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5 Best FREE Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone
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Your brother’s birthday is in a week, and the app will no doubt remind you of the occasion. Access your weekly schedule and upcoming events from any location. And ideally, he’d do all that and more with minimal input from you.

Having a portable calendar is crucial. Even while Apple’s built-in Calendar could do the trick, there are other best calendar apps for the iPhone to consider. We put several iPhone calendar apps through their paces, so you don’t have to.

Fortunately, several calendar apps are available in the App Store. This article features a roundup of the best free calendar apps for iPhone users who value efficiency and productivity.

1. Google Calendars

Among calendar apps for iPhone, Google Calendar is well regarded. I know I will get what I expect every time I use it. For starters, it’s a sync-friendly, cost-free calendar app. Also, you can switch between a day’s schedule, a week’s view, and a month’s view.

To ensure you never miss an appointment, Google Calendar syncs automatically with your Gmail inbox. The iOS software also syncs without a hitch with services like iCloud and Exchange, as well as Google Maps.

2. Fantastical

Wonderfully ranks high among iOS calendar apps. Its clean, uncluttered layout makes keeping everything in order a breeze. Fantastic claims of automatic language recognition. The ability to set reminders and schedule events using plain English makes this a fantastic tool.

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Inputting anything as simple as “meeting with Ngozi at 10:00” will cause Fantastical to add the event to your Calendar. Amazing works with a variety of calendars and services. You may respond to invitations and keep track of them all in one place with the help of these integrations.

3. Calendars 5

An additional well-liked iPhone calendar app is Calendars 5. It’s made by Readdle, the same people responsible for Spark Mail and Documents, and it’s great for scheduling events and finishing chores.

Natural language input is used in Calendars 5, much like it is in Fantastical, to make creating new calendar events fast and easy. Its event-focused UI makes it stand out from other calendar apps, which summarizes all your scheduled engagements and chores at a glance. Schedules can be seen by the day, week, or month, depending on your preference.

4. Informant 5 Calendar

Usneedingneed granular control over their schedules and projects will find Informant 5 Calen the best iOS calendar app available. With its emphasis on helping you keep on top of your schedule, it more closely resembles a planner than a calendar. Features like daily/weekly planners, projects, triggers, etc., give it this appearance.

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Because it doesn’t require a separate account and works with your existing calendar accounts, Informant 5 is the simplest calendar app to set up and use. The full power of Informant, however, requires creating a sync account.

5. Calendar OP.2

This Calendar works in tandem with the iOS system calendar without causing any disruptions. Many optional in-app purchases are available despite the app’s free price. However, at $2 each, they are not prohibitively expensive.

The vertical layout of Calendar OP.2 is one of its distinguishing features. Because of this, I think it’s a fantastic option for getting things done quickly. It will sync with your Google Calendar if you use it as well.


Multiple calendar applications exist for the iPhone. I’ve compiled a list of the best calendar apps for iPhone, iPad and iOS. The Google Calendar app is the greatest since it is easy to use, has many functions, and looks great. Free of charge, you can download this calendar app to your iPhone.

It turns out that the vast majority of calendar applications I checked out are likewise cost-free. The top iPhone calendar and distinguishing features have been thoroughly investigated.

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