10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android (2024)

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An android dictionary app is a handy tool. Learning a language is an ongoing process that can never be completed. Learning a language is not easy. When you finally feel as though you have a rule of the vocabulary down pat, you will discover several exceptions to the norm that you were previously unaware of.

There is always room for improvement in both your grammar and your vocabulary. After all, there are a lot of words that can mean different things depending on the situation in which they are used.

The use of dictionaries as a learning tool is highly beneficial for children. Many children’s first experience with a piece of reference material is a dictionary, which is also an excellent tool for helping children acquire new words and increase the size of their vocabularies.

There are many dictionary apps that you can download on your Android smartphone. Some apps have massive popularity among smartphone users, but the Google Play Store also features several lesser-known apps. Below is a list of the best Free Dictionary apps for Android.

Best Dictionary Apps For Android

There are many Android dictionary apps to choose from, but we consider these the best. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best offline dictionary apps for android.

1. Google Translate

Indeed, Google Translate isn’t precisely a dictionary app, but it’s also much more than just a reputable app for looking up the meanings and definitions of words in other languages.

This app provides definitions and usage examples, and translations of words and phrases in 103 different languages. It can translate 59 languages even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Several different input methods are available in this app. You can talk, write, or even draw to get your point across. Similarly, it allows you to filter out profanity.

2. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster dictionary app is one of the most potent dictionary apps out there. This app includes features such as voice search, audio pronunciation, example sentence of the word, word of the day, and an integrated thesaurus including synonyms and antonyms.

They are brought to you by the brains behind America’s most popular and widely respected Dictionary, Merriam-Webster; this multifaceted Dictionary app packs all the features required for a wide range of educational purposes, with self-education, not an exception.

3. Dictionary

A black-and-white page packed with material, including a word of the day, horoscopes, daily quotes, and a plethora of word games, makes The Dictionary one of the best free dictionary apps available.

The app pulls information from numerous credible sources, including McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, HarperCollins, the Farlex clip-art collection copyright Princeton University, and Wikipedia, and provides in-text citations for each search.

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This app for the English language serves as a dictionary, thesaurus, translator, and encyclopedia in one convenient package. The app is widely considered the most comprehensive Dictionary available and brought to you by Farlex, the minds behind the ever-popular The Free Dictionary.

4. Dictionary.com English Word Meanings

On Dictionary.com, you can look up words in the Dictionary or the Thesaurus. There are more than 1.5 million definitions and similar words in the app. There are a lot of tools, like audio pronunciations, a daily word, and a list of your favorites. Voice search can also be used to find out what a word means.

This app includes grammar rules, usage advice, idioms, and a thesaurus with thousands of phrases and words.

This app includes both a standard and a scientific dictionary, a medical dictionary, a thesaurus, and an encyclopedia. With its extensive database of words, phrases, and grammar advice, Dictionary.com is a one-stop app for boosting your writing skills.

5. English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary is another feature-rich free dictionary app for Android, this time with over 356,000 definitions in English. Because of its simplistic layout and user-friendliness, it’s a breeze to start.

You can access the day’s word, your search history, and bookmarks with just one swipe on the homepage. You’ll see a new set of words in the “random word” menu when you launch the app.

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You can use your keyboard or voice to look up words in a dictionary. In this app, you may set a floating button to perform tasks like voice search, viewing your search history, or accessing your favorites.

6. Dict Box – Universal Offline Dictionary

Dict Box is devoted to a wide range of languages and offers offline translation assistance for over 30 of them. Each language has its Dictionary, and you can download as many as you like. It also incorporates a myriad of web dictionaries such as Google Translate, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, Google Search, and more.

The app provides word meanings alongside using examples and related terms. It has a built-in spell checker that will fix any typos you make as you type. It also offers audio pronunciation guides for American, British, and Australian English accents.

7. Longman Dictionary 

Longman Dictionary, the final app on this list, is another extensive dictionary database for Android users. An uncluttered design with legible fonts and text makes it a pleasure to use.

This app provides extensive definitions for each word and its grammatical forms (noun, verb, adjective, and adverb). There are also recordings of people with British and American accents saying the words. You have the option to make either accent the standard one.

Other note elements in the Longman Dictionary include a “word of the day,” a pictorial dictionary, topical organization of terms, lists of the most frequently spoken and the most often written words, favorites, quizzes, and a “how-to speak English fluently” section.

8. Hi Dictionary – Translate Now

You may rapidly translate your social media messages or any other text on your phone with the help of the language translator, Hi Dictionary. There are 108 languages to choose from, and 58 of them can be translated offline. To have the app translate the text to your preferred language, you need to drag the floating icon over the text.

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If you want to have a conversation in a language you don’t know how to read, write, or speak; this app is perfect for you. Hi, Dictionary will automatically convert any text you type into the language of your choice.

9. Dictionary – WordWeb

WordWeb is one of the largest free dictionary apps for Android. With a database of 285,000 words, phrases, and derivative forms, 225,000 definitions, 70,000 usage examples, and 85,000 text pronunciations. You can refine your queries by selecting different categories, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

Shown are words similar to or the same as the one you searched for. You can choose a region to see pronunciation guides, word pairs, and synonyms specific to that region.

WordWeb also has a few more standard capabilities, like the ability to fix spelling, propose alternative words, change the font size, and block inappropriate words. Save your searches for quick access in the future by bookmarking them.

10. Kids Picture Dictionary

The Kids Picture Dictionary app is an excellent resource for teaching young children new words. This kid’s dictionary app has more than 650 high-quality images with text and voiceovers.

Parents or children can use the fun self-record feature to repeat the sentences or make up their own. The word level is suitable for kids ages 3 to 6, making it an excellent way for multiple young siblings to play and learn together.

The app’s vocabulary-building and language-history tasks are an excellent resource for young learners. Users can make up their terms, grammatical categories, and definitions in the “Build Your Own Dictionary” area.