10 Best Dress Up and Fashion Games For Android and iOS (2024)

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The free fashion games app lets all ladies play out various scenarios related to the fashion world. Playing dress-up with dolls, princesses, mermaids, and comic book/anime hero characters entails browsing for outfits and visiting shops to outfit your dolls and heroes.

There is always something fashionable going on. There’s no need to consider that you’re a member of the fashion industry to see that you are a quick glance around or in your closet will do the trick.

However, whether you work in the fashion industry or are just interested in what’s trendy, you’ll appreciate these top-rated, cost-free mobile games for Android and iOS in 2022. now let’s check out Best Fashion Games For Android and iOS below.

Best Dress-Up and Fashion Games For Android and iOS

There are a lot of fashion games for Android and iOS on the internet. It is very difficult to choose the best, but here we have the best Free fashion games for you.

1. Fashion Show

Take a deep dive into the world of fashion and experiment with new skills in the game Fashion Show. In this one-of-a-kind game, players assume the role of a fashion stylist and outfit models for photo shoots.

Make the women into beautiful queens. This app is great if you’ve been searching for more games like Fashion Show for a long time. Girls appreciate it because they see themselves as the girl of their dreams in this place.

Put in the work, try out different things on the ladies often, and develop a signature look that will leave an impression. You may shop for clothes, hairdos, and other fashion accessories here.

This game will be remembered fondly by individuals who have always desired to explore their creative side in the realm of clothing.

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2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The Kim Kardashian game will shock you with its extensive wardrobe and attention to detail. In this section, you may assume the personas of many Hollywood actors and actresses.

And the app is full of folks who share your passion for style. Find fascinating new individuals to write to. You may use the simulator to go on an intriguing alternative reality.

Make yourself the envy of the catwalk, get global fame, and lead the high life of a celebrity. You’ll be able to marry well, move up in the world, and have a big family because of it.

Make up your own unique cast of actors to perform at different large-scale events, film the outcome, and pocket the cash. It’s important to note that the game cannot be played without access to a network.

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3. Glamland

If you’re looking for a game where you may discover your own sense of fashion and learn how to apply flawless cosmetics, go no further than Glamland.

Get started with simple mental pictures of your characters. Then, after wowing them with your first few complex ensembles, step up your game.

Dresses, shirts, and accessories galore will transport you to a fantastical land. In addition, you may be rewarded with money and new garments for completing certain tasks.

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Learn to be a professional stylist and choose the perfect items for your model. You will never get bored at Glamland, thanks to the wide selection of games available.

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4. Project Makeover

The Project Makeover game will transport you to a fantastical realm of haute couture, outlandish hairdos, and flashy cosmetics. A mix of good and terrible people will be available for conversation.

Try to imagine the most stylish outfits you can create. Try on various clothing and determine which pieces work best to get your desired appearance. It’s important to remember that people will be approaching you.

Selecting items that complement and enhance your unique personality can help you feel fantastic about yourself. If you give your all to your customers, they will not only return but also tell their friends about you, bringing with them many more potential customers.

In addition, there are engaging assignments in which you’ll be required to use your problem-solving skills to the fullest extent. The fun and challenging stages may be completed with the help of some nice bonuses.

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5.  Fashion Empire

To what extent do you aspire to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry? Do you like to feel a flood of joy and satisfaction from your enterprise as you fashion beautiful garments from their sketches? Then you need Little Tailor.

You may shop for a wide selection of textiles and apparel embellishments here. Pick the best ones for the new design, use them to draught a pattern, do the cutting, and operate the sewing machine.

It’ll whip up everything you need. Fashionable dresses, skirts in various lengths and patterns, pants, jackets for fall and winter, T-shirts, and much more are all within your sewing abilities.

Do not limit yourself to just one kind of clothing; instead, experiment with a wide range of looks. You may round off your look with some attractive accessories like sunglasses and a handbag.

The next step is to choose trendy footwear and create a chic hairdo. Additionally, your clients will be happy and appreciative. The game also lets you take colorful screenshots that you can show off to your pals.

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6. Fashion Nation: Style & Fame

As the name implies, Fashion Nation is a virtual world where you may design and customize your own wardrobe and stunning ensembles. Do you like to dress up? In that case, you’re in for a treat with Fashion Nation.

Attract a large following of people who like the model’s flawless appearance and the items she wears. Adjust females to resemble the models that grace the covers of fashion publications.

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Also, vote for the model you think has the most attractive appearance. As a participant in the fashion show, you, too, will gain social standing.

Accessorize your wardrobe with jewelry. You’ll have firm preferences in what you wear over time. Gain notoriety by making a strong impact on others.

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7. Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

Becoming a fashion stylist has always been on your bucket list, right? Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru is the game for you! Players in this game have a chance to test their mettle as fashion designers.

The player’s creative visions may be brought to life thanks to the game’s extensive wardrobe, cosmetics, and accessories.

To pick the style that best suits you, it’s best to look at what’s available. Try different things and come up with fresh ideas for your customers’ photos. Get a job, earn money, and treat yourself to new stuff.

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The game’s designers have crafted a simple and intuitive interface for the benefit of players. Because of it, you may locate and use the desired item in record time.
This game has a fantastic user interface that helps new players learn the ropes fast and start having a great time.

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8. Princess Salon

Regarding dress-up games for Android, Princess Salon is a top choice amongst females. Playing this software will teach you about fashion, makeup, and presentation.

Select a stunning young lady and teach her how to use the most fundamental elements of beauty to become a captivating princess. Any one of these four girls would be delighted to be transformed into a true princess for the evening’s royal festivities.

When you launch the app, a group of women named Elena, Amelia, Thea, and Jenny will greet you. Simply click on the name of the girl whose profile you like most to choose her.

The young lady plans to relax in a hot spa bath immediately. There, you’ll need to bathe her and clean her face. Shampoo, scrub, mask, tweezers, and powder are all available for your use.

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9. Superstar Fashion Girl

Everyone should be disciplined, intelligent, well-read, and physically fit if secular society is to succeed. Have you ever wished you could become famous and meet many interesting people?

Superstar Fashion Girl, a vibrant 3D software catering to the female demographic of Android users, might be the result. Simple and quick education is available here. You’ll learn how to put together any outfit and create a bold, one-of-a-kind beauty look.

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Choosing a sport to pursue is the first step; options include singing, dancing, and tennis, all of which need extensive training. Play fantastic minigames, win cash, and then spend it at the city’s finest shops.

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10. Covet Fashion

Many Android users like playing Covet Fashion, one of the many dress-up games available for the platform. In comparison to the others we tried, this one is unique. This one allows you to give your avatar an extensive wardrobe like the others.

In contrast, this one simplifies the shopping experience in a mall. There are many stores to shop at, secrets to uncover, and outfits to try on. The only catch is that they are authentic labels.

This means you can shop for whichever brand you choose, including Calvin Klein. There are also social aspects, such as competitions in fashion and more.

It’s interesting in a cool way. The game’s free-to-play model is, however, its one drawback. You’ll need real money or much time spent grinding if you want everything in the game.

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