10 Best FREE Video Conferencing Software (2024)

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As the world gets ready for a brief halt, the function of video conferencing takes center stage. In this pandemic (COVID-19) era that has harmed the fast-paced work life of offices worldwide, working from home has become the new norm.

Modern technology advancements have made remote work possible from any location. Thanks to video conferencing Software, working from home is now simple and practical, even in the case of a major tragedy.

Best Free Video Conferencing Software

After discussing some of the benefits of free video conferencing apps, let’s take a closer look at some top choices.

1. Dialpad Meetings

With built-in AI and many customization options, Dialpad Meetings (formerly UberConference) is a video conferencing service that requires no download.

Meetings can be planned directly using the Dialpad interface or through Google or Microsoft 365. Dialpad Meetings offers instant team chat messaging, screen/app/browser tab sharing, whiteboarding, and live file collaboration.

A premium subscription with Dialpad Meetings costs $15.00 per person per month in addition to its free plan. Users of the free plan can have 45-minute sessions with up to 10 people.

2. RingCentral MVP

All of RingCentral MVP’s plans fully complement industry-required video conferencing services. These include, among many others, built-in chat features, screen sharing and annotation, and the ability to schedule and record video calls.

However, Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 integration is unquestionably RingCentral’s best feature. Users can therefore arrange and start calls straight from these third-party systems, which is good.

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The analytics dashboard for RingCentral is another potent tool that enables managers to track how users use the service and isolate performance issues to the precise location, ISP, network, and endpoint.

3. Zoom

Zoom, a very well-liked tool for doing business meetings or online seminars, has gained widespread recognition during the pandemic. Both a free and a premium plan are included.

The upgraded plan allows unlimited users, while the free plan only allows for 40 minutes of video conferencing and 100 participants. There are no time restrictions on the one-on-one meetings.

Unlimited meetings are also available, with cutting-edge features like a dual stream for two displays, active speaker view, full-screen view, and MP4 recording of the meetings. One of the best free video conferencing apps available right now is this one.

4. UberConference

Following the coronavirus outbreak, UberConference eliminated the free plan’s 50-participant cap on the maximum number of participants and the maximum video conference duration.

Additionally, it has made most of the premium capabilities accessible to all users throughout the pandemic.

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PINs would need to be entered for their phone and VOIP audio participants to join the free group video conference session.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows users to plan audio or video meetings with an individual or a group within a single application. Administrators can also plan huge meetings and webinars for up to 10,000 attendees.

When Microsoft 365 is fully integrated, calls can be quickly organized, invites can be distributed around the company, and visitors from outside the company can join from their web browser without installing an application.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams offers all the capabilities anticipated from a top provider of video conferencing software, such as screen sharing, call recording, live captioning, background blur technology, and chat features. The platform is the industry leader in video conferencing and digital workspace integration, thanks to integration with Microsoft 365.

6. Skype

Over the past ten years, one of Microsoft’s Internet products has experienced significant growth. Be it in terms of functionality, dependability, or the whole experience of video calling.

Since March 2019, the maximum number of participants in a video conference call on Skype for people has increased from 25 to 50. As a result, it is now a serious competitor for top free corporate video conferencing software.

A client or application for Skype is available for various devices (including Xbox) and several operating systems.

7. Livestorm

Livestorm, an all-in-one platform, makes it simple for businesses to have effective video conferences and create effective plans. For business purposes, it is a well-liked free video conferencing program.

Livestorm is simple to use and enables immediate teamwork. All the components of an online event, from planning and marketing to post-event analysis, may be easily organized.

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It facilitates the creation of online events for attendees by the sales, marketing, customer success, and HR teams. The app can be used for conferences, online training sessions, meetings, product demonstrations, sales, job interviews, and customer support.

8. Lifesize Video Conferencing

Lifesize’s video conferencing tool is an underappreciated piece of software for both business and individual users. It includes everything you need in the product without charging you a dollar.

A video conference call with Lifesize may accommodate up to 25 people and be utilized for business meetings and other events.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the corporation is also providing free services for the next six months for all of its plans. The promotion is open to corporations, hospitals, and other organizations.

9. Google Meet

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is a component of the Google Workspace platform for workplace efficiency (formerly known as G Suite).

It was created primarily for commercial requirements and can accommodate many users simultaneously.

Google Meet, an upgraded version of Google Hangouts, promises to make it simpler to collaborate with outside clients.

10. Jitsi Meet

The use of online services and video conferencing software can occasionally become overwhelming. It’s partially due to the expensive subscription fees and user restrictions.

Jitsi is a free, open-source video conferencing service for organizations and other groups. According to the forum moderator, an online Jitsi meet can include up to 500 people.

Given the declining price of servers, it can be put on your server at a very low cost.