7 Best Dog Training Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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The process of Dog training can be a lot of fun and exciting, but it isn’t always an easy one. It’s possible that you’ll have trouble training your dog to behave properly depending on your canine companion’s age, breed, and temperament. It will take a long time for both you and your dog to learn new things.

If you’re having trouble getting your dog to sit, stay, or simply quit pulling on the leash, it’s possible that you need to rethink the way that you’re training him. If you give some of these excellent dog training apps for Android or ios a try, you should see significantly improved outcomes.

Use these best dog training apps for Android and iOS to get your pet ready for its new home. Reviews suggest that people have successfully taught their pets new commands with the help of these providers.

Best Dog Training Apps For Android and iOS

You just got a dog and you want to know how to train it. Great dog-training apps are available for both Android and iPhone. Below we have listed the best free Dog Training Apps For Android and iOS users.

1. Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks

Puppr is the best free dog training app we’ve seen, and it has millions of pet parent lovers. This easy-to-use app features over 80 courses taught by famed dog-trick trainer Sara Carson & The Super Collies (an America’s Got Talent top-5 contestant).

Depending on your goals, you can select a training app from options like “New Dog”, “Basics”, “Agility”, “Performer”, “Circus” etc. You can often watch a video that walks you through the learning process.

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The app also features a built-in clicker with instructions on how to utilize it for training. This is available without charge, but upgrading to Puppr Premium will greatly improve your training.

To aid with behavioral difficulties, leash training, separation anxiety, and more, experienced dog trainers are available via premium lessons and live chat around the clock.

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2. Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

Dogo is a powerful, feature-rich app with more than a hundred different training activities and an integrated clicker. Before beginning training, you will complete a brief questionnaire to help Dogo tailor your curriculum to your unique requirements.

Their written and video guides cover everything from housebreaking, crate training, and basic obedience to fixing behavioral issues and teaching advanced skills.

You can submit a video assessment of you and your dog performing the new skill once your dog has mastered it. Within 12 hours of submitting your exam, dog trainers at Dogo will review it and provide their thoughts on how well your dog did.

In addition, a sizable and lively group of pet owners congregate online to swap stories, photos, and other information.

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To continue your training and use all the features, you must upgrade to Dogo Premium after the initial seven-day trial period ends.

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3. GoodPup

One-on-one training sessions with verified, highly rated trainers are available through Good pup. If you need assistance teaching your dog new behaviors or specialized tasks, these professionals can help.

The trainer may watch while you work with your dog in real-time to ensure everything is progressing as planned. Various fundamental training options are available within the app, such as crate training, behavioral modification, and toilet training.

The owner only locates a training app, performs a quick evaluation, and sets up a training session. Goodpup’s expert trainers handle all other care.

There is no public record of their financial status. The software generates revenue from paying for training packages and private sessions with instructors.

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4. Doggy Time

The Doggy Time app is designed to help you care for and train your new puppy. When a new pet joins the household, things are never the same. Changes to one’s regular schedule and the introduction of new duties are inevitable results of this.

The app will facilitate the simplification of such activities. Interesting and useful in various ways, with a top-notch user experience.

There is no sign-up procedure necessary. A reliable app that can be used without an internet connection. You won’t find a better ally in the challenging endeavor that is dog training and care.

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The app provides a convenient way to record and store data about your pet. The appointment reminder system will ensure you don’t miss taking your pet in for routine checkups, vaccines, or other important medical procedures.

Users can schedule daily reminders for feeding and walking and weekly reminders like practice and homework. Teaching and housebreaking a puppy is a process that can be easily documented.

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5. Dog whistle & training app

Canine training professionals developed this famous dog clicker training app, including more than 70 guided training videos covering puppy fundamentals, obedience and leash training, socializing skills, and the prevention of behavioral issues.

In addition, it includes instructions for dealing with common behavioral issues, including barking too much, leaping up, yanking on the leash, soiling the house, and separation anxiety.

You can do much with your dog thanks to the included whistle and the other 80 games and tricks. Unlike many other apps, this one does not provide any material for free.

Moreover, some Android users have experienced difficulties when using specific apps. Although many consumers insist it’s money well spent.

There is a 7-day free trial available, but if you don’t cancel before then, you’ll be charged for a whole year’s worth of service.

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6. Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School is a great resource if you need a refresher course in dog ownership and training. It’s fantastic for anyone, but those looking to adopt a puppy should use one of the reputable services listed here.

When you first use the app, you’ll see a carousel of resources and classes from which to choose. You should begin by reading the introduction to dog ownership, packed with interesting and useful information for new pet owners.

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Simple tactics, potty training, and other fundamentals are also covered. The app’s creators constantly update it with new features to make additional lessons available over time.

You’ll have to wait another day to advance to the next lesson. There is a short advertisement you can watch to skip this hold time. You’ll have to go through many commercials, but at least there’s no cost to access the rest of the features!

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7. GoDog: Dog & Puppy Training

Over 35 professionally-led video courses are available in the GoDog app, covering topics including puppy fundamentals, obedience commands, and resolving behavioral issues.

Also included are a pedometer and a health journal for keeping track of your dog’s vaccination schedule, grooming appointments, medication doses, and more.

The GoDog app includes a free clicker and whistle that may be used during training sessions.

While a few pieces in their knowledge base are available without charge, the vast majority of it does cost money to access. Before investing in a subscription or starting a course, you may try it out for free for three days.

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