10 Best Apps to Learn Italian for Android and iOS (2024)

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What is the top free Italian language learning app? If there was a single app that could teach you Italian fluently, that would be ideal. That isn’t how things work in the real world. Free language learning apps come in a wide variety and are still useful.

Apps make learning simple and entertaining. Many also provide quizzes to gauge your progress, flashcards to help you expand your vocabulary, and audio dialogues where you can practice your listening skills.

The following list of the top Italian learning apps will assist you in becoming fluent in the language quickly and efficiently. These apps are among the best you can find, are cost-effective, and provide a wealth of features that will improve your ability to learn Italian.

Best Apps to Learn Italian for Android and iOS

Many language learning applications are available, but only a select few provide solid features and functionalities. We’ve made everything simple here if you don’t have time to surf the internet. Browse this website to locate a helpful resource for language-learning apps.

1. Memrise

Utilize Memrise to speak new languages like a native. You can acquire three fundamental language learning techniques with the help of this software, which language specialists created.

This program provides a big library of quick, simple tutorials. You may quickly learn to speak like a native by watching and listening to the thousands of audio and video clips that contain the authentic voices of native speakers.

Memrise makes learning a language so enjoyable. You may study new languages like Japanese, Spanish, French, and Italian, thanks to the platform’s support for up to 20 language courses.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Duolingo

A great tool for expanding your Italian vocabulary is Duolingo. It offers a range of units for learners at various levels built around several subjects, such as schooling or working conditions.

The software assists you in learning vocabulary and grammatical structures that enable communication in certain contexts rather than concentrating on grammar.

Repeating audio, phrase translation, matching pictures to words, and other quiz-like aspects are all included in the activities.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Drops

The majority of language learning consists of tedious memorizing exercises. What if you used the top Italian language learning software and had fun learning it like a game? Thanks to its minigames and stunning graphics.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly it works—just 5 minutes a day—and you’ll wonder how it does it. The fundamental ingredients to these assertions are clear illustrations that perfectly convey the concept.

Drops also aids in developing a new habit that increases the allure of language acquisition. The only method to increase the efficacy of your language acquisition is to do this.

Download for Android and iOS

4. In 24 Hours: Learn Italian

Using this program, you can learn Italian in “24 hours.” Talk about quick as a flash! The program only covers the most typical adjectives, adverbs, and nouns, so it won’t necessarily make you fluent in that amount of time, but it will offer you the most useful vocabulary and phrases.

There are 24 sections from several categories that only provide the most crucial terminology for each topic. Only the submitted vocabulary’s translation and pronunciation will be given to you. So instead of “Excuse me,” you’ll get “Mi scusi” with audio pronunciation.

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Despite its simplicity, the program is ideal for travelers, tourists, and anybody needing a short, hassle-free Italian lesson.

Download for iOS

5. Speak Italian

In Speak Italian, you can find common phrases for Italian conversations. With over 5,000 helpful phrases for everyday conversation, this practical tool enables you to communicate with locals in a real-world setting.

The fact that Speak Italian is available in 60 languages is just one of its many positive attributes. This implies that learning Italian in your mother tongue is simple. Additionally, it functions well without an internet connection.

This top Italian language learning software is jam-packed with phonetic transcriptions and audio pronunciations to enhance user experience and let you hear how Italian speakers pronounce words.

Download for Android

6. Busuu

Busuu offers comprehensive language learning programs through lessons and tests, much like Babbel or Duolingo. To prevent misunderstandings between its users, it incorporates audio and spelling components.

Its tests are straightforward and simple to learn from. To correctly understand Italian grammatical structure, it provides functions where you can arrange words in sentences.

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Similar to other apps of its kind, Busuu lets you choose your entry level and provides study reminders based on how much you anticipate devoting to learning. This program also pairs you with other users so you can communicate via audio messages and use each other as a learning tool.

Download for Android and iOS

7. Lingopie

The Netflix of language learning is Lingopie. It includes many Italian-language episodes and podcasts that keep you interested while learning. No matter what level you are at, Lingopie can help you develop your language abilities.

You can find anything you like, whether an expert or a beginner. We can satisfy your craving to binge your way to Italian fluency, episode by episode, with a wide selection of Italian TV series.

Additionally, Lingopie has features that enable users of various proficiency levels to watch the episodes. Utilizing Lingopie for practice is one of my favorite things because of these qualities.

Download for Android and iOS

8. Learn Italian Phrases

This program is fantastic for learning practical Italian words and phrases for everyday use. Learning Italian becomes a lot simpler thanks to crystal-clear pictures and appealing graphics that immediately make the phrases easy to understand.

This program is really simple to use. To make a phrase speak loudly, just tap it. The software will tell you how to pronounce the words, so you don’t have to hazard a guess. Moreover, you may slow it down by tapping the snail image if you think it’s going too quickly.

When you travel to Italy for pleasure or business, this specific software is extremely helpful. The ability to communicate with locals and overcome linguistic difficulties is useful.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Rocket Italian

Even if you may be annoyed by dull grammar lessons and software, it is necessary if you wish to speak Italian well.

Simply put, I advise against overloading yourself with it when you’re just starting started. It’s important to practice and memorize this material.

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Although an Italian teacher can help you with the large picture or with concepts you don’t grasp, I suggest utilizing another method to commit the information to memory when you have a few spare minutes.

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10. iTranslate

It’s best to avoid mispronouncing, misspelling, or mispronunciation some words in Italian. as in penne. Trust us when we say it. iTranslate is here. Using this top dictionary and translation tool, you may initiate voice-to-voice chats in more than 90 languages.

The software can recognize several dialects and offers verb conjugations in various tenses. You can quickly translate menus, cards, signs, and most other things you encounter using the camera on your phone.

Your speech is recognized by its voice translation, which then translates into the language you want.

Download for Android and iOS