10 Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch (2024)

With the introduction of smartwatch apps, the fitness sector had significant growth. One of the most versatile health-tech gadgets on the market, Apple Watch can track your heart rate, set reminders, keep track of your workout schedule, and more.

Make use of the largest app marketplace to get the most out of the Apple watch. Your wrist-worn personal health device may do far more than you might have thought with the correct apps.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best fitness apps for the Apple watch. Most Apple Watch apps require a subscription to see and unlock their in-depth features. Utilize these fantastic Apple watch fitness applications to establish a program for achieving your fitness objectives.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch in 2024

The Apple Watch has some interesting health-related capabilities. Even though the Apple Watch has a tonne of useful built-in fitness and training apps.

You can use more features and perks that will benefit your general health. The best Apple Watch fitness apps are listed here, so users can improve their lifestyle and health.

1. MyFitnessPal

For watchOS and iOS, “MyFitnessPal” is a great calorie and diet tracker. With the help of this software, maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding junk food will be simple for you.

Over 6 million foods are listed in the extensive database of MyFitnessPal. It also does a great job of keeping track of other nutrients, including calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and vitamins.

It may be connected to more than 50 different apps and gadgets. Additionally, you can select from more than 350 workouts in this Apple Watch fitness app to help you get stronger and fitter.

2. Runkeeper

One of the top fitness applications for the Apple Watch is Runkeeper. You can manually track activities or use GPS to do so. The software tracks more than simply running, including bicycling and hiking.

Additionally, it includes built-in compatibility with Spotify and iTunes, which aid in keeping you inspired while working out. You can use this software to create your own objectives, monitor your progress, and determine how much work you still have to do.

Thanks to Apple Watch’s full compatibility, you can run, hike, or bike without carrying your iPhone. The software is free to download. However, some premium features require a paid subscription.

3. Liftr

One of the top free workout applications for the iPhone, Liftr provides a strength training tracker to assist you in your lifting adventure. You may view charts, track significant goals, and rapidly switch between your workouts using the app.

More than 240 exercises and 150 exquisite animations may be found in the app’s database. The software provides tutorials explaining how to add a workout or exercises on the Apple watch.

Full-strength training workouts are tracked by this Apple Watch software, which also offers iCloud backup support, unique app icons, a rest timer, and other features. The Liftr subscription plan, which includes a detailed logbook, a look through 40+ pieces of equipment, and more, starts at $3.99.

4. Gymaholic

One of our favorites for keeping track of workouts and sets on the Apple Watch is Gymaholic. Squats, HIIT sessions, bodyweight training, and virtually every other activity you might do at the gym are among the more than 360 exercises that can be tracked.

Simply enter all the information about your workout in the app, and Gymaholic will give you a report on how much weight you lifted, how many calories you burned, and your average heart rate.

The free basic version of the software has a $31.99 annual premium version that includes all functions.

5. Keelo

Keelo is a high-intensity interval training program for people who wish to get stronger more quickly. You can download and use it for free, but you’ll need to pay the $89.99 annual subscription cost to get the most out of it.

Keelo delivers daily full-body workouts incorporating cardio, strength training, and conditioning training to work every area of your body.

It’s like having a personal trainer on your Apple Watch because each program is customized based on your exercise history. To help you know exactly what to do next and when the app counts repetitions performed and timings.

6. Peloton

The Peloton workout app is the next best thing if you can’t afford a Peloton exercise bike or Tread to keep in shape. You may choose from countless engaging classes that will strengthen, tone, and give you that Peloton buzz.

It was tough to become bored when testing this app because it included everything from strength training to yoga to HIIT cardio. Combining sessions is fantastic since it enables you to smoothly incorporate a cool-down or stretch into your workout.

To assist you in achieving your goal, whether it be to get stronger or “destroy your core” in four weeks, the Peloton programs provide you with a lengthier schedule of lessons.

7. Withings Health Mate

The Withings app is intended to be a fully functional health-tracking tool. The app offers customized workout plans to help you live healthier and fitter than before.

You have a far better understanding of how you are doing, mostly because of the thorough activity tracking. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to identify the regions that require greater concentration. You can reduce weight and get more active as a result.

More than 100 health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, Nike, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and others, are all easily compatible with Withings.

8. Qardio heart health

The ability to precisely track blood pressure, ECG, weight, HRV, and other metrics make this app a deserving addition to your specialized health and fitness app collection.

The app must first be set up to communicate with Qardio devices before you can use it. After completing that, you can use a variety of charts to understand your blood pressure.

View your heart health using the statistics and trends. Additionally, you may communicate critical health information with your doctor using the Qardio app (or anyone.)

9. Strava

One of the easiest fitness apps available is Strava. As a running app, it first and foremost keeps track of metrics such as distance traveled, pace, speed, elevation gained, average heart rate, and burned calories. Along with tracking running-related activities, Strava can also track swimming, gym exercises, rock climbing, surfing, and yoga.

You may customize your training and workout routines and receive real-time feedback by upgrading to Strava Premium for $59.99 annually, which will help you reach your goals more quickly.

With better analysis than the default Apple Watch Workouts app, Strava is a fantastic one-stop shop for all your fitness needs.

10. Couch to 5K

Few people can progress from never running to running a 5k race without discomfort. An excellent app for learning how to transition from walking to jogging and running is Couch to 5K.

Users learn how to gradually increase their distance and pace over the course of nine weeks so they may advance enough to finish a full 5k run.

The $2.99 app features four virtual coaches that may motivate you, progress graphs that show your development, and statistics like pace and distance. This is the best place to start if you’ve never run before switching to more independent running programs.