10 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad (2024)

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Finding the finest iPhone keyboards requires prioritizing your needs. The ability to resize keys for various Apple mobile devices is a must-have feature for any iOS keyboard app that claims to improve the typing experience.

Maybe you want a keyboard with swipe typing or more emojis that are simple to access. In addition to improving the iPhone’s default keyboard in practical ways, these apps also offer a variety of styles to pick from.

Consider purchasing an iPhone with a number pad on top if you use it for work or filling out forms on the go. If you use a tablet and want to improve your typing speed, you might consider purchasing a tablet keyboard.

We spent a lot of time reading reviews and comparing features and costs, and we’ve concluded that Fontix is the best keyboard app for iPhone currently available. Keep reading to discover more about this and the other finest keyboards available.

Best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

We have double-checked every app on the App Store that fits the specific category. The greatest ones have been hand-picked by us from that lot.

Let’s not waste any more time wondering what functions these apps provide. However, before we get into it, check out this quick rundown of the best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad we’ve picked from the App Store.

1. Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard

At the top of our list is Fontix, the highly recommended font. Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard has various features, such as a collection of premium fonts and compatibility with various operating systems.

These apps work with the majority of popular social media sites. There are a plethora of social media and messaging apps out there. More than that, though, you can count on many smiley faces.

In conclusion, this program provides various metaphors to choose from. After downloading and using this app, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of cool typographic options, emojis, and skins.

2. Phraseboard Keyboard

Phraseboard’s goal is to save you time by letting you save often-used responses and phrases so that you may quickly reply by choosing one of your saved responses.

You can make your own unique expressions and organize them in any way you like. No matter what you’re doing on your iPhone, you can always have instantaneous access to the Phraseboard widget.

iCloud syncs all of your phrases. This app costs $2 for the base version, with in-app purchases for additional language and functionality options.

3. Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search

The Flesky app offers over 50 distinct color schemes. Aside from that, all users have access to three different skins that can be modified to their liking.

With the Flesky add-on, you can make your keyboard stand out with a dazzling array of colors. In addition to themes, users get access to motion controls, animated GIFs, and emoticons.

The keyboard in this app is fun to use and supports several languages. The QWERTY, AZERTY, and DVORAK keyboard layouts are only a few options that can be used.

4. Grammarly Keyboard

If you’re a grammar zealot who can’t stand receiving or sending texts or emails with misspelled words, the Grammarly keyboard is for you. Grammarly’s reliable spell checker and grammar checker features come preinstalled on it.

The Grammarly keyboard is sleek and uncluttered, making it a breeze to type. It can analyze the entire document for spelling and grammar mistakes in a single click and offer corrections and improvements.

When typing formal correspondence, such as an official email or business paperwork. It’s possible to select between American, Australian, British, and Canadian English, and you can even add terms to your own personal dictionary using Grammarly.

5. Color Keyboard

Color Keyboard is unrivaled in the realm of customizable. While it has emoji, autocorrect, and the ability to tap and hold the space bar to move the cursor, the customizable layout truly sets this keyboard different.

Backgrounds can be customized with various options, including solid colors, gradients, textures, and even user-provided images. You can alter the buttons’ appearance by altering their background color, border width and shadow thickness.

If personalization is your ultimate goal, look no further than Color Keyboard. However, the app requires a subscription to access all of its features, which starts at $3 per week and goes up as the length of your subscription and the number of extras you want increase.

6. Typewise Keyboard

This app for iOS distinguishes itself from the crowd because of its innovative approach to improving typing speed and accuracy. The extra space required to display its hexagonal keys in staggered rows makes it less practical than standard keyboards.

While it may be lacking in GIF-sharing features, it more than makes up for it with a plethora of emojis and the added benefit of being able to identify various languages in a single text, leading to improved autocorrect and predictions and making it a fantastic option for sending off fast emails.

Contrast that with the best typewriter keyboard, which allows for complete key remapping and programming of all function keys.

7. ReBoard Keyboard: Fonts+Themes

Fonts+ Themes allows you to customize your iOS device’s virtual keyboard. The interface is intuitive and supports many fun fonts that can be used across a wide range of browsers.

You can change the fonts and layouts to your liking. The intuitive layout and responsive touch controls of Reboard Keyboard make it a top choice among iOS keyboard apps.

The accessibility features of this app are top-notch, including support for one-handed typing and swipe action for alternative characters. The extensive library of animated GIFS and emojis is also a nice bonus.

8. Bitmoji Keyboard

The Bitmoji keyboard stands out from the crowd due to the ability to use custom Bitmoji stickers, but it’s not the most well-rounded keyboard app. This aspect makes it unique amongst other emojis.

Bitmoji’s editor allows you to create a one-of-a-kind avatar by letting you choose from a wide variety of body types, facial features, hairstyles, eye colors, and clothing items. When you and a friend use the Bitmoji keyboard on Snapchat, you’ll gain access to the Friendmoji function.

This emoji keyboard performs as well as expected, yet it cannot compete with the native iOS keyboard or other third-party alternatives.

9. RainbowKey

I’m presenting the RainbowKey keyboard for those who would rather type emojis than words. Over 5,000 brand-new, fully-animated 3D emojis and stickers are at your fingertips within the app.

These emojis and stickers may be found using search, and you can make your own emoji-specific keyboards. More than 40 different fonts and images can be used to customize it.

One-handed typing, emoji prediction, skin-tone adjustment, and several other options are available. This iOS keyboard software is perfect for emoji fans.

10. Better Fonts Keyboard

Although other keyboards on our list, such as TouchPal, allow you to modify the font, Better Fonts Keyboard is the one to grab if you want to go crazy with text art.

The font library of Better Fonts is one of the largest available, and switching between fonts is as simple as tapping a button. When using the Better Fonts, you may add text art to your messages and send them over any messaging service.

They also function admirably on other popular social media websites. Out of the 118 fonts, only a small fraction require payment.