11 Best AI Image Generators (April 2024) – Free / Paid

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. You can create art without touching a paintbrush in today’s digital world. Our collection of the top AI image generators makes it easy to quickly and easily transform your written words into stunning visuals.

AI image generators are a great tool for graphic artists, especially novices who may be challenged to develop original concepts for their works. Due to the removal of copyright concerns, AI image generators make it possible for anybody to create unique digital artwork, regardless of their skill level.

However, choosing which AI image generator can provide all the required features and tools is critical. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the best AI generators in today’s post.

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Best AI Image Generators You Should Use

This article will look at some of the Best AI Image Generators. You can find both free and paid software here. I’ve used every software on this list and will report back with my thoughts, sample artwork, and recommended software.

1. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator, made by Aifnet, is a top-tier AI-powered creative tool. It is an online tool that enables you to produce realistic images with AI and is one of the most well-known AI art generators available.

Deep Dream uses a neural network educated on a library of millions of images. Simply upload an image, and the application will create a new image based on the uploaded image.

Since Deep Dream generates images that look like they’re from other places or different times by mimicking diverse painting techniques, it can be used to make artwork.

2. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is demonstrating astonishing promise. OpenAI claims the tool may be used to make artwork, design goods, and develop innovative business strategies. The intuitive design of DALL-E 2 makes it feasible for anyone to utilize AI to produce professional-grade artwork.

That’s why DALL-E 2 is useful for both experienced artists and beginners. The paintbrush in DALL-E 2 is a fantastic tool for enhancing your images with effects like shadows and highlights.

The paintbrush tool, for example, lets you build up elaborate images out of numerous layers, each of which can have its own set of parameters adjusted to your liking.

3. Jasper Art

Jasper Art can make pictures out of the words you type. The cutting-edge technology behind Jasper Art’s AI-generated images allows you to create original digital art from nothing but your own mind.

The flexibility of Jasper’s Art allows you to try out many approaches to visual expression until you find one you love. Remember that since this is an AI image generator, the output is highly unpredictable, so you’ll need to be creative while crafting your suggestions.

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However, there is one certainty. Utilizing Jasper is a breeze. You may already know how helpful Jasper AI is as a writing assistant. That also holds true for works made with jasper. To begin creating your own photos, sign up.

4. Dream Studio

Stable Diffusion, an open-source model that takes text prompts and outputs images in seconds, is now one of the most popular text-to-art AI generators. Over the course of a month, 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs were utilized in the model’s training process.

Stable Diffusion is easy to install on a personal computer, even though I used a hosted website that does most of the work for me.

If you’ve heard of Stable Diffusion and Dream Studio and thought they were two different things, you can relax. In contrast to the trial version, the AI art generation in the full edition of Dream Studio is far quicker.

5. NightCafe

This is another user-friendly AI text-to-art generator found on the web. NightCafe works as a producer of unique images while also bringing its own perspective to the table. This AI-powered artwork generator gives you a wide range of control over the final product.

You get to choose the aesthetic of the final product and the algorithm the AI employs to get there. You can use Clip Guided Diffusion rather than Stable Diffusion if you like.

NightCafe is a premium service with a free trial that includes five “credits,” or artificial intelligence images. If you sign up for an account and log in, we’ll give you three additional credits to use.

6. Pixray

To create AI art Discord bots, you can utilize Pixray, another user-friendly AI picture generator available online, as a local PC download, or as an API. Compared to other AIs, however, Pixray’s turnaround time for a result is far longer.

Diffusion and DALL-E 2 are two services that can generate an image in under a minute. However, it takes Pixray to generate a single image for six minutes. The Nvidia T4 GPU hardware is what powers the AI.

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Thankfully, Pixray offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to enter the command and view the results instantly. You can use a slider to observe the AI’s steps to arrive at the final product once the art production process is complete.

7. Starry AI

Regarding online text-to-image AI image producers, Starry AI is among the finest. Unlike other AI image producers, its unique granular tool allows for more degrees of image customization.

To make creating digital art as easy as possible for its customers, Starry AI has split the process into two distinct steps. The image-making process requires you to enter your text and select either the Altair or Orion constellations.

While Altair’s work tends toward the abstract, Orion’s tends toward the fantastic. The next thing to do is pick an aesthetic and background for your images.

8. Deep AI

The Deep AI picture generator is a cutting-edge AI tool with the ambitious goal of making high-quality image editing available to everyone. Incredibly detailed and lifelike photos are generated by Deep AI’s Image Generator.

With Deep Ai, you can make as many variations of an image as you like, and they will all be unique. Users can expect a wide range of content types and formats.

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In addition, you have complete control over the level of detail in each and every image, right down to the textures and color palettes.

9. PhotoSonic

This AI-powered text-to-image generator may be unfamiliar to some, but it produces impressive results when asked to transform text into visuals. PhotoSonic is a website that automates credit-based hard lifting for you.

You can order the AI to draw anything you want using confusing commands. By employing latent diffusion, the AI can take a noisy image and produce one corresponding to the given cue.

At registration, I received 10 credits and was offered the chance to purchase more. You can try out the AI generator’s services for free for a month before committing to paying $10 per month for 100 credits.

10. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a major player in the industry of artificially intelligent artwork generation. The primary goal of this tool is to improve image quality using cutting-edge AI techniques.

Artbreeder’s artificial intelligence and machine learning features allow you to generate numerous variations of your photographs. You may also generate animated characters out of your photos with Artbreeder.

Artbreeder’s hundreds of illustrations are one of its many useful qualities. Artbreeder provides you with a place to keep these pictures in a folder. The software simplifies the process of managing images.

11. CF Spark Art

CF Spark Art is a recent AI image generator tool launched by Creative Fabrica, a big marketplace for Crafters and Designers. The tool allows users to create multiple images at once by simply providing one prompt.

With the CF Spark subscription users receive 1000 speed credits each month, which can be used to generate and download images. The Spark License is a permissive license, allowing users to do everything they’d like with their own creations.

Overall, CF Spark Art is a powerful and versatile tool that can help crafters and designers to generate unique and high-quality images for their craft projects.

It can be used to create patterns, illustrations, graphics, and more, and the flexibility and customization options make it a great tool for anyone looking to take their craft projects to the next level. The tool also enables users to save their projects, so they can easily access and continue working on them later.

Additionally, CF Spark Art also allows users to take advantage of prompts created by the community, which can help users to inspire new and creative ideas for any craft project.