10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android (2024)

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People make avatars by using various apps and sharing them on social media. This is why there has been a great increase in avatar maker apps.

Do you wish to design your very own cartoon persona? Making your own digital avatar using one of the many cartoon avatar maker apps has recently become quite popular. There are a variety of cartoon creators, amine avatar makers, and 3d avatar maker apps for Android devices.

Use these apps to design an avatar to represent yourself across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more. Below are some of the Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android that you may use.

Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Some Android users rely only on the platform’s image creation and editing capabilities. For the benefit of those users, we will provide a list of the best free Avatar Maker Apps for Android. Let’s check out.

1. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

Bitmoji is a platform people often use to make their own avatars and customized emoji. More than 100 million people have downloaded and installed this app from the Google Play Store. Your customized avatar can now look as lifelike as you want it to.

With this app, you can make your own emoji, avatar, and sticker to send to anyone in a social media conversation or a chat with a stranger on Azar or a similar app.

This app has a large library of stickers for those with a penchant for that particular form of expression. Making a Bitmoji is as simple as choosing a photo from your device’s gallery and adjusting a few settings to your liking.

With this app, you and a friend may switch places and film a 3D avatar in beautiful settings. You should give this emoji and the top 3D avatar maker a shot.

2. Anime Avatar Maker

Android app that lets you make an anime character. This app may be the finest option if you want an anime character to represent you in a video game or other medium. You can make whatever sort of fictional persona or Amine avatar you choose. Put your imagination to work and make your own unique anime character with this app.

There is a tonne of great tools hidden within this awesome app. Various well-detailed facial expression templates for creating an avatar are provided.

The avatar’s mouth, eyes, and eyebrows can be manipulated to convey a wide range of expressions. The eye and hair colors can be customized. Changing the avatar’s backdrop can also give it a more interesting appearance. This avatar-creating tool is a must-try.

3. Super Me – Cartoon Avatar Maker

Super Me is one of the best free apps on the Play Store for making an avatar. More than 5 million people have downloaded it. This is the best app for making avatars. You can use it to make YouTube logos, Facebook avatars, and even logos for your business.

In this app for making an avatar, you can choose whether to make a male or female character. You can add different text styles in this app for making avatars. This app can also be used to make different kinds of themes.

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You can save your avatars and use them to update your Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The ability to share your avatar via Email, Bluetooth, and SMS is another important feature of this app.

4. Avatar Maker: Dragons

Though I initially believed that one could only design human avatars using this app, I now know that one can create magical creatures such as dragons, making it a more advanced and current option.

This app was made specifically for the most ardent of dragon fans. If you wish, you can make your avatar look as stupid as you like. If you want to make it scary, that’s up to you. And it’s a great app for art and creativity, which I greatly appreciate.

Once you’ve developed your own dragon species, you can give it the same wardrobe as you and even celebrate the holidays with it. If you adore a friendly dragon, it will not only spew fire from its mouth but also several types of flowers. And a lot more besides!

5. MojiPop – Art Metaverse

MojiPop allows you to make a cartoon version of yourself in a flash. Thousands of caricatures and animated stickers on your face are at your fingertips in only two touches, allowing you to communicate any and every feeling and circumstance.

This image stylizer uses sophisticated facial recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence to ensure your avatars and stickers appear like you while being cartooned.

You can import a picture from your phone’s camera without even granting the app access to your device. You can keep your avatar design on your smartphone, upload it to your social media accounts, or add it to your keyboard for future conversations.


This app can turn your selfie into a lifelike 3D character using advanced facial recognition technology. After that, you can alter its appearance by changing its hair, eyes, and facial hair.

Besides that, Myidol provides a wide variety of fashionable outfits for your virtual character. This app also allows you to design your emojis if you’re interested in doing that.

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The latest iteration of Myidol also allows you to use your avatar in real-time by incorporating Apple’s face capture technology to give it personality and allow it to mimic your expressions like laughter and winking.

7. Styledoll – 3D Avatar maker

Styledolll is yet another top 3D cartoon maker app for iOS devices. Create a 3D version of yourself with a selfie. For more than 50 countries, this app is number one in app stores. Some celebrities use it, including Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Lily-Rose, and many more.

This app uses face recognition technology to create an attractive representation of the user in photographs and social media posts. Colors of skin, eyes, hair, and clothing can all be changed. The app comes preloaded with many stunning garments from which to choose.

This app gives iPhone users yet another choice for designing their own emoji. To avoid the hassle of constantly adding new content to Instagram, you can simply utilize one of the many Instagram repost apps available and reshare any post from any account with a few taps.

8. Doll Maker 

As an all-in-one avatar app, character and doll makers combine the best of both worlds. It’s the best doll-making app out there if you’re seeking one. What do you think when people ask if you want to know what’s attractive and adorable in Japanese? Unless you want to know, that is. The word “cute” doesn’t do it justice.

Make your dolls come to life with all the accessories you need to dress them in Kawaii style. There are around 140 options, including variations in hair and skin tone as well as several expressions. You have complete control over everything from the character designs to the backgrounds to the music.

9. ToonApp: Cartoon Photo Editor

ToonApp, however, does not create custom avatars but rather merely cartoons existing photographs. The app provides a filter to add a cartoonish effect to your photos. ToonApp’s capabilities go beyond merely adding a cartoonish look to your photos, with options like changing your head size, applying humorous filters, and more.

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ToonApp also allows you to crop out the backdrop of your portrait images. This app can thus be used to remove unwanted elements from the background.

10. Avatoon: Avatar Maker, Creator

This is unique among apps for Android that produce avatars because it provides extensive photo editing tools to create customized avatars. Avatoon features a facial recognition tool that will automatically detect your face and build an avatar unique to you.

It also provides various options for customizing the avatar, such as changing the hairdo, attire, and form of the nose, among other things.