10 Best Email Extractors For Lead Generation (2024)

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List of the Top Email Exactors with Features, Comparison, and Pricing. Choose the Top Email Extractors, Free or Paid, for Sales Leads. An essential part of any marketing strategy is creating new leads.

Both traditional retailers and their digital counterparts can benefit from increased qualified leads. It’s the beginning of the road to converting potential customers into actual ones.

It’s common practice for businesses of all sizes, from bootstrapped startups to multinational conglomerates, to engage in lead generation. Email extraction software is one of the marketers’ most popular and useful methods to generate leads.

In this post, you will learn the solutions to these problems and get a list of the best Email Extractors For Lead Generation.

Best Free Email Extractors For Lead Generation

Still, everyone agrees that you need an email extractor when planning and discussing an email marketing campaign. Hence, let’s look at the best free email extractors for B2B lead generating.

1. Skrapp Chrome Extension

With the help of Skrapp, a Chrome extension that works nicely with LinkedIn, you can harvest the eligible email addresses of your prospects directly from their profiles.  The list functionality of Skrapp is incredibly helpful, as it is included right inside the extension for Chrome.

Unfortunately, the email you’re looking for isn’t always located, but when it is, it indicates whether or not that email is correct.

Skrapp’s Chrome addon offers free users 150 credits per month. You will need to subscribe to a premium plan to conduct more monthly searches.

2. AutoPark Software

For Windows, AutoPark Software is highly recommended. The software facilitates collecting numerous emails from various sources. Email addresses can be mined from social networks like Facebook and Twitter and websites like Yelp.

As an added bonus, the software can determine the user’s national origin by scanning their domain name. Either extracting, editing, and confirming email lists are available as separate software or as part of a bundle.

The list feature in Skrapp is quite convenient, and it’s already included in the Chrome extension. The software is on the pricey side for sole proprietors and startup companies.

3. Hunter chrome extension

The Hunter Chrome extension may help you quickly and easily find the most useful contact information, such as company email addresses. Any website is suitable for its application.

If the alert color is orange, you can click the symbol to access newly identified company emails. It’s not always the case, but sometimes you’ll find a name associated with the email to help determine who sent it.

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On the other hand, there will be times when you locate many abandoned email addresses; Hunter can help by assigning a score to each address and indicating whether or not it is still in use.

4. Email Extractor 14

Another Windows tool, Email Extractor 14, may rapidly and easily gather email addresses from various online sources. The software may search for email addresses in local files, online databases, and web search engines.

In addition to blocking websites, you may also tell your email client to ignore messages containing certain phrases. You’ll pay once, and then all updates will be sent at no extra cost.

An additional powerful tool that serves both large and small businesses well is Email Extractor 14. This software can crank out many email messages in a few seconds.

5. Orbitly

Orbitly not only lets you compile a mailing list but also provides you with the details of your prospects’ phones, emails, and other contact information, making it easier than ever to get in touch with them and begin building a mutually beneficial business relationship.

It can help you find potential client’s social media accounts and email addresses. It gives you access to web software that is more than just an email extractor, freeing up your time to expand your marketing efforts.

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Orbitly can do reverse email lookups, mail merges, and upload data to a CSV file. Orbitly is used by many startups, including Nextdoor, HEAP, Sizebay, and Payment.

6. RevDriver Chrome Extension

You may use RevDriver to quickly and easily find the relevant company and contact information on the articles you’re reading by simply scanning the websites you’re visiting.

When a user clicks on an item on a website, the extension automatically connects to SalesIntel’s human-verified database to pull pertinent product documentation and display it in the window.

You can also obtain direct phone numbers, company technographic and firmographic information, buyer intent data, and much more, in addition to email addresses.

Free RevDriver users can receive 10 credits from SalesIntel per month, with the option to purchase more if desired. Because of this, RevDriver stands out as a superior option to other email harvesters.

7. Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Lead-generation campaigns that don’t include outreach are certain to fail. In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of several email extractors, one of which is the Email Extractor Chrome Extension.

It takes emails and uses the company’s website to determine where they were sent and received. Despite offering a free and a premium version, the free one has some restrictions.

To gain access to features like auto-save and automation, you must upgrade to the paid version, which prohibits downloading emails.

8. Yellow Pages Extractor 

You may get emails and phone numbers from the yellow pages with the help of the Yellow Leads Extractor. The trial version, which does not require registration, allows for the download of up to 35 records.

The Yellow Leads extractor works with Windows systems. The software can harvest the company’s email, phone number, and physical location.

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Unique among similar tools, the yellow leads extractor scours data from comprehensive yellow pages. The email scraper program allows you to collect several emails. The tool’s reasonable pricing makes it a good fit for startups and one-man operations.

9. GetProspect

GetProspect is a web tool that facilitates the collection of emails, the generation of leads, and the tracking of both. Another excellent tool helps you find new clients online and nurture them into paying customers.

Over 60,000 businesses use Getprospect, including Oracle, Stripe, and Cloudflare. This software can search for contacts’ emails on LinkedIn, import them into a CRM, set up email campaigns, and link with other tools for data analysis.

10. Gmail Email Extractor

The Gmail Email Address Extractor extension is available for Google Chrome. This utility is used to pull email addresses from G Suite and Gmail. The information is collected and then kept in a Google Spreadsheet. You can use advanced search operators when searching on your Gmail account.

Getting your emails out of your Gmail account is a breeze with the help of the Gmail email extractor. All your email folders, including draughts, sent, and spam, are accessible to the program, allowing you to easily extract data from them.