7 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together Online (2024)

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Are you looking for an app to watch Movie Together long distance? Then this is the best place where your search will end. The long-distance won’t mean the end of your social life since there are other ways of keeping in touch.

You guys are always talking on the phone or playing games together online. But how about sharing an online movie experience? Binge-watching your favorite web series or movies with your friends is now possible virtually, thanks to various apps.

So, if you are long-distance and want to stay connected with your friends and family, with these apps, you can watch movies together with friends and family. 

Best Apps to Watch Movies Together Long Distance

1. Zoom

ZOOM is now one of the most widely used video chat services. The high quality of the videos and the ease of meeting new people online explain their widespread appeal.

You can talk to one another in person, share your screens, and watch videos together. Talk to one another about what you see on the TVs around you.

ZOOM isn’t only great for casual get-togethers. it can also be used to host serious business conversations and even full-blown virtual conventions. ZOOM’s video quality is unaffected by the device you’re using it on, so feel free to join from your smartphone even if you’re more used to joining meetings from a PC.

Sending text messages or video data to a group is as simple as adding new participants during a chat. Everyone taking part will be able to view any video without charge and control the playback process in any way they see fit.

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2. Rave – Watch Party

It’s always more enjoyable to see a movie with friends. Rave is made for those who like chatting with others about the app they’re watching and making jokes about what they’re seeing.

With Rave, you and your pals may view the same things simultaneously, even if you’re in separate rooms or in other towns. Rave has everything you might want, including the newest TV app, movies, and music.

The app works well as a sharing mechanism in conjunction with other platforms. When the site is very busy, the broadcast via a browser may experience some interruption.

If you want to host a huge movie night, upload your own footage to Dropbox or another cloud storage service. When you start a broadcast, everyone on the call will start seeing the video simultaneously.

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3. Kast

Kast is distinct from many other options above since it may be used for more than just synchronizing videos. On the other hand, it facilitates a single browser’s “shared” usage.

As a result, consumers may wirelessly synchronize data amongst their various gadgets. Kast can sync not just films from Netflix and YouTube but also games, documents, and more.

It takes very little time to get Kast up and running. Its desktop client is available for both Windows and macOS, and it also has a web-based client that works in the Chrome web browser. You may start your own get-together or connect to an already running one.

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4. Bunch

Games often make use of video or on-screen walkthroughs. Spectators typically take note of a player’s every move or strategy as the game progresses.

The original Bunch audience was gamers, but the software has now been extended to encompass event organizing.  You may play games with your pals, view movies together, and talk to each other in real time.

You can still have a good time as a group even if you can’t see each other. You’ll be able to keep tabs on what your pals are up to in real time. You only need the app to play the games; no one else has to have it installed.

Movies, a Bunch of Billiards, and a shared virtual whiteboard are just a few of the activities that may be enjoyed at your online party.

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5. YouNow

The chatting and broadcasting features of YouNow are open to anybody. The app is a social streaming platform where users may find others who share their passions.

Your pals may tune in to your broadcasts, and you can watch theirs. Numerous artists, vloggers, players, and other fascinating personalities have joined YouNow.

Watching a broadcast with others? Have a conversation with them in real time with the help of unique video chats. You and your pals may talk about what you’re seeing on your displays in real time.

Simply hit the “GO LIVE” button and you’ll be broadcasting in no time. Take part in constantly updated video chats online to expand your knowledge base.

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6. JustWatch 

The movie or TV show you want to see is available to stream in its entirety, and JustWatch will tell you just where to do it. The software collects data on streaming services and websites.

You may see the process of adding a movie or TV app to JustWatch. Collaborating with others to find movies and watch them online is also fun. Simply enter the amount equal to one person’s share to divide the cost of a movie rental or purchase between you and a buddy.

Your smartphone may serve as a functional movie remote, allowing you to pause and play the film at will. You have your pick of excellent service providers offering access to every episode of any app you could ever want.

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7. Zooroom 

Talking on Zooroom for an extended period of time helps save your battery life so that you can keep in touch with friends and family for longer. There is no sign-up procedure or account creation necessary.

The first steps are simple. After the app has been installed, a room may be made instantly. You may have your pals join the meeting by clicking a link that Zooroom will provide you.

Send it to everyone you know, and I hope they accept your invitation. I agree that it is practical that none of you will need to pay or sign up for this.

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