10 Best Golf Games For Android and iOS in (2024)

Golf is a popular sport, but many people may be surprised to learn that it is not exactly cheap. Consequently, giving phone golf a shot is a very safe bet. Mobile golf games are a fun way to pass the time on wet days.

We won’t try to make you believe they are the real deal if we know they aren’t. The good news is that you can play golf while enjoying any of these games! There aren’t many choices and even fewer excellent ones.

If you want to play golf, try one of the best free Golf games for Android or iOS devices. You’ll be able to compete in tournaments with golfers from all over the world.

Best Golf Games For Android and iOS

Various golf games are available for both iOS and Android; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Golf Games For Android and iOS. All of these games are standardized. Nothing beats the quality of the others.

1. WGT Golf

WGT Golf is, without a doubt, the most realistic golf game available for Android devices at the present time.

Famous championship courses, including Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay, and Olympic Club, are faithfully recreated here.

Whether you’re in the mood for short, solo sessions or want to test your skills in competitive multiplayer, various game modes are at your disposal.

The game is free to download and play, but premium virtual golf equipment can be obtained through in-app purchases.

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2. Golf Rival

It’s safe to say that this game has all the options you could want. It has beautiful 3D graphics, simple controls, and a wide selection of clubs. And if you’ve never played golf before, don’t worry; beginner-friendly rules and explanations are included in the game.

The controls are also straightforward, requiring only a finger swipe and release to generate a club swing. In addition, an aiming aid will improve your shooting accuracy.

There are many nightclubs to choose from throughout the game, but the best ones are locked until later.

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There’s also a multiplayer feature so that you may square off against thousands of other gamers worldwide. Feel free to share a link to this page with your friends if you’d like them to join in on the fun.

Every victory will raise your standing on the leaderboard and earn you valuable prizes that can be redeemed for clubs and other goodies. You can get even more golf perks if you participate in the tournaments.

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3. PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

College courses that are modeled after those on the PGA Tour are included. You can get into the game since the visuals are so impressive, and the gameplay is so fluid.

As is customary, you’ll begin the game with a simple club and no experience, but you’ll level up as you play. Over the course of your adventure, you’ll face more than 85 holes and numerous challenges.

In addition, there are more than 50 golf clubs, each with its own hidden bonus set. Collecting all the clubs and balls may earn many points and prizes.

You could play against your buddies in a 1v1 match or enter a global tournament and face off against other players.

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4. Golf King

That multiplayer golf game where you may train like a pro and compete with other players. It features excellent visuals and various challenging and visually appealing courses.

You can tailor your avatar, select your preferred club, choose the finest balls, and more. You should bear in mind that all the swag you’ve been collecting can improve your efficiency.

The game includes comprehensive rules and explanations if you’ve never played golf. You won’t have any trouble learning how to aim and shoot. In combat, you can choose to fight against random opponents or to include friends.

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Training and practice can be done in a single mode. New golf clubs can be unlocked throughout the game and significantly affect your performance, so don’t pass up the chance to improve your game.

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5. Golf Master 3D

You can practice and play on several different courses in this game. You can see a lot of time and care went into the visuals. Certain vantage points and camera angles approach a cinematic quality.

In addition, the gameplay is polished and intuitive, so there should be no worries. The game features live, instantaneous, and unrestricted 1v1 competition between friends and strangers.

You can also compete in tournaments and work your way up the ranks. You’ll earn points and awards for each victory that can be redeemed for golf clubs and other gear.

The clubs add flair to the game and serve a functional purpose. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to design your own character and outfit them in whatever way you see fit.

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6. Golf Battle

Since it is a multiplayer experience, you can compete against players from all around the world. It’s not hard to figure out what the main objective is: you want to rack up the most points and beat out every other player.

You may still have a good time by holding a competition and inviting your friends to participate. There are many fun nightclubs to check out in the game, but time limits restrict most.

Similarly, you should only keep the most desirable balls in your collection. It also includes golf courses in various settings, such as urban areas, beaches, and mountains. There are already more than 120 courses available, and even more are on the way.

If you play long enough, you’ll pick up certain tips and strategies to help you score more points in the competition. You’ll get the skills to overcome extreme challenges like raging rivers, slippery slides, and more.

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7. Mini Golf 3D Multiplayer Rival

Featuring roughly 250 courses, innumerable achievements, and both local and online real-time PvP multiplayer, Mini Golf 3D Multiplayer Rival is a mini golf game crammed with content.

There’s always something fresh and interesting to find, as new articles are uploaded monthly. To keep you coming back for more, the game provides daily awards in addition to its regular content releases.

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As with most freemium Android games, you should expect in-app purchases (the game uses coins to unlock new courses and items) to be shoved down your throat.

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8. Golf Clash

Golf Clash is one of the most downloaded Android golf games, with over 2 million ratings on the Google Play Store.

The game’s focus is on intense battles between players. Golf Champions allows you to tee off on stunning courses with your Facebook friends or a random player and earn club improvements as you play.

In-game currency can be earned through play. You may also support the Golf Clash developers by buying in-game coins with real money.

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9. Flick Golf Extreme

The Flick Golf series includes Flick Golf Extreme as one of its entries. It is widely considered one of Android’s best arcade golf games.

The gameplay is very similar to the arcade golf games typically found in bars and other such locations. To hit the ball, you give it a flick with your finger. The distance you can travel is directly proportional to the swiftness of your flip.

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The game includes some passable graphics, leaderboards, and original map designs. It has the odd problem, but they rarely interfere with how the game is played. Additionally, the cost is not excessively high.

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10. Super Stickman Golf 2

Noodlecake Studios, known for creating critically acclaimed games like Alto’s Adventure and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, has created a phenomenally successful series of golf-themed physics puzzle games called Super Stickman Golf.

Super Stickman Golf is a hard game in which you must guide a golf ball from the tee box to the hole-in-one. Golf balls that adhere to walls and ceilings are only one of several power-ups you can get as you go through the game.

The original Super Stickman Golf is a solitary experience, but the sequel adds a global multiplayer option where you may test your talents against other players in a turn-based format.

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