10 Best Fake Text Message Apps For Android / iOS (2024)

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Do you like playing pranks on your friends and trying out more creative pranks? Many Android and iOS apps exist specifically for sending a fake text messages. You may make fun of your friends or help yourself out of sticky situations using the realistic conversation generated by these apps.

You can pull off the most impressive Fake Text Message prank with the help of one of the many free apps for Android and iOS. These apps give you complete command over the conversation.

In this article, we have listed the best fake text message apps for android and iOS users. You should read this article if you’re looking for the greatest app to suit your needs, interests, and goals.

Best Fake Text Message Apps For Android and iOS

1. Fake Text Message

You may pretend to be having a lengthy text conversation with anyone who comes to mind with this app. It’s adaptable, letting you fine-tune the simulation to your specifications and achieve maximum realism.

For instance, you may play around with the conversation themes and choose your own backdrop if you want to. Remember also that it doesn’t replicate any of the well-known messengers.

In addition to allowing you to create messages for both parties in a conversation, the app is compatible with any and all media formats. It’s easy to use: simply choose a stance in the debate and send the appropriate text message.

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2. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

This app may spoof everything from phone calls and alerts to conversations and texts. In addition, it has fantastic chat themes that mimic popular messaging apps. However, you may change the chat’s theme and add a backdrop of your own choosing.

The idea is standard fare for the genre; you get to manage all correspondence. It’s easy to switch places, and there’s no limit to the number of messages you may have in a single conversation.

Since it does, there is no need to worry about whether the app will work with your preferred media formats. You’ll have the opportunity to customize the username and profile picture of the individual you’re taking the exam with.

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3. TextingStory

Use this handy tool to create convincing fake conversations to play jokes on your friends. It considers all the nuanced aspects of simulating a discussion to make it seem natural.

That’s why you may now record a scene movie in addition to taking a snapshot of your messages. Even better, you can capture the conversation on video in real time (the messages will keep coming).

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Setting a timer is all needed to create the illusion of a real-time conversation. The app encourages you to take charge of the conversation by letting you control both participants’ profiles and the flow of the conversation.

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4. WhatsMock

WhatsMock is a spoof messaging app that can be configured to look and act like WhatsApp. Its intuitive design allows you to easily manipulate how your prank conversation appears to your unsuspecting buddies.

For legal reasons, the app’s name will display in your conversation; this won’t go away even if you upgrade to the paid version of the app. However, while using the dark theme, the brand name is so tiny that it is hardly discernible.

If you want to be extra covert, you may use an image editor to remove the logo from the snapshot before passing it along as proof of your fake conversation.

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5. Second SMS

Second SMS is among the most effective fake text message app available for the iPhone. The majority of the remaining applications on this list are either fake text message generators or apps that allow users to send each other hoax texts.

On the other hand, these things are not done by the Second SMS app, allowing you to send authentic texts. The most notable difference is that this app provides users with a “false” or temporary phone number that may be used for sending and receiving text messages and participating in various other activities.

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You do not need to provide your main or “actual” phone number. Therefore, if you wish to talk to a complete stranger, utilizing a false number would be the best way to protect your privacy.

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6. Chat Master

This is not your typical “fake” messaging app. if you’re searching for anything that pretends to be a popular chat service, go on. This one has several pre-programmed chat master situations so that you can expect automated responses to your messages.

Therefore, you will be presented with various scenarios, each with its own possible responses. You may rather be honest with your replies or joke and trick everyone.

A virtual imaginary companion may be created if desired. It’s fun to take different stances in conversations and see how they play out. Keep in mind that the app only allows for text messages that seem to be coming from a different source and no media assets.

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7. WhatsUp Prank Chat 

This tool allows you to create lifelike simulations of chat discussions, which you can then show to your friends and share with them.

You may create bogus accounts and send a text message with a made-up tale. This text prank tool also supports full emojis and gives you the option to establish a fake status.

This app also lets users send messages, including movies, photographs, and other forms of multimedia. You will control both the listening and talking portions of the discussion.

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8. Telefun Fake chat maker Prank

Since Telegram is now one of the most popular messaging services, it’s great to have a similar app available, right? Nothing about the re-creation of the user interface seems off or false.

Thus, the app faithfully reproduces a standard Telegram skin, which you will not be able to alter. A fake user, contact, chat, and channel may be created at your discretion.  You will be able to manage any topic and communicate with any party.

The app also allows you to send videos, pictures, and emoticons, so there’s no need to worry. It will also allow you to customize the chat partner’s profile by adding a bio, an avatar, and a nickname.

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9. whatspoof 

This is a fake version of the popular messaging service WhatsApp that allows you to engage in dull conversations with your friends. The app gives you control over all points of view, so you can come up with any plot twists you like.

The user interface is so faithful to the original that only a trained ear could tell it is a simulation. The app has a comprehensive media file asset, allowing users to share and receive videos, photos, and GIFs.

You may even send huge emoticons since emoji support is available. Keep in mind that the app does not currently support voice messaging. Alter the ACC of the person you speak with by modifying their profile picture, name, and status.

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10. WhatsMessage

This app’s icon replicates WhatsApp’s user interface, so no one will suspect your images are fake. Although this does restrict potential applications, most individuals already use WhatsApp in their everyday lives.

This app is designed to let you fool about with your friends without being caught, and it does a good job at that. You may control every conversation aspect and create a convincingly realistic fake conversation.

What’s more, the app is compatible with any kind of media file, allowing you to make your online conversation seem more genuine. There is no need to worry since it also has complete emoji support.

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