6 Best Auto Mouse Mover Software for Windows PC 2024

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Here is a list of the top free mouse-mover software that works on Windows. This software is great to use when you don’t need time-triggered programs or screen savers to be running. Sometimes, computers go to sleep when it is inactive for a long duration. These software programs for auto mouse movement stop this from occurring when you intend for the screen to be active.

The majority of these automated mouse mover programs are open source. Certain of them let you alter various parameters, such as set movement interval and frequency, the duration of the repetition, and more. Certain of these mouse movers allow you to wiggle the Mouse in a certain way after a specific amount of time.

Check out the list of the top free software that can move your Mouse on autopilot. Choose if you require an extremely customizable mouse mover or one with a limited number of choices.

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Best Auto Mouse Mover Software for Windows

1. Auto Clicker

Price – Free

There are a variety of games that move your Mouse on autopilot. That requires constant tapping or a high-quality mouse. If you’re not great at tapping or don’t own the best Mouse. It’s best to automatize it using the free Automatic Mouse Clicker.

This Automated Clicker can automate every click you make when the Auto Clicker can be utilized. It will fake every kind of click you want to make. You must manually keep track of the entire procedure.

Auto Clicker is completely safe since it replicates clicks only on the computer. The frequency of clicks is determined by single, double, or even multiple clicks. It is also possible to delay the interval between clicks.

2. Mouse Jiggler (Free)

Price – Free

Ratings –3.4 Star

Link – Windows

Mouse Jiggler is among the top mouse jigglers that work on windows that allow you to move your Mouse without touching it, preventing your computer from shutting down. It’s a dedicated mouse mover that can impact your Mouse even when the framework isn’t in use and makes a fake input to your CPU to keep your computer awake.

The Mouse Jiggler application is designed to run on Windows 10 and 11 and is simple thanks to its easy-to-understand interface. This device for moving your Mouse is the perfect hero that can give you relaxation while shooting at establishments or doing other more fundamental activities.

MouseJiggler is another open-source automated mouse mover. The product is for free and has been praised by customers. If you’re a firm and want to use the open-source software for calling centers, this too is completely no cost. You can take a break from working by using the software and reducing the time you spend on your work.

The product that moves the Mouse comes with a small and basic interface. When activated, it moves the Mouse forward and back at the exact location. It has two options: Turn on the jiggle mode or Zen Jiggle.

Choose your Zen Jiggle choice to wiggle the Mouse using a pointer’s movement that is not easily missed. Select the Enable Jiggle choice to wiggle your Mouse, revealing the unique pointer. Snap-on the? Catch to learn more about this mouse mover that is freeware.

3. Tiny Task

Price – Free

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Link – Windows

Tiny Task is first on the list of automated mouse mover or macro-clicker software with a streamlined UI. Tiny Task allows you to record your Mouse’s development and then play them back in a circle, similar to the mouse mover.

This Softonic secure Windows 11 macros software allows you to record, save Play, Compile, etc. It will assist you in learning how to move your Mouse in a controlled manner. Press the Record symbol to record the Mouse’s movement and save it for playback at any moment you want.

Click on the Settings button to alter how many circles are displayed, playback speed or change hotkeys, reach out for assistance or get help, etc. The compiler option allows you to convert the Mouse’s development recordings into an executable file.

Apart from the different settings for your Mouse, the auto mouse mover and clicker program will also record the Windows mouse clicks. The mouse macro-clicker performs the Task many times based on the specified intervals.

4. Mouse Mover (Free)

Price – Free

Ratings – NA

Link – Windows

The Mouse Mover program is a custom mouse mover application that allows you to move the mouse pointer of your PC at regular intervals. When you start this program, it will open a small interface. It offers only one option: Click OK to close the program.

There are no other options that can be made available in this freeware program for moving the Mouse. Mouse Mover produces a mouse development like clockwork. There is no need to define when interims occur or the recurrence.

Mouse Mover is available so that it doesn’t require innovative methods to manage the program. It ensures that the PC is running until the moment it is moved until it is shut down. The Mouse Mover Software has a simple window that allows you to close the program. There are no settings; there is no setup and no huge costs.

Just send the application out and it will give the item the highest treatment. It’s a light and simple-to-understand program that is without cost. There’s also automotive design software available to make use of for free to create an ideal Tesla.

5. Mini Mouse Macro

Price – Free

Ratings – 4 Star

Link – Windows

Mini Mouse Macro is another fantastic mouse pointer mover for Windows. It doesn’t move the Mouse randomly, but it lets you observe the Mouse’s movements and then rehashes the progress in the circle.

Press the record catch to begin recording the Mouse’s development. End the chronicle and distribute the number of circles you must pay the account. It is also possible to assign hotkeys to start or stop the Mouse’s progress through the console.

This auto mouse clicker and mouse mover allow recording of various mouse movements. You can pick any recorded movements and then play them in the circle.

6. Move Mouse

Price – Free

Ratings – NA

Link – Windows

Move Mouse is software for the Mouse to move even when not in use. It’s a similar program to Mouse Jiggler. It comes with full-featured highlights that allow you to have complete control over the operation of the software.

Move Mouse is an open-source mouse mover application for Windows. It’s easy to use and has configurable setting parameters for mouse advancement. It comes with various exciting and energizing features to explore and use the program.

You can choose the interval duration that makes the device wait until the specified number of seconds go before the next update. You can enable stealth mode, which makes it impossible to detect the activity from the monitor.

The program is activated and checks the number of seconds it takes to allow the cursor to move freely when windows are moved. It automatically restricts the move mouse discussion box when not inThe interface comes with a wide range of possibilities to set up.  use.

Click on the Start catch to launch the program. The moving Mouse continues to move the cursor, or the Mouse runs in that manner following a specific pet up.

This software for automatic mouse clicks is among the latest available software. It’s not just an opportunity to move your Mouse in a specific way, but it also allows you to create content and complete projects.