6 Best Free Monitor Calibration Software For Windows (2024)

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Monitor calibration software may be what you’re looking for. As a result, our blog will provide you with an overview of the most often used display color calibration software, which can significantly improve your monitor color and display settings.

You can use a monitor calibration tool if you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer, artist, or just a person who stares at their computer screen all day.

To better understand how monitor calibration software modifies the display of your computer screen, we’ve put together this blog post.

Some monitors lack buttons for manually adjusting brightness and contrast; in these cases, brightness adjustment software such as Gamma Panel is required.

Most monitors must be adjusted before use in photography post-processing since the factory settings are sometimes just too bright. Using the applications described below is the quickest and most efficient approach to accomplish this goal.

To learn more about the software and how to calibrate a monitor screen with it, peruse the following list.

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Best Free Monitor Calibration  Software

If the monitor calibration tool included with Windows isn’t working, you’ll need to use a third-party color calibration program. The best monitor calibration software is available in several forms and may be found here:

1. Calibrize

Regarding color calibration, Calibrize is one of the most often used apps. An intuitive user interface and step-by-step instructions make it a breeze to use.

The ICC (International Color Consortium) profile generated by Calibrize is based on the color data read from your display. Using this profile, you can choose the best color settings for your monitor and upload them to your graphics card.

With the help of Calibrize, your display will be able to display vibrant and accurate colors.

2. Quick Gamma

Quick Gamma has been relied upon for many years as a reliable color calibration tool for displays. Windows 7 and up are supported by its versions. To use this on an older version of Windows, click on the link on your desktop to take you there.

It affects the gamma count that is seen on the screen. Screen displays work with the luminance of the input signal, and Gamma has an exponential connection with that luminance.

The default gamma value for Windows, the internet, and other photography-related activities is 2.2.

Use this software to calibrate your computer’s screen color, and it’s free. It will correct the monitor’s Gamma value, so you won’t have to modify it every time you boot up your computer.

One of the most effective monitor calibration software, Quick Gamma, is constantly updated for Windows.

3. Lagom LCD Monitor

This type of software can be used both online and off. To modify the monitor’s color, you could use the test photos to compare. It is possible to alter the brightness and contrast as well as the sharpness and Gamma of these photographs.

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They can provide the optimum screen calibration for all versions. The software will display the optimal calibrated settings, and you may need to make changes to achieve the ideal appearance. Make the necessary adjustments.

4. DisplayCal

DisplayCal, an open-source color management application, is next on our top monitor calibration tools list. In addition, this fantastic application is cross-platform, giving users a system with a wide range of capabilities for adjusting the hue of their monitors’ displays.

With this tool, you may adjust your screen’s brightness or grayscale, among other things, thanks to the many color management options available. With the help of DisplayCal’s hardware sensors, you can calibrate your monitor.

5. Photo Friday

Photo Friday is an essential calibration tool that can help you adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor. In reality, this is only a picture you may use to alter the contrast and brightness of your monitor. It is as simple as following the directions shown in the image.

Other tools are needed for a complete calibration, as Photo Friday’s calibration image does not optimize your colors. You may not be an expert in photography or graphic design, but this is enough to lessen eye strain and enhance your viewing experience.

Photo Friday’s monitor calibration image uses real black and white, so shapes with tones darker than true black and white should be visible.

To see these shapes clearly in pure black and white, you’ll need to adjust your monitor’s brightness and contrast manually. That’s all there is to it, and it works flawlessly on every display and every version of Windows and Mac.

6. CalMAN ColorMatch

CalMAN ColorMatch is the next item on our to-do list. Free and cross-platform, it may be used to change your screen’s colors. Thanks to this color calibration software, advanced technical demands can be met using your color calibration techniques and international standards.

With just a simple click, you may also add 100+ primary colors. Verify the display’s performance using CalMAN ColorMatch. In addition, Hollywood’s most esteemed colorists use it to ensure that the content is seen precisely how the creator intends it to be.


So that’s all there is to know about the best free monitor calibration software, folks! This article’s information on display color calibration software may have been helpful to you, so thank you for reading!

Now that you know how to use a monitor calibration tool, you can enjoy a more relaxing, attractive, and vivid computer screen tomorrow.