10 Best Anime Torrent Websites (2024) – Download Anime

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Are you searching for top anime torrent sites? If you answered yes and are looking for P2P anime websites to watch anime online, you have found the proper place. Anime is arguably the most fully realized and realistic of all animated media, whether in television episodes or feature films.

These anime torrent sites are fully restricted in several significant nations and areas, including Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. But there’s no need to stress over that.

Anime fans in these areas can use VPNs to gain access to anime torrent sites. Here we have compiled a list of the best anime torrent sites you should try.

Best Anime Torrent Sites to Download Anime Content

We’ll share some of the best Anime Torrent Sites below. All the newest and most-watched anime shows are available here. Streaming anime episodes in real time on some websites is possible, while others only offer downloads.

1. Anime Tosho

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and up-to-date torrent site to download anime, go no further than Anime Tosho. This website is often updated with new content.

Anime fans can always find a wide selection of fresh torrents to download. Anime Tosho hosts a wide range of quality anime, most of which are available in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD).

Since Anime Tosho is a fantastic resource for subs, it also provides some subtitle files that can be downloaded independently. We have included it on our list of top websites to do so.

2. Nyaa

Most people agree that Nyaa is one of the top torrent sites for anime available today. It has one of the largest collections of torrents available, far surpassing its competitors. It covers everything from television shows to movies, music, literature, photos, and games.

Nyaa, on the other hand, is a neat and tidy website with numerous categories and subcategories to aid users in locating desired torrent files. Every day, thousands upon thousands of fresh torrent files are added to its collection.

If you’re looking for a place to get your hands on nearly any anime out there, Nyaa is a fantastic alternative. On Nyaa, you may watch anime in good 720p/1080p HD resolution, with most subbed or raw versions.

3. 1337X

Regarding downloading anime series and movies, 1337x is a top choice. Cartoons drawn in the anime style are included as well. If you want to watch any popular anime series, you may find it on the 1337x website.

The finest alternative to file-sharing platforms like The Pirate Bay and RARBG is 1337X. An anime series is one of the most popular categories on the 1337x torrent site.

Not only can you discover popular anime here, but there are also plenty that is often overlooked but could be just as enjoyable.

4. EZTV 

The EZTV torrent site is a go-to for anyone looking to get their favorite programs. No hassle is involved downloading any of the most-watched TV shows or web series.

The website features episodes of well-liked anime television series from all over the world. It features a built-in search bar and a directory of frequently downloaded anime.

If you want to watch anime in English with subtitles, you may find a great selection of dubbed anime series on this torrent site.

5. Shana Project

torrent sites dedicated to anime are often considered a subculture. That’s right; in addition to downloading torrents, you’ll have to actively promote them by serving as a seed for some time.

The only way to build a long-lasting torrenting culture is to work together like this. In contrast, the Shana Project is unique.

You can download as much as you want without worrying about any restrictions. This website is a goldmine of anime content because it draws from numerous other sources and original productions.

6. AniRena

Once upon a time, the anime torrent site AniRena was among the most visited on the web. Yet, as with many P2P portals, it suddenly stopped functioning some time ago.

Now that the site’s original domain has been renewed and it’s back up and running, we expect a dramatic increase in the visitors it receives each month. This is why we are pleased to include AniRena once again among our recommended anime torrent sites.

We’re confident that you’ll always find something worth downloading, thanks to AniRena’s vast library of P2P files. This website is also making an attempt to create a virtual community, which is something we applaud.

7. Tokyo Toshokan

For experienced P2P users, Tokyo Toshokan is a virtual paradise. For instance, you can subscribe to its RSS feed to keep up with the most recent anime.

Website users are given the option to conduct more refined searches by adding or removing criteria. If you know exactly what you want to watch or listen to, it’s easy to find safe P2P files.

Tokyo Toshokan is a must-visit for any media buffs searching for Japanese content. However, the popularity of this site can be directly attributed to anime, so don’t miss it!

8. Anime Layer

Among the top anime torrent sites, Anime Layer is highly recommended. Anime Layer’s shining feature is its gorgeous, clutter-free user interface. There are also many anime dub torrents available.

Anime Layer provides all the information you might possibly need before downloading anime, including the country, kind, genre, release date, description, resolution, and size.

In addition to the services already stated, Anime Layer also boasts a robust Forum where users can converse with other dedicated anime fans.

9. AniDex

A group of former AniDex employees resurrected the service after it had been previously shut down. The various sub-genres of anime available here on this torrent site cover the full spectrum of human emotion.

Also, the most recent Manga in a downloadable .cbz file is available here. It’s worth noting that English and Japanese are the most common language options for light novels.

Use the SafeSearch toggle in the Quick Search bar to find family-friendly versions of your favorite anime.

10. SubsPlease

SubsPlease maintains the same minimalist aesthetic as the prior anime website. Things can’t be any easier than this. Options for various video qualities are presented.

The torrent file will be downloaded to your computer when you click on them. You will be taken to the Anime index by clicking the title, where you may learn more about the show.

All the episodes are listed there, and they are all in order. Magnet, Torrent, and XDCC download links will appear once you click on the episode.