Button

Retrying the power button before going on to additional troubleshooting procedures is essential. For testing purposes, try hitting the power button twice in two seconds to see if the Apple TV begins to detect it. Once the connection has been made, the words “Remote connected” will appear on the screen.

5. Buy A New Apple Remote

If you’ve previously done everything in this post to get your Apple TV remote to function, and it still isn’t, it’s conceivable that the remote itself is broken.

A new Apple remote is in need, then. Therefore, if you aren’t already experiencing budgetary difficulties, you must do so.

6. Update the tvOS

Like other Apple products, it is powered by tvOS, Apple TV’s operating system. Error reporting allows Apple and its users to share problems and proposed solutions.

There are a lot of problems that can affect remote connections that get patched in these releases. To get the most recent version of tvOS on your Apple TV, please follow these instructions:

  1. In the System menu, select Software Updates.
  2. Select Update Software and allow Apple to check if there are any outstanding updates.
  3. To begin the update process, select Download and Install. Keep it plugged in and powered on when you update your Apple TV.

7. Re-Pair the Remote

If you use the Siri Remote with your Apple TV, here’s how to get it back into its proper working order.

  • When the Siri remote is within four inches of the Apple TV box, press and hold the Volume Up and Menu buttons for around five seconds.
  • You can release the buttons when it confirms that the remote has been associated.


This is how you fix Apple TV remote not working problem. We sincerely hope that the troubleshooting methods we outlined in the first section of this post have been of use to you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by leaving a comment below.