10 Best Apps to Make Friends for Android and iOS (2024)

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Some claim that making new acquaintances is harder and harder as we age. We frequently have a lot on our plates, such as finding secure work, making ends meet, and setting money aside for the future.

The good news is that we now live in a digital age where many tasks can be completed with just one click. Finding new people you might wish to make friends with is one of them.

You may get a list of the top best apps to make friends in this article. They are secure to download and use because we thoroughly investigated them. You may wish to look them up if your social life needs some reviving.

Best Apps to Make Friends for Android and iOS

These apps’ main function is to link you up with others everywhere, regardless of where they are physically located. Here are some best apps to make friends.

Nobody is aware of the possibility that your genuine best friend is still alive. Using this software, you may develop your network even if you are not in the same place or at the same time.

1. Nextdoor

Typically, some make friends nearby platforms may be found on the app market. The choice is yours, but many of them are designed to foster romantic partnerships. On the other hand, you should think about Nextdoor if you prefer an app designed exclusively for establishing new friends.

Compared to most of the apps on our list, this app is a breath of fresh air in the market. A location-based app called Nextdoor facilitates meeting new individuals. The intriguing element is that those people might reside nearby.

Additionally, some users utilize this site to find local news, market goods and meet up with nearby animal lovers. Nextdoor is a great way to get to know your neighbors or start new relationships with nearby people.

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2. Meetup

The best site to make new acquaintances is Meetup, especially if you’re seeking others who share your same interests. For example, if you enjoy knitting, cooking, or a certain activity, this app can help you make friends, group join, and share your hobbies.

Making a Meetup account is free, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Your other options are your Facebook, Google, Apple, or email accounts.

You could even start your own group and host events if you have a little more vigor. You may personalize and organize these events, exchange comments and images, and message each group member to introduce them to others.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Bumble BFF

In 2014, the dating app Bumble, geared specifically toward women, made its debut. Since then, the firm has introduced a new feature called Bumble BFF mode, which serves as a platform for women to meet other women simply to make friends.

Even though the swipe-happy app is popular with younger members of the millennial generation, some users were born before the early 1980s and have found success with it.

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You can start by viewing other people’s profiles and then swiping left to pass or right to connect with them.

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4. Friender

Check out Friender if you’re looking for apps to meet people younger than 18. The software does not specify that users must be 18 or older to access the area. However, the creators claim that this app is solely for friends.

In general, Friender aims to connect individuals with like interests from around the globe. You must first make an account, just like with other social apps. You can choose from at least 100 different activities in the database.

The app will ask you a lot of questions in addition to that. Your responses will eventually connect you with other users who share your goals. As a result, none of the profiles you see on your screen are random.

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5. Atleto

Atleto is a social networking website and mobile application developed specifically for athletes and sports fans. It will evaluate you as an athlete depending on the sport you choose to compete in and your current skill level.

You won’t just be able to capitalize on your passion for athletics, but you’ll also get to know others who are on a similar level as you. You will be able to access a variety of local activities and sporting events on the app.

You will also have the option to submit a request to be included. That option is also available if you wish to host your own events. By using Atletico, you will have the opportunity to expand both your sports network and your competence as an athlete.

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6. Hey! Vina

Do you realize that Facebook is one of the apps to meet people globally? However, if you seek anything more particular, you should be prepared beforehand.

Hey! Vina—have you heard of her? Well, this app is just as popular as Tinder for those looking for girlfriends. Women frequently use this app as well.

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Hey! Vina offers articles and quizzes in addition to helping you meet new individuals who share your interests. It’s like talking to your buddies when you use this app.

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7. Peanut

Moms who want to connect with other moms who share their experiences and feel alone should check out Peanut. Women may connect “through fertility and parenting” thanks to the app.

This app was founded in 2013 by Michelle Kennedy, the creator of the Badoo dating service. She referred to herself as an “isolated new mother” who wished to connect with others who were familiar with and sympathetic to her situation.

She developed Peanut to support other moms in times of loneliness or exhaustion. Moms can ask questions and impart their wisdom to others with this app.

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8. Skout

Skout unquestionably deserves a place on the list of secure applications for making friends. Numerous people have met each other with this app since it first launched in 2007. In a technical sense, this app exists to assist you in meeting new people.

Using the chat button, you can start casual chats or have in-depth ones with other users. This platform’s menu for starting a live video or streaming other videos is another intriguing feature.

According to Skout’s creators, the app fosters interpersonal relationships. Practically speaking, individuals use this network to make new friends or locate companions for playing sports.

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9. Yubo

One of the most popular apps for creating new acquaintances right now is Yubo. Teenagers are its target market, which is an amazing 20 million strong—the age group that dominates the online world today.

Several features are now available on this friendship app, including a swipe button, a chat room, discussion boards, and games. In collaboration with Snapchat, it recently released its newest features, which include a YouTube Stream and Lenses.

You can use Yubo for free and without paying any additional fees, so there’s no need to upgrade to a premium account.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Meet My Dog

The name of the software undoubtedly conveys what it is intended to do. You could argue that Meet My Dog is one of the socializing applications for grownups. Well, rather than going on a dog date in the first place, all dog lovers can communicate with one another online.

However, the system will put you in touch with nearby dog owners. Following that, you can organize a day trip with the dogs. Like the other applications on our list, you must fill out a profile first.

Make sure you’ve checked in before visiting parks. By doing so, you can be found by other users and meet up. It sounds like fun.

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