10 Best Free Cartoon Apps for iPhone and iPad (2023)

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Everyone now edits photos before posting them online. Today, it’s common practice to alter photographs, and this can even be done on mobile devices. Compared to editing on a computer, smartphone photo editing is a breeze.

A plethora of cartoon apps can make even the most mundane photo look professional. Of course, you can customize everything else about it, from the background to the effects.

Some Apple iPhone apps can even make your photos look like cartoons. Do you have any experience with those app options? But if you don’t, don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the best Cartoon Apps for iPhone & iPad apps that can help you transform your photos into cartoons.

Best Cartoon Apps for iPhone & iPad

You can experiment with various filters, colors, and artistic effects to find the best with a given photo. Here, you’ll learn about the best iPhone Cartoon apps for photo sketching so that you may turn yourself into a cartoon.

1. Photoleap

One of the best iPhone photo editing apps is Photoleap by Lightricks. If you’re looking for a stylish, high-tech photo app, your search can end here. You may even start to believe that you are a mastermind worthy of widespread acclaim, such is the refined subtlety of the filters.

It equips you with fantastic filters, like the dispersion effect and the double exposure, which can help you reach new heights of originality. You can tinker with the fine-tuning, changing the filter, exposure, and other settings as you see fit.

2. Prisma

Prisma’s ability to “cartoon yourself” has made it a fan favorite and viral sensation. Before the age app came along, this one was the king of the app market. The Prisma app makes it easy to turn your photos into cartoons. Using the Prisma app, you can take a picture of yourself and give it a cartoonish look, making it a fun app to play around with.

The application provides a wide variety of editing options. Simply snap a photo to see the results. The application is something fresh on the scene of comic book art. The app has a community where you can share your cartoon inspirations and enjoy the praise of others who have used the same filters you have.

3. ToonCamera 

Using various filters, the iPhone app ToonCamera can transform any picture into a cartoon. Various cartoon, stipple, ink, and pencil effects are available. You can make cartoons from photos with this app, and you can also record videos with it.

Furthermore, you can preview your photos and videos in real-time to see how they look before you commit to them. You can also use this app to upload your finished product to various social media platforms.

4. Pandora Al

The ProfilePicMaker app is a fantastic iPhone cartoon app with a simple interface. In this app, you’ll find various fun cartoon filters featuring your favorite actors and actresses from various media. The latest facial recognition software allows you to instantly transform into a stunning cartoon version of various well-known heroes and villains.

In addition, you can use your photos to make 3D animated avatars and even change their gender. Explore your potential alternate appearance as the other gender. The ProfilePicMaker app can produce this impressive filter thanks to its cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

5. MomentCam Cartoons

Including MomentCam on our list was easy, as it is one of the most popular apps for making cartoons out of photos. Using its incredible filters and numerous stickers, you can give any photo the appearance of being drawn in a cartoon or sketchbook.

The design of the app’s user interface is minimalistic and intuitive. But it does more than just utilize the photos already stored on your device; it can also access the albums you’ve created on social media sites like Facebook. Now, if what you want is to improve the quality of your photographs without becoming a cartoon

6. Cartoonize 

Caricature – Become a Caricature If you’re looking for a high-quality, hand-drawn cartoon, the Yourself app is for you. It uses advanced AI methods to rapidly create cartoon likenesses. You can make your photo look like a cartoon with a few taps. Any familiarity with graphic design software is unnecessary.

In addition, you may quickly alter the cartoon’s appearance by selecting from various available head and body templates, actions, and backdrops.

7. FlipaClip

This iPhone app has some novel and useful functions. A free app! Getting it won’t cost you a dime. It’s never been easier to whip up some cartoony fun on your phone, as this software makes drawing cartoon characters, backgrounds, and more possible. This app allows you to transform your photo into a humorous cartoon.

With this app, you may turn your videos into cartoons. Making animations and films is a novel feature that not many apps provide. Moreover, the game’s sound and visual effects elevate the overall experience.

8. Photo Lab Editor

Use the animated filters available in Photo Lab to give yourself a new look and add effects to the background to bring the photo to life. Adding cartoon animations featuring special AI effects can improve your overall animated look.

This app for cartoon drawing gives you a wide variety of choices while creating your cartoon character.

9. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

Optional in-app purchases are available within the free Picture to Cartoon Yourself app. This app will transform your images into charming and amusing cartoons in a jiffy.

There are a variety of filters, texts, and stickers to choose from for personalizing your photos. When working with pictures, however, stretching is not an option. You can’t upload photos to social media from this app.

10. Sketch Me

Sketch Me! is a fantastic alternative that converts your photographs into pencil sketches rather than making your photographs look like cartoons. Almost 10 million people have downloaded this app, making it the most popular app in the App Store in several different countries.

Using this app, creating hilarious caricatures out of your favorite photos is simple. Its intuitive design makes it accessible to everybody, allowing you to post immediately to your preferred social media site.