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8 Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone (2024) – Free & Paid

Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone
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One of the most common ways iPhone owners express their individuality is by selecting unique ringtones. Numerous applications can assist you in finding and downloading the best music and ringtones for your iPhone.

It’s easy to find a ringtone app in the Apple App Store. You can find the perfect songs to make your iPhone come alive with the help of these apps. We’ve got your back if you can’t make up your mind on which app to install.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best free ringtone apps for iPhone users. Let’s get right to the point and run through the list.

Best Free Ringtone Apps for iPhone 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the best free iPhone ringtone apps so you can easily access and download free ringtones and notification sounds for your iPhone.

1. Ringtones for iPhone!

It’s no exaggeration to say that this feature-packed app is among the best free iPhone ringtone makers on the App Store. In addition to the many available ringtones and ringbacks, you can create your own by recording an audio file.

This iOS ringtone app also allows you to set a custom fade in and out time and a custom start and end marker. Tuning the volume and pitch is a natural option. Furthermore, MP3 files can be edited or converted.

2. Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune

This app’s standout quality is its modern ringtone library. There is a wide variety of ringtones to choose from, all of which are free to download. The microphone function lets you create custom ringtones, text tones, and notification sounds.

Create ringtones from your favorite songs and arrange them however you like. The iPhone 3G does not allow text messages, e-mail, alarms, or any other kind of notifications, but if you want a free ringtone for your iPhone 6 from Apple, this is the finest software to use.


One app that doesn’t require an introduction is ZEDGE. Likely, some of you have downloaded and started using this app. The best iPhone customization options are available in this app. This software has everything you need, from ringtones to wallpapers.

The app and its contents are completely free to use. Downloading your preferred ringtones is as easy as a few taps and clicks. Every time you launch the app, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest features, including fresh ringtones, thanks to the frequent updates.

4. Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

This is one of the best ringtone-maker apps available, packed with features. The Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app has many features to help you make ringtones out of your favorite songs, such as a trimmer and a fade-in and fade-out feature.

Apple Music allows you to make custom ringtones from any song in your library. Consider turning one of your MP3s stored in the cloud into a custom ringtone for your phone. Make your own ringtone by importing the MP3 from your iCloud Drive. Your needs for creating ringtones are met by Ringtone Maker.

5. Tones Store

TUNES is a classic and a staple when it comes to iPhone ringtone apps. A wide variety of ringtones and notification tones are available in this software. In addition, the developers regularly add new songs to ensure that it appeals to a wide audience.

More than ten thousand legally available songs are available without paying a dime and with minimal interruption from in-app advertisements in this app. Like the previous app, this allows you to create custom ringtones, but the process is not as straightforward.

6. Best Ringtones

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your iPhone with ringtones, Best Ringtones: Songs may be your best bet. The app’s music library features a massive selection of songs arranged into 25 genres. In a matter of minutes, you can make your phone uniquely yours with the help of this app.

There have been more than 15 million downloads of this software so far. You can choose from a wide selection of ringtones and other sounds to use as your new ringtone. It also includes humorous ringtones for your mobile device.

7. Ringtones Maker

The Ringtones Maker software is yet another reliable option. If you want to make ringtones but don’t have access to a computer, this app will enable you to do it for free.

This app allows you to import music from other sources and transform it into high-quality ringtones. Making a new ringtone only takes a few seconds. You can make your own ringtones from external noises with the help of the app’s lessons.

8. Infinity 

One of these apps is bound to blow your mind if the others haven’t. Infinity provides a high-quality experience and claims to be able to change your iPhone’s ringtone to something more interesting.

It’s simple to get started with this app, and you can set up a Favorites library to keep your work neat and easily accessible. This app also features licensed music from artists, with fresh daily additions. Rock, Pop, Indie, R&B, Electronic, Country, and Everywhere Else Music Can Be Found Here.

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