10 Best Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) 2024

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The best free android audiobook apps are becoming increasingly well-liked every day. Those who just want to incorporate more books into their daily lives are immensely helpful, effective, and practical.

They may be used at home, during morning or evening commutes, in the vehicle, or even while on vacation. On various devices, including Apple’s iOS, Android gadgets, Windows phones, and Amazon devices, you may access the majority of the Best free audiobook apps for Android and iOS.

Best Free Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS

Therefore, looking over the reviews and the services offered is preferable. Here are the top apps that will play your favorite audiobooks with outstanding quality. Here is a list of the best free audiobook apps for Android and iOS to satiate your hunger for reading.

1. Barnes & Noble NOOK

Barnes & Noble created NOOK as the top Android audiobook service back then. Using the app, available on both the Play Store and the App Store, you can currently take advantage of all the features provided by NOOK and other advantages.

You can access a tonne of B&N collections using this app, but you first need to sign up for the paid subscription. You can easily sync your collections if you’ve previously used NOOK.

However, synchronization between various devices is supported by this app. Being CarPlay compatible, one of the most intriguing features of B&N NOOK is that you can listen to your favorite books while driving.

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2. Audible

More than 200,000 audiobooks on various topics are available on Amazon’s Audible. Classics, fiction, nonfiction, technology, politics, fashion, health & wellness, romance, and many other genres can be found in the vast audiobook collection.

You may download audiobooks from Audible on Kindle, Amazon Echo, Tap, Echo Dot, iOS and Android devices.

Meaningful criteria on Audible make filtering easier, and the platform’s audiobooks are simple to browse. The monthly price for Audible’s pricing plans is 17.95 USD.

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3. Google Play Books

Audiobooks have been introduced to Google Play Books’ excellent feature set. However, it’s a fantastic platform for reading regularly and listening to audiobooks. It has a huge selection of free audiobook apps along with conventional books.

Furthermore, Google Play makes use of a very simple concept. Without a membership, you may just purchase a book and own it for reading or listening.

The program works across multiple platforms, including iOS and the web, and allows you to preview audiobooks before purchasing them (Windows, Linux, Mac). You can also use the night mode and offline support if you require it.

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4. Amazon Kindle

Amazon has effectively tapped into the shelf thanks to its feature-rich app.  The app frequently offers book recommendations and is primarily geared toward users not very interested in free audiobook apps.

One of the greatest free audiobook apps for Android, Amazon Kindle, allows users to download books in two different formats. It’s similar to letting the consumer choose an ebook and add an audiobook later.

The Amazon Kindle’s Whispersync for Voice technology allows users to easily transition between reading and listening. The customer has the opportunity to add their family members as audiobook companions.

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5. Kobo Books

Why is Kobo Books first? This app provides the best audiobook subscription plans. By paying, you can access all Kobo Books’ collections. Five dollars less than Audible, the most popular audiobook provider.

Kobo Books offers hundreds of titles as an audible alternative. Even though there’s no catalog, the search box seems to work. This app’s minimalistic UI design is popular. The audiobook and non-audiobook collections are carefully categorized.

Kobo Books is a great free audiobook app with an affordable subscription. This app is currently on Play and App Stores. iOS users must first log into the website to buy books using the app.

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6. LibriVox Audio Books

This one is one of the most well-known and cost-free audiobook apps. The program remains a free download, relying on thousands of volunteer readers and partnerships with Project Gutenberg.

And the Internet Archive to hold the written versions of the books and audio recordings, respectively. Most audiobooks on LibriVox are classic literature works since they are free and open access.

The Google Play Store and App Store, which host the LibriVox libraries like the free Audiobooks app, are where you may download the LibriVox audio book app.

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7. Scribd

One of the most well-liked free audiobook apps available is Scribd, and for a good reason. With bestsellers and oldies alike, its collection has over a million titles, including audiobooks, periodicals, novels, and even sheet music.

You must subscribe to access all of this; an “Unlimited” subscription costs $10 per month. You gain access to the titles’ repertoire and a user-friendly player with an offline mode, synchronization across all of your devices, variable narration speed, and a sleep timer.

The fact that Scribd’s Unlimited membership has a restriction—which many users have noted in their reviews—is that you can only read a small number of recent or well-liked publications each month.

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8. Realm

Serial Box was the initial name of the Realm audiobook player application. All the features are now accessible via the Realm app. You may say that this software is the best free audiobook app available for Android and iOS.

You can listen to a variety of fascinating podcast episodes in addition to playing audiobooks. On the other hand, Realm provides several novel collections that you can access whenever you choose.

The content is free to use. However, there are some restrictions. Therefore, you must enroll in its annual membership. It is fascinating that it just costs less than USD3 a month.

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9. Voice Audiobook Player

Voice is an independent, open-source audio player that can play the audiobooks it finds in any Android audiobook folder. The interface chooses a more aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic approach over some of the customizing features of other players.

The cover art is given a lot of screen real estate, and the play, pause, and fast-forward buttons are the only options. You may still add bookmarks, change between day and night settings, alter playback speed, and set the sleep timer for those late-night reading sessions.

Additionally, it functions well for listening to your preferred podcasts and requires little access to your device’s resources.

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10. Hoopla

Do you know about Hoopla? Initially designed and built for iOS devices, this software. You can still use this software even if you use an Android device today. Even if Hoopla is currently not among the top iPhone free audiobook apps, there are still several things you can do with it.

Hoopla is, in general, a digital media service. As a result, this software comes up with the concept of borrowing movies, audiobooks, music, e-books, and much more rather than providing an audiobook player.

There are many collections available for loan and listening right now. Additionally, Hoopla enables users to save the content so they can watch or listen to it offline later.

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