Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Reportedly Coming in Q2 2023

Rumors circulated that Apple’s mixed-reality headset would make an appearance. Unfortunately, we could not see a teaser or sneak peek of the device at the event. A new report by Apple analyst MingChi Kuo sheds more light on the AR/VR headset.

Kuo claims that Apple’s mixed reality headset (AR/VR) will be available in Q2 2023. The headset was expected to be unveiled at the WWDC 2022 conference and hit shelves in Q1 2023. The COVID lockdown in Shanghai has halted product development, so the timeline has been extended. The device may be delayed by Jeff Pu from Haitong, an analyst.

Kuo already expressed concern about Apple showing the mixed reality device at this event. Late last month, Kuo tweeted that the device took longer to become mass-produced. It was unlikely that the headset or realityOS (the rumored operating systems of the device) would be revealed at the conference.

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We know very little about Apple’s mixed-reality headset.

Rumors suggest that the mixed reality headset will blend virtual and augmented reality to provide an immersive experience. The headset will have a three-display design that includes two Micro LED panels and one AMOLED panel. It will also have powerful spatial sensors, according to reports.

It will be targeted at professionals, and it will come with a high price tag. Last month, a Bloomberg report revealed that Apple had demonstrated the headset at a recent company meeting, which included Time Cook and other board members.