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10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS
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People want to know what they’ll look like in their golden years. Many age progression applications have been developed so that individuals can see how they will look in the future by installing them on their electronic devices.

Kids enjoy these apps, especially those who have begun wearing glasses more regularly. In this essay, we’ll talk about apps like these.

Everyone knows that change is a part of life, but for some, it’s a big deal; for others, it’s a big thing because they can’t wait to see how they’ll look when they’re in their 60s.

On the other side, modern age progression apps make it simple to return to your childhood. If you want to know how old you’ll look and whether or not you’ll have wrinkles, you don’t need a fortune teller.

Age progression applications allow you to enjoy the experience before seeing the outcomes. The following list the best age progression apps for Android and iOS.

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Best Age Progression Apps

Which age progression tool should I use? Indicators that might be employed include user-friendliness, features, and customer reviews. Using these standards, we’ve compiled a list of the top age progression apps for your smartphone or tablet.

1. Aging Booth

When you’re out with friends for dinner or on a trip, don’t you think there’s much gossip? Poking your friends in the eye and showing them how they’ll look in a few years is the best part of hanging out with your friends. Aren’t you excited about it?

Created by PIVI and Co., Aging Booth is a free Android and iPhone app. It’s one of the most amusing ways to see how old you are.

Predicting how your pals will seem as they age is also a feature of this software, which displays how you’ll look when you’re older.

While some have derided Facebook as an “aging machine,” it’s a great way to connect with your friends. One of the funniest apps you’ll ever use to lighten your day!

Make fun of your friends, family, and coworkers by using this software to fool them into thinking you’ve aged. It’s up to you to publish the results of your future self or your family and friends on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, as well as WhatsApp group chats, and get the conversation started!

There is a slew of appealing features packed into this program. One of these is an auto-cropping tool that automatically removes everything but your face from a photo so that you can clearly see your old photo.

Download for Android & iOS

2. FaceApp

They had fun with astonishing transformations such as gender switch, hairstyle, and, most significantly, age shifting. FaceApp has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play regarding age progression apps. This free app utilizes artificial intelligence to take selfies that look like they belong on a magazine cover.

In addition to impression filters, makeups, adding tattoos, and other changes, FaceApp enables a wide range of functions. Additionally, you can add grins and use a wide range of editing tools, such as color filters and blurring. Tap on the background to change it.

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with different hairstyles or facial hair, this app can show you what you’ll look like with many options. Your selfies will never be the same after using FaceApp. For Android and iOS, FaceApp with AI is available for free download. In-app purchases are available for more material in this app.

Download for Android & iOS

3. Old Age Face Effect

If you can’t envisage yourself as an elderly man or woman without the aid of this application, you’re wasting your time! Using this software, you can see how old you’re getting by the decade or even by the decade and a half.

It’s incredible to imagine how you’ll look when you’re the same age as your mother or grandfather.

When changing your appearance, goofy glasses or mustaches might be added to your face depending on the type of transformation you’ve undergone.

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Take a stab at it and see if you’re right or wrong! Photos of your change can be sent to loved ones by saving and emailing them directly from your gallery.

Download for Android & iOS

4. Make Me Old

Make Me Old is a good option if you’re looking for a simple age progression app. Despite the lack of artificial intelligence, it has superior representation technology that makes the output appear genuine. You may change your face’s age and appearance the same way as other similar apps.

Make Me Old uses a facial scanner to recognize and convert your face. The stickers and position markers can also be used to improve the accuracy of the results. Once you’ve completed your project, post it on social media. Even your favorite musicians can be captured with this program.

What’s the deal with that? There isn’t much to learn about this software. Open the camera, take a picture of your face, and the app will show you what your future face will look like. Make Me Old helps strengthen and slender your eyes for the greatest results. Get the app for free and have some fun with your images.

Download for Android

5. Face Story – AI Photo Editor

Add Face Story to your list of Age Progression Apps to see how it compares. If you’ve ever wanted to see what you’d look like if you were the other gender, this app is for you. It has some beautiful artistic aspects that will keep you coming back for more.

A new fact about your appearance, such as how your eyes and hair will change as you get older, is something to look forward to.

Anything is possible with this program. By scanning your face every day, this app may give you new forecasts so that when your face changes in the future, you’ll be able to see what type of life you’ll have, making it both exciting and fun.

You might also wonder how you’d look if you were in the same room as a celebrity. Isn’t it the happiest time in your life?

Because this program features a Celebrity Face Morph function that allows you to pose as if you were standing precisely next to a well-known celebrity, enabling you to live out your fantasy, even if it is only virtual and not real!

You’d like to be like a cartoon character, don’t you? With this software’s help, you can feel like being a cartoon and posing as if it were a reality!

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For those who like to check your horoscopes every day to see what luck you have or what color you should wear, this app is a must-have!

Download for iOS

6. Fantastic Face

It’s followed by the over 10 million downloads of Fantastic Face on the Play Store. Using facial recognition technology, it is able to assess your facial traits and generate a report.

In other words, it’s not only a tool for making your face look younger or older. You’ll learn a lot about your facial features from this report.

In terms of features, Fantastic Face is a powerhouse. Its primary functions are daily face analysis, age prediction, baby prediction, and mood analysis.

This software also hosts a grin and beauty competition for your amusement. Alternatively, you can use the Celebrity Match function to discover celebrities with similar face traits to your own.

You may also use this software to figure out your chances of finding love, and it even has a palmistry prediction that can tell you about your future profession and financial well-being. Get to know yourself by using the app.

Download for Android

7. What Will I Look Like Old Face

This one is one of the most highly rated age progression apps available on the App Store if you have an iPhone. In my opinion, it’s the best and most user-friendly application out there for producing remarkable results!

It’s easy to imagine how you’ll look at 50 or 99 if you merely alter your appearance. It is possible to transform your face up to 99 years old with this software, which is a lot!

As soon as you’ve snapped and morphed a photograph of yourself becoming older, you can share it with your family and friends!

The face identification feature and a few fun filters are just some features that will keep you interested while using this app.

Make use of your time on the app by creating as many aging images as possible by using some interesting effects and engaging in certain animations.

Download for iOS

8. Age Recognition App

This is a fun face app with a slew of fascinating options. With the help of a face scanner, the Age Recognition App can determine a user’s age, mood, ethnicity, and even gender. In addition, this program can choose your gender, sexuality, and more.

You can utilize the Age Recognition app if you need to know someone’s age. Take a picture of your friend, family member, or crush and upload it to the app. As soon as you look at them, you’ll be able to tell a lot about their life and personality.

What’s more, what else? The camera button, scanner, user-friendly design, and brain analysis are just some of the features of this best-age progression app. You may have it all for free by downloading a multipurpose app.

Download for Android

9. Oldify

There was a time when people would visit fortune tellers to get answers to the tiniest of queries, but now you don’t have to since an app can tell you how you’ll look in the future, maybe ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.

As we age, it’s fun to imagine how our faces will change and how we’ll look with all our wrinkles. You can share the images with your relatives and friends on social media to show them how they will look in the future.

Aside from the age progression apps, there are several other features that you should look at in this program.

There’s a feature that lets you choose from a selection of amusing animations and record yourself and your voice, which might be an enjoyable part of your day for you and your loved ones!

When you utilize your transformation image with this filter, you’ll be able to see how you’ll look in the future.

Additionally, you may create some fascinating films by putting yourself in the future, and you can choose from various effects in the software to guarantee that your work is top-notch.

Download for iOS

10. Face Cam

This app allows users of the iPhone and iPad to have fun with selfies. Face Cam, which has received a 4.0 rating on the App Store, uses artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of face swaps. You can also enhance your images with various artistic effects, such as watercolor paintings, sketches, or oil paints.

Two images, one from your gallery and the other taken directly from your camera, are required to use the face swap feature. To see how you’ll appear in a few decades, utilizing ancient face filters once you’ve imported. It’s interesting to note that you can access a wide range of stickers to enhance your shot.

Using Face Cam’s realistic effects, you may give yourself wrinkles and grey hair to enhance your portraits. In addition, this software does not keep any of your images, so your privacy is safe. You don’t need an internet connection to do any of these tasks.

Download for iOS


Everyone wants to know how they’ll look as they age, and the face is the most obvious way to convey one’s age. But how will you see yourself in the future when you’re older?

Using an app, you can see how your face will define you in the future and how others perceive you. In the list above, we’ve listed the top most best age progression apps to assist you in determining your future or previous appearance.

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