10 Best History Apps to Learn History Better (2024)

The ideal subject for you if you are hankering to learn more about the past is history. But learning about history is crucial since it enables us to comprehend our past and enhances our ability to think clearly.

History is crucial. It aids in instructing us regarding our prior behavior. It also ensures that we don’t make the same errors again. We can make a small contribution. Here are the best Android history apps.

They claim that we will inevitably repeat history if we don’t learn from it. Use these fantastic history applications to inspire your kids to embrace learning about the past. Your children will adore how technology brings history to life, regardless of age.

Best History Apps for Android and iPhone

As a result, we’ve put together a list of the most captivating and fascinating historical books and apps that are appropriate for general curiosity and instructional reasons.

So, whether you’re a senior in high school, a business owner, or a retiree, we are confident that you will appreciate everything on this best history apps list.

1. Historical Calendar / Today In History

The Historical Calendar provides a chronological account of what transpired on a specific day. The software displays events from the date of the current day by default, but you can manually change dates if you’d prefer.

Additionally, you can search for keywords to find particular times. The software organizes the data into categories such as occasions, holidays, births, and deaths. Nearly all the historical information is accompanied by a picture to further enhance the interest.

There are options for copying, sharing, and even exporting passages in the Historical Calendar to save the information for later use or educate friends and relatives. When you’re finished learning for yourself, check out the Quiz tab to put your knowledge to the test.

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2. History Today

The History Today magazine app contains digital editions of every issue the publication has ever published, and each one is packed with thorough research and fascinating material. You can find articles on subjects like Tutankhamun, the monarchical succession, Brazilian democracy, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Kennedy.

Each magazine has been prepared specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Although the History Today app is free to download, you must pay to access individual editions of the magazine.

A single magazine typically costs $4.99; alternatively, you can subscribe for a month at $3.99 or a year at $44.99. You can view the magazine issues in the app for free if you already have a print subscription to History Today.

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3. BBC History Magazine

One of the straightforward history applications is BBC History. Leading historians are brought together by the publishers of the BBC History Magazine history apps each month to examine a variety of British, American, and global historical issues, from ancient civilizations to the two world wars.

The major historical figures and events are covered by our historians, who also shed light on little-known regions and discuss how new scholarship has altered our view of the past.

One of the best history apps for kids, each issue also includes a thorough reviews section, encouraging suggestions for heritage visits, breaking history news, and the historical context for current events.

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4. Wikipedia

We have all used Wikipedia at some point in life; it is one of the world’s most educational websites. This is the website for you if you want all the information from beginning to end, even though it is monotonous and mainly text-focused.

I adore Wikipedia because it links to hundreds of other pages throughout the article with all the pertinent information. You can therefore find all the information in one spot!

The articles on the app and website have been carefully selected and written by specialists, and they cover any subject you might want to read about. The app boasts excellent design, innovative voice search capabilities, and a built-in dictionary.

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5. History Hit

History Hit is the ideal destination for those who can’t get enough history. The app features a vast library of historical programs, documentaries, ad-free podcasts, exclusive movies, and interviews.

Additionally, it is meticulously created by professionals in the field to guarantee that you receive the greatest information. The history podcast by Dan Snow is also accessible through this app for free.

The ability to download all the content and watch it later is the best feature of this app. The creators also regularly release updates with brand-new episodes every week!

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6. Timeline – World history

One of the finest history apps for kids lets you explore an illustrated history of the planet through several timelines. Discover amazing world history in this opulent collection of timelines, from dinosaurs and Vikings to the history of movies and espionage.

Timelines of Everything will take you on a whirlwind tour through an illustrated history of time, from the Big Bang to the current era, jam-packed with astonishing facts and amazing minutiae like the most vicious pirate of all time and the first murder solved by examining fingerprints.

These timelines provide all the required background information and unexpected facts. Beautiful, in-depth images and clear, simple text highlight essential subjects and alternative history.

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7. Encyclopedia by Farlex

Your one-stop shop for information on history and topics like science and technology can be Encyclopedia by Farlex. You can view more than 330,000 articles on this app for free.

The best aspect is that this app’s content is drawn from some of the most reputable publishers, like McGraw-Hill, Harper-Collins, Columbia University Press, Cambridge University Press, and others.

The app provides intriguing knowledge about the history and other subjects like art, science, business, music, culture, etc.

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8. World History Trivia Quiz

World History Trivia Quiz assesses your historical knowledge, unlike the other applications on this list that teach you about the subject. This app has more than 150 quiz questions on topics like World War 2, the French Revolution, and American history.

The questions in the app range from true or false to multiple choice. Additionally, you can use suggestions, skip a question, or consult a buddy. The best thing is that after you’ve completed all the questions, you’ll receive a certificate!

Try out our trivia quiz app if you think you are up for the challenge and have what it takes. In addition, playing it with loved ones and friends is entertaining.

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9. Kings & Queens: 1,000 Years of British Royal History

This user-friendly history app combines excellent digital depictions of the British royal family throughout history with well-written, kid-friendly summaries of their personalities and accomplishments. It makes for an entertaining general reading experience or a helpful reference app.

The Royal Family of Great Britain’s history is like that nation’s spine. This story includes war, murder, intrigue, love, devotion, and betrayal, which help shape the nation.

As the reader looks at these kings and queens’ faces staring out from the portraits of the Royal Collection Trust, this history app guides its users through the stories of these monarchs.

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10. History Events Today

This app is comparable to Today in History in that it displays significant historical events, such as births and deaths, along with their dates. But what sets this app apart is that you can access data on over 100,000 incidences and learn about historical dates.

Additionally, the app easily offers links to websites like Wikipedia, so you can expand your knowledge even more!

This software guarantees to notify you frequently of significant events and makes it simple to post something fascinating via any social network app. Even novice users will find the app’s interface quite straightforward and simple to read!

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