10 Best GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone and iPad (2024)

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These best GPS navigation apps for iPhones offer mapping, search, turn-by-turn, and off-road directions. There are two types of navigation apps for iOS: those that download maps and those that access maps instantly.

Some GPS applications save mobile data and battery life by downloading a map and points-of-interest database to your device. While you ride a bike, hike, ski, or drive, other apps download maps. These instantaneous maps use less storage space on the iPhone and are simpler to update.

GPS navigation apps fall into two categories: leisure apps and traffic-specific apps. For cars, pedestrians, transit users, and cyclists, traffic navigation apps feature highway maps, turn-by-turn directions, and sites of interest. Off-road activities, including hiking, riding and sailing, are the focus of recreational activity GPS apps.

Best GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Additionally, some GPS programs let you download maps to save battery life and mobile data. To acquire correct information, however, you must frequently refresh your offline maps.

One GPS app for the iPhone already exists in Apple Maps. However, more options are available, each with a distinct set of advantages. The best iPhone GPS navigation apps are mentioned below.

1. Apple Maps – Editor’s choice

With iOS 6, Apple provides an iPhone with a default GPS app pre-installed. Therefore, everyone can view it for free. Its straightforward user interface and spoken turn-by-turn directions for autos, cyclists, and pedestrians impressed me.

Additionally, you may get real-time transportation data, such as the arrival and departure times for buses and trains. The locations of restaurants and restrooms are also shown on maps within airport terminals.

Using its Flyover Mode and 3D city views, I had a similar experience to that of Google Earth. Additionally, you may use CarPlay with Siri to report a traffic issue while riding a bike, taking a stroll, or communicating your ETA.

2. Google Maps

Google spent several years prioritizing Google Maps, which led to a points-of-interest database and map that are incredibly precise.

Waze, a company owned by Google, manages the traffic. If possible, it determines a strategy to avoid traffic jams. Construction, accidents (including automobile wrecks and potholes), and police presence are indicated by symbols on Google Maps.

The address and point-of-interest searches with Google Local Search are among the Google Maps features. Ratings and regional reviews are available. Additionally, it syncs favorites and searches (with a Google login).

3. Waze 

Waze’s finest iPhone navigation software offers the largest live traffic community and is a Google product. Local drivers occasionally update the real-time traffic and route data in this app.

Therefore, use dynamic routing to plan your route appropriately and save time. Additionally, you may find the most affordable gasoline along your journey to save money. But to see the live map and communicate with other drivers, you need an internet connection.

Integrating Waze with FourSquare, Twitter, or Facebook allows you to share notifications about roadwork, traffic risks, speed traps, etc. I adored how you could listen to podcasts and play music from the app. Additionally, Apple CarPlay allows you to utilize it on display in your car while you are driving.

4. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

The Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app is the next on our list and has more than 200 million users. Sygic’s capability to provide its user with offline navigation and maps is a major feature.

With its multilingual voice-guided navigation instructions and directions to well-known tourist attractions or millions of other intriguing sites, it is ideal for trip planning or traveling as a tourist.

In addition, Sygic provides real-time traffic updates and parking recommendations based on data gathered from millions of vehicles. Additionally, they publish the locations of speed cameras so that people can avoid receiving speeding citations or the places where gas stations are and their pricing.

5. Verizon VZ Navigator

Only Verizon customers can use the Verizon VZ Navigator, which is accessible for a $4.99 monthly membership cost charged to the Verizon account.

The detailed 3D imagery in the VZ Navigator traffic app, which includes 3D maps of important American cities, is well-known. Real-time traffic reports and auditory traffic alarms are also included. You can choose from various perspectives using its SmartView feature, including list, dashboard, 3D, virtual city, and sky views.

VA Navigator interacts with Facebook and recognizes voice address input. It provides information on gas prices and allows you to share your whereabouts through SMS. Along with English, the program also supports Spanish.

6. Avenza

My preferred offline map app is Avenza, which is excellent for preparing for an adventure or hiking trip. It provides access to a vast offline map collection, including National Geographic and park maps.

The “trace your steps” function locates you anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can set up geofences anywhere. Its interaction with what3words to locate you using unique symbol sets and different coordinate display formats was cool.

Additionally, you can attach notes, pictures, CSV, GPX, and KML files, as well as an unlimited number of geographic PDF, GeoPDF, and GeoTIFF maps. Therefore, Avenza is there for you whether you’re hiking distant paths or riding off-road.

7. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest is a different free navigation program that you ought to try out. It began its voyage on a PC, but it is now well-known in app form. You receive step-by-step directions for driving, strolling, and exploring popular tourist destinations.

You may view the number of vehicles on the road with this app’s live traffic camera feature. Additionally, a speedometer that compares the speed of your car to the posted speed limit on the road it is now traveling on.

Additionally, MapQuest identifies petrol stations with the lowest costs, enables hotel or restaurant reservations, and discovers the cheapest gas prices. Thanks to their best route suggestions and real-time traffic updates, you can get to your location more quickly.

8. Sygic

The most advanced iPhone GPS app, featuring excellent navigation, clever features, beautiful 3D downloaded maps, and a simple user interface. The multilingual voice assistance on the GPS system speaks street names and gives clear instructions.

Moreover, offline maps frequently receive free upgrades. This app is perfect for you if you enjoy exploring places on foot. Since it includes walking instructions for every tourist destination and point of interest. Additionally, you can modify the navigation arrow.

Globally, more than 500 million people report on real-time traffic, and Dynamic Lane Assistant aids in reducing traffic jams. Additionally, the current speed limit is displayed in speed restriction alerts. The Sygic app also highlights your security.

9. Scout Maps: GPS Navigation App

Scout is a social networking and navigation software, or as they prefer to refer to it, “a social navigation app.” Like most iPhone navigation apps, you have turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic and speed updates.

Along your trips, you can discover fascinating locations like cafes, ATMs, motels, gas stations, etc. However, most iPhone navigation apps do not offer a group chat option as Scout does.

This function allows you to share your locations, schedule meetings or trips, and keep tabs on each other’s estimated arrival times. You’ll see your symbol and the icons of your pals moving in the direction of the destination when you use this app to go to your destinations.

10. TomTom GO Navigation

World-class traffic data and TomTom auto navigation technology. The app shows you the quickest route to your destination based on precise, real-time traffic information.

TomTom GO Navigation’s unique feature is lane guidance. Never again will you be in the wrong lane leading you to miss a turn. The speed camera app will monitor posted speeds and notify you of stationary and moving speed cameras while you unwind (requires an internet connection).

When you need to plan a journey but don’t have internet connectivity or data roaming, choose from various offline maps for your area. There are helpful points of interest preloaded in the app.