10 Best Backpage Alternatives (2024) – Sites Like Backpage

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Although Backpage may no longer operate, several services can be used. The best Backpage Alternative websites, with millions of users and apps for iOS and Android. Similar to Backpage, many classified websites provide these services.

Using a website other than Backpage will also give you more privacy. These websites also provide the convenience of looking for goods and services and being simple.

Other websites provide similar services for free classified ads. So, if you’ve been seeking a free, excellent Backpage substitute, look no further. These websites aren’t the same as Backpage, but they are comparable.

Best Backpage Alternative Websites

In order to make it simple for you to sell and purchase new or used goods online without paying for advertisements, we updated our Backpage alternatives this year. You can see the quick list here.

Here is a fast overview of the top Backpage alternatives. Read more about these websites below.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the finest backpage.com replacement on the list. This well-known website for classified ads does a great job organizing various ad categories into several sections, including community, services, employment, housing, for sale, discussion forums, and many others.

Due to the website’s 2010 decision to ban pornographic ads, Craigslist was sadly unable to serve as a dating service. In addition to adverts, Craigslist offers a wealth of helpful information, such as avoiding fraud and scams.

The search filter function on Craigslist is among its best features. You can efficiently obtain information with the use of these filters. In general, Craig Newmark launched the reputable website Craigslist in 1995.

2. Bedpage

Bedpage is only a sizable Backpage substitute website in the US and elsewhere. You may discover well-organized listings for almost anything on the internet, including services, jobs, sales on various goods, and the standard offer.

Bedpage is unique in that it has more portions. If that’s your thing, Bedpage’s trans ads and other advertisements can be a lot of fun.

But don’t get too caught up in that; it’s a very adaptable website that you can probably use for many things you didn’t even know you needed.

3. LetGo

Consider LetGo to be the replacement for Backpage. This well-known website specializes in buying and selling used goods. Advertisements for goods, including gadgets, autos, real estate, jobs, and even services, are allowed.

LetGo features a well-designed user interface that is very simple to use. LetGo has native iOS and Android applications, just like Locanto. On its homepage, LetGo shows a random selection of adverts from various categories.

LetGo customers can also distribute adverts on well-known social networking websites. The users of this Backpage-like website can also get in touch with the merchants directly.

4. Kijiji

Where can I find “blank?” is the Canadian response. Kijiji is. There is classified advertising for about anything, including employment, listings for vehicles and properties, and even a section specifically for trading goods.

If you’re Canadian, Kijiji doesn’t require much introduction, but if you’re planning on visiting or even relocating to Canada, you should know that this website is the ideal location to look for advertising for everything.

Additionally, if there isn’t a certain area in which your ad fits, you can always post it to Community, where you’ll find the most varied collection of advertisements you’ve ever seen.

5. Hoobly

Users can post advertising on this site, similar to Craigslist, and support many categories. General categories include Announcements and Events, Art, Books, Business and Industrial, Clothing and Accessories, Collectibles, Electronics, and Employment, among others.

Users can publish free personal advertising in the platform’s distinct Personals section to meet others who share their interests. Hoobly features an easy-to-use interface, making it straightforward to submit advertising there.

To help deter con artists, it also includes a reliable fraud detection system. Hoobly has a structure to make the platform safer, even though it isn’t always possible to prohibit scams.

6. Facebook

You did read that correctly. Facebook, the most widely used social media platform, is a fantastic alternative to Backpage. With the help of this reputable social networking site, you can easily purchase and sell items.

Additionally, Facebook allows you to get in touch with the seller directly to arrange your transaction. You may even publish advertisements for your goods in a group after joining it.

Facebook can be used as Backpage for job searching and job posting. Facebook can be regarded as one of the top Backpage substitutes.

7. Locanto

Millions of people use Locanto, which is a well-known website with a global presence. One of the major classifieds platforms on this list, the website is accessible in more than 60 countries.

You may use it to connect with others because it contains employment, services, community, personal, and other sections. Locanto is committed to user safety and has an active blog offering advice and help.

Locanto is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a reputable, trustworthy, and secure website. The website also offers an app for iPhone and Android and a mobile version.

8. Gumtree

Online community and classifieds website Gumtree is based in the UK. Gumtree was founded in 2000 to give users a rich experience with classified advertisements.

A website like Gumtree provides listings in various categories, including jobs, real estate, pets, cars, bikes, accessories, appliances, computers, and other services like tutoring, health, and cosmetics.

An individual user can connect with like-minded people from various preferences and cultures through a community category.

9. ClassifiedAds

There are numerous categories available on ClassifiedAds for posting classified advertising. It offers a variety of categories, including those for employment, cars, animals, and services.

It costs nothing to publish a new ad on this platform, and it may be tailored to the right demographics and subcategories to target the right consumers.

The US, Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, and the UK are the most well-known countries where ClassifiedAds are well-known.

10. FreeAdsTime 

Another website called FreeAdsTime provides a large selection of categories for posting advertising. The user interface is similar to Backpage and makes it simple to post new ads as a guest user.

FreeAdsTime’s services are available in numerous places, making it simple to quickly get in touch with a local buyer or vendor. This website is a great place to publish free classified advertising.

The ten websites like BackPage listed above should be able to help you. You can check out these further alternative websites.