10 Best Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS (2024)

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Everyone in life has a secret that is extremely dark and profound. As a human, it can occasionally be challenging to approach our friends for advice or to confide in them. Apps for anonymous messaging like Whisper is useful in this situation. You can confess anything to others or discuss your personal secrets with anonymous messaging apps without giving away your identity.

If you want to meet new people or express yourself, you’ve come to the correct location. Here are the best whisper apps for android and iOS. These apps let you ask and answer questions anonymously. Let’s start this list by sharing our favorite apps.

Best Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS

Most of the below Whisper substitutes are social networks where users can meet new people. You can select the greatest app for you by looking at which has more features than others. Look over the list below in more detail.

1. ASKfm 

You can create a profile on ASKfm and post questions as yourself or anonymously. Ask and respond to inquiries from persons you know or others around you.

You can add images, gifs, and videos to your postings and change the backgrounds of your answers. For every response, earn coins that may be redeemed at the ASKfm market. Downloadable games, coin and activity numbers, and promotion boosts are a few perks.

Additionally, ASKfm offers a VIP Program that gives you first access to unique features, promotions, and backgrounds.

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2. Ablo

With Ablo, meeting new individuals is so much simpler. This is a fantastic resource for meeting new people worldwide, making friends, and learning about other cultures.

Additionally, Ablo is equipped with user-friendly features, including a translator and live video. Despite using your own language, the translator aids in good communication.

Millions of individuals have relied on this free program similar to Whisper to meet new people or simply find strangers. Ablo offers a secure atmosphere for everyone, so you shouldn’t be concerned about your safety.

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3. Tellonym

Another app on our list that enables anonymous messaging with pals is this one. It is possible to learn all of your friends’ secrets on a sizable social network. 1000 messages and anonymous questions are available to you.

Post a photo and offer a unique response. The app will provide you with recommendations for making new friends. The software can help you and your pals become closer.

Don’t worry if you unintentionally remove a message or question; you can always restore it. A specific button on the app will prompt you to confirm your desire to erase the data.

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4. RandoChat

In that it is an anonymous social networking site, RandoChat is comparable to Whisper. With the help of this software, you can meet new people and have conversations with them anonymously.

RandoChat should be on your list if you don’t want to leave any digital traces or just need to express who you are. Thanks to enhanced privacy, you can divulge everything, from the deepest feeling to the darkest secret.

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On this platform, all messages sent will be removed. This program won’t save your connection information or IP address, preventing it from tracking your whereabouts. You enter our app anonymously once you’ve done so.

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5. Kwee

On your Android handsets, you can also use Kwee to talk anonymously with various strangers. One app that functions without requiring users to register or login is Kwee, which is simple.

This app’s capability to indicate whether an image provided to you by another user is from a live camera or the phone’s gallery is one of its unique features. Despite having fewer downloads on the Play Store, the app has a substantial user base.

Although we cannot select the gender or age range of the person you want to communicate with, we still found the app simple and free.

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6. Anonymous Chat Rooms

An adult social network for local dating or just meeting new people, Anonymous Chat Rooms. Because the software is made to preserve your privacy and security, you can chat anonymously without worrying about your identity.

This software is jam-packed with potent features, including self-destructing texts to ensure your comfort in expressing your genuine identity. With the help of this function, no one can surmise what you are discussing on the platform, not even the developer.

Millions of users worldwide actively utilize this application. Once you sign up, connecting with the enormous community is simple as discussing ideas, suggestions, or hobbies.

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7. HearMe

Try this app if you’re lonely. Feelings can be processed. Here you can share your deepest secrets. This app provides anonymous dating and socializing.

We’ll listen. This software helps with LGBT, personality, mental health, relationships, and stress. Many users said this software helped them overcome nervousness.

You can record and send a voice message. You can get camera inspiration from other users’ speeches. Start talking. This program will solve your troubles. You’ll get aid, not judgment.

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8. Paltalk

Paltalk provides private chat rooms where users can meet new individuals. This software covers you whether you want to whisper or communicate anonymously about subjects that interest you.

With Paltalk, you can accomplish a huge variety of tasks. You can learn a new language from the locals when you converse with strangers. Additionally, it enables you to create new friendships and send anonymous whispers.

Millions of people worldwide rely on this app to communicate with others. Paltalk redefines anonymous talking for users worldwide with simple tools and design.

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9. Moco

You can locate your true love using this anonymous app. Use it to interact with others. Make an anonymous profile and look for a new friend or your soul partner. Enter your contact information and interests.

Only reveal yourself when you are prepared. You can start a live broadcast and let everyone know what you think. Create groups of up to 100 people to chat. You can post music or videos to your profile to provide more information about yourself.

Find nearby folks by opening the map app. Even if you reside in a tiny town, there will undoubtedly be someone from this application because it has more than 10 million downloads.

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10. Stranger chat

Try using Strangers if you want to communicate and meet new people. Although there are a few different settings to choose from when deciding who sees your profile, it’s one of the best applications, like Whisper, that connects you randomly with other people in your neighborhood.

Even if it doesn’t work out romantically, at least you met a new buddy! Once you match someone, you can start chatting immediately or add them as friends. Hinge might be right up your alley if you’re looking for a date and want some control over who can message whom.

Only mutual friends can be used to match people on Hinge; if those connections seem to work out on paper, you can communicate more directly through Facebook Messenger.

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