10 Best Cydia Apps For iOS / iPhone / iPad (2023)

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iOS is well-known for being less modifiable than Android. iOS 14 was the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system to include widgets, 12 years after Android first introduced them.

Jailbreaking an iOS device allows advanced users to access third-party apps and modify system settings that aren’t available through Apple official App Store.

When an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad has been jailbroken, users can install Cydia, one of the most popular Debian APT package managers, which provides access to various third-party applications.

When an iOS device is jailbroken, Cydia is automatically loaded and available for download. Users are no longer constrained by Apple’s default settings and can instead access a world of customizing options via the app store.

In this article, we will go through some of the most useful Cydia apps for iOS that will improve your experience with your Apple gadgets. This article will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone by using the best apps available.

Warning: Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad may render the device inoperable and will nullify any remaining warranty coverage. Because of the potential for data loss, it’s a good idea to create a backup of any essential files before jailbreaking your smartphone.

Best Cydia apps for iOS in 2023

1. Activator

Activator is one of the most basic yet one of the most popular Cydia apps for iPhone. This app allows you to design triggers on an “if this, then that” basis.

Adding functionality to the home button is arguably the most common application of Activator. But you may customize your phone with new gestures in other places by accessing the option in the menu.

With the Activator menu, you can create triggers to open an app, change system settings, update alerts, mute and unmute devices, etc. Activator is available for free on Cydia.

2. Zephyr

If you’re tired of being restricted to double and triple taps on the home button, Zephyr is the solution for you. This Cydia app eliminates the need for the home button by allowing users to perform a variety of useful gestures instead.

The recent apps can be accessed by swiping from the left, the multitasking switcher can be accessed by sliding up from the bottom, and the current app may be closed by swiping down from the top.

3. SBSettings

SBSettings is an additional productivity app that can be found next to Activator. Using this Cydia patch, you may change the behavior of the quick drop-down toggle to do a wide variety of tasks, such as activating and deactivating WiFi, brightness, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and more.

You’ll find the SBSettings toggle menu in the notification shade, and you may further personalize your phone with skins. Also, Cydia allows you to install additional settings icons for even greater customization.

4. Auxo

Numerous jailbreak developers for iOS have tried their hand at improving multitasking on iOS without much success. In this respect, Auxo stands out, and a similar tool, dubbed Stage Manager on the iPad and Macintosh, has previously been implemented.

Auxo introduces multitasking cards to iOS, providing a live preview of the currently running apps in the status bar. It also includes various convenience features, including new ways to manage the music, dismiss notifications with a swipe, toggle for the settings, etc.

5. WeatherIcon

Like the reactivity of your iPhone’s clock and calendar icons? You can get this feature on your jailbroken iOS with the WeatherIcon modification from Cydia, which displays the current weather conditions directly on the icon.

Whenever the weather changes, so does the icon’s appearance. For instance, the weather icon will take on a deep indigo hue when it’s nighttime or raining. The status bar can also show the current weather and temperature.

6. Stride / AndroidLock

Are you sick of your iOS device’s default “Slide to unlock” screen? You may personalize your iPhone’s lock screen movements with apps like Stride and AndroidLock XT.

You can customize the lock screen in various ways (patterns, tap-to-unlock, gesture control, etc.) or disable it entirely. More secure than the standard “Slide to unlock,” pattern unlocks are available for Android skins and may be enabled with this Cydia tweak.

7. BiteSMS / Messages+

BiteSMS and Messages+ add the popup reply feature from Whatsapp to the already outstanding stock iMessage. These Cydia modifications provide a pop-up window that lets you respond to messages no matter where you are on iOS.

Take your messaging service to the next level with BiteSMS’s flexible configuration options and support for custom themes. BiteSMS has been around longer and provides more customization options, but we found that Messages+ is more streamlined and interacts better with the original iMessage software.

8. 3DBoard / DeepEnd

Apple has almost completely abandoned skeuomorphic design in favor of a flat aesthetic with the release of iOS 7. But because of the robust sensory hardware, iPhones can still create 3D effects in the UI.

High-quality 3D effects on your app icons may be achieved with 3DBoard and DeepEnd thanks to internal accelerometer hardware and some smart wallpaper movement. It’s unnecessary to download anything special to use DeepEnd; it may be accessed directly from the Settings menu.

9. IntelliScreenX / LockInfo

The iPhone’s Notification Center has been a bit iffy, but with iOS 16, it’s finally solid. IntelliScreenX and LockInfo are two apps that let you modify the Notification Center’s pages to your liking.

You can customize your home screen to display just the content you care about from services like Facebook, News, Mail, and Twitter. LockInfo offers a wider range of configuration options than the other option. IntelliScreenX simplifies things even further and integrates Messages+ as well.

LockInfo is also available on Cydia for $4.99, while IntelliScreenX 7 will set you back $9.99.

10. Winterboard / Dreamboard

If you’re used to Android, you may be disappointed that iOS doesn’t provide you as much freedom. Third-party launcher theming is unavailable in iOS 16, the most recent version. If you want to completely customize the look of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Cydia apps like Winterboard and Dreamboard are your best bet.

Winterboard and Dreamboard are just the beginning of how iOS may be personalized. Cydia is a repository for modifications and additional software for iOS devices made by Apple. One of Winterboard’s newest rivals is Dreamboard, which, unlike Winterboard, allows you to apply themes without restarting your device.