10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone / Android (2024)

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The intelligence of Flight Tracking apps has improved. Thanks to their prompt notifications of delays or other important information, you are always up-to-date. And so that you don’t get caught off guard by severe weather, they also display the forecast for your destination.

You can take a thorough approach and look at your past flights, take advantage of flight suggestions, and learn about hotels that might be good options for your stay. As a bonus, aviation buffs can learn more about the planes they see in the sky and identify the planes they see. Now check out some of the best Flight Tracking apps for Android and iOS users.

Best Flight Tracking Apps For iPhone and Android

We’ve picked the best free Flight Tracking apps for android and iPhone users so they can monitor their flights from the convenience of their phones.

1. FlightStats

Flightstats might help you organize that long-awaited holiday. If you need to keep tabs on a flight, go no further than this intuitive app. In other words, if you have an Apple smartwatch, you may leave your iPhone at home and use this app directly from your wrist.

Get information about any flight in the world, including the flight number, airport, and route, with Flightstats. Additionally, your phone’s screen can accommodate custom shortcuts. A neat widget in this app called “Flightstats Today” allows you to track the plane’s location even when your iPhone is locked.

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2. Flightradar24

When it comes to the finest flight monitoring applications, Flightradar24 is, without a doubt, the leader. The Fligthradar24 app allows you to see flights arranged according to the airline, tap a plane to see its expected arrival and departure times and any delays and view its current status in real-time.

A timetable of nearby planes can also be viewed, which is a nice perk. While in the air, the experience of viewing a plane in three dimensions will provide a thrilling sense of immersion. Using the device’s 3D perspective, you’ll better understand your flight’s altitude, wind, speed, etc.

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3. FlightAware

FlightAware is the only app you need if you have an Android or iOS device and want to monitor commercial airline flights in real-time, view live maps, and view flight tracks. Whether you’re looking for a flight by registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code, FlightAware has you covered.

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The benefit of FlightAware is that it may provide you with updates regarding your flight via push notifications in real-time. You can check flight delays, locate aircraft in the area, and more. To keep tabs on your flights, download FlightAware.

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4. Plane Finder

Have you ever wanted to know the make and model of the planes passing overhead? Using Plane Finder will be a good idea if this is the case. Plane Finder is an iOS app that enables users to monitor flights worldwide using a simple interface and various advanced features.

As an added bonus, you may use the augmented reality features of your device’s camera to recognize planes in the sky. Any frequent flier, aviation enthusiast, or aviation professional would benefit greatly from this feature. Plane Finder provides real-time air traffic patterns, operational days, and comprehensive flight history.

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5. Flighty

With a real-time flight tracker, keeping tabs on your flight’s progress doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ordeal. Correct! When you get your hands on Flighty, you’ll be impressed by its impressive user interface. This app has a more streamlined and responsive interface and displays live flight paths and a pilot’s schedule.

The FAA’s advisories, delays, weather forecasts, and warnings can also be accessed through this system to keep you in the loop. If you want to import all your flight plans simultaneously, you can make using Flighty even easier by connecting your personal calendar with the app.

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6. Flight Board

You will love the Flight Board App if you’re a minimal design fan. The flight tracking app for Android has an uncomplicated interface, so you can quickly and easily get your hands on all the data you need about your flight.

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You can look up a certain flight by entering the flight number, the departure city, or the airline. It provides a worldwide service for frequent fliers by providing details on 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines.

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7. ADSB Flight Tracker

One of Android’s greatest flight tracker apps is ADSB Flight Tracker, which, like a radar screen, tracks planes and displays a three-dimensional radar image. The app also allows you to customize several variables and settings to hide or show specific data pieces and select which flights to follow.

This app uses global positioning system (GPS) technology, which provides precise location data and velocity, heading, and altitude data in real time. The list of airlines that ADSB Flight Tracker is compatible with is well over a thousand long and includes popular ones like Harrier, Beluga, Apache, Chinook, and many more.

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8. Planes Live

To help you keep track of flight pickup times, Planes Live has developed a user-friendly app. You will be notified of your flight’s arrival and departure in real-time and other relevant information, such as the terminal and gate where your flight will depart from. The application also offers local weather forecasts.

It has a feature called “My Places” that tracks flights and saves frequently used airports and destinations worldwide. The model numbers of nearby planes provide useful information, such as flight times and destinations. Premium access is available for as little as $4.99 per week and removes all ads from the service.

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9. The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker app compiles your trip information in one convenient location. Scanning QR codes on the app facilitates boarding with the airline. The app can keep track of any aircraft in the world, recording data such as arrival/departure times, flight delays, and terminal and gate statuses in real-time.

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This software also syncs automatically with your TripIt account and calendar, so you can add notes to your calendar that include information about your flights. The Flight Tracker provides current conditions at your final destination. This software keeps you interested by revealing little-known details about airplanes.

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10. App in the Air

App in the Air is more than simply a flight tracker, honest. This app will keep you updated on your flight’s current status and provide suggestions for alternative flights, which can be an important factor in reducing overall ticket costs.

It also makes it easier to pick a hotel that fits your needs, whether traveling on a tight budget or prefer a few extra luxuries during your stay. It sends alerts when your flight’s status changes, putting you in a better mental state to deal with last-minute adjustments.

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