8 Best Habit Tracker Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

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Do you ever find yourself wondering why it’s so crucial to keep a close eye on your routine? The explanation is straightforward: harmful routines can have a negative impact on health.

Keeping a journal of your routines might help you spot patterns and understand the origins of your negative behaviors. In this way, you may adjust your actions before they become a serious issue.

Habit tracker apps are a useful tool to keep track of your everyday activities and divide them into more manageable portions. If you wish to break the habit of procrastination, for instance, a habit monitoring app can help by sending you reminders and inspirational messages at certain intervals.

They keep you on top of your game by alerting you when you’ve been slacking off or deviating from your plan. Let’s go through the fundamentals of habit monitoring before we get into the top habit-tracking apps.

Best Habit Tracker Apps

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the best habit tracker apps to help you reach your full potential and get in the zone. The top best habit trackers are summarised here.

1. Habitica

Have you always wanted to play video games professionally? Surely this news that Habitica intends to make your life into a video game fills you with joy. Get rid of your old, boring routine and replace it with one of the most effective habit-tracking applications available today.

This app keeps track of your routines, styled after pseudo-retro role-playing games. Users can design their own unique representation (or “avatar”) in the system. When you accomplish real-world goals, your character will gain gold and experience points like in a real game, allowing you to level up and purchase sweet new gear.

Conversely, your character will die or lose some of its talents if you don’t finish what you need to. To achieve considerable progress in the game and with your character, you should construct a to-do list, set reminders, and stick to them.

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2. Habitshare

Habitshare is the pinnacle of social networking sites, as well as the pinnacle of habit trackers. So, you can cultivate habits with your pals. Because of this, it is distinguished as a top habit tracker.

This platform’s social features are unusual, and unlike most social networking apps, this one lets you contact the people you know through direct messaging.

You can be an inspiration to your friends and them to you. It can help you and your team turn personal ambitions into collective successes. Users who prefer to maintain their anonymity can turn off the app’s social features.

Unfortunately, monthly task scheduling is not an option in Habitshare. This could be a deal breaker for those who want to plan ahead financially.

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3. Productive

A Productive app is a straightforward tool for keeping track of daily routines. It also offers a simple but well-thought-out user interface, making it easy to start, halt, and finish a new habit of training at any time.

This program does more than just display illuminating visual streaks; it also includes a slew of handy tools. Beginning with information tailored to your needs, such as daily suggestions and inspiration. Assisting those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and providing a list of things that can be completed to keep you on track.

The Google Assistant app is missing a nice feature, “Siri shortcuts,” accessible in the iOS app. However, the remaining options are just as intriguing. Additional features can be unlocked with a premium subscription for $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year (free trial for a week).

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4. Streaks

Winner of an Apple design award, this app helps you remain on track by rewarding you after 12 consecutive days of consistent behavior change. The interface can be adjusted to your own needs and preferences with ease.

In addition, it works well with one of the most downloaded iOS programs, Health. When combined, they make it easy to form good routines. The app will email you a reminder whenever you fall behind, helping you stay on track.

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5. HabitNow

Do you wish to better arrange your daily activities? Your task list can now double as a habit tracker. Simply log your workouts in HabitNow, one of the most effective free habit tracker apps, and see your daily improvements.

You can organize your time, goals, and priorities in HabitNow according to several criteria. Do you have a bad memory? You can accomplish everything on your to-do list daily without a hitch by using alarms and reminders.

Additionally, it can activate the HabitNow lock screen function, preventing unauthorized access to your data. The next step is to export your backup to your devices. Even though HabitNow has one function, that feature is an essential thing. It is simple to use.

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6. Simple Habit Tracker

Don’t let the name mislead you; this habit tracker is one of the best and has many useful extras. The program provides over 200 sample habits to get you started if you feel uninspired. This app’s stunning visual design is one of its main selling points.

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7. Strides: Goal Tracker

Your “Smart” objectives and routines may be established with a single tap on this app. Several different trackers in Strides let you monitor your development over time. To develop desirable routines, accomplish desired outcomes, and kick undesirable habits.

You can get started immediately because the software gives you access to over 150 premade tracker templates. In any case, you can always make your own version of a tracking system.

Pricing: Free for select features, $4.99/mo. Or $29.99/yr. The premium Strides Plus membership unlocks more perks.

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8. Habitbull

Because of its comprehensive recording method, Habit-bull is among the most powerful habit tracker applications, allowing you to obtain insightful data on your development. Habitbull can be linked to GoogleFit if bettering your physical health is a priority.

All your data can be safely stored on the cloud, so you’ll never lose track of it, even if your computer crashes. However, the finest habit tracker could be too difficult for those seeking something simpler.

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