10 Best Keyloggers For Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 (2024)

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If you’re a parent or business owner, monitoring your workers’ and children’s online behavior can help you in various ways. If managers are aware of their employees’ whereabouts at all times, they can maximize efficiency.

Similarly, parents who monitor their children’s online activity can help keep them safe. They may also control their children’s efficiency in the classroom with a surveillance app.

Installing a keylogger is a great way to keep tabs on what people are doing on their computers and online. In this article, you’ll learn all about keyloggers, and we’ll recommend the Best keyloggers For Windows.

Best Keyloggers For Windows 10/11

Here are the best free keyloggers for Windows 11 and Windows 10 that you can install on your computer. Pick any of these, and you’ll get a sophisticated keylogger’s features.

1. Spyrix Free Keylogger

When it comes to Windows keyloggers, Spyrix is without a peer. This clean application has every keylogging functionality you could ever want to keep tabs on the target’s PC.

It can secretly take screenshots of the user’s desktop without their knowledge, record everything copied to and pasted from the clipboard, log all keystrokes (even deleted ones), and monitor all apps and user activities via a private online account.

It also includes a printing interface. Compared to other keyloggers, this one is far and away the greatest because it includes every advanced keylogging capability.

2. Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger is a powerful and simple-to-use piece of software. Everything from keystrokes and screenshots to online browsing and printer usage to applications being used is all recorded.

Managers can benefit greatly from the software because it can evaluate users’ active and idle time and track their participation in online forums and chats.

Don’t be frightened to lose yourself in mountains of data. In addition to displaying the logs in chronological order, Actual Keylogger also allows you to sort them by date, kind of activity (keystrokes, visited websites, etc.), and more.

3. Kidinspector 

Kidinspector’s main purpose is to keep tabs on what your kid does on the computer or any other smart device. The problem is that anyone can use it to spy on their computer.

KidInspector gives you the power to limit a child’s or teen’s access to the internet on a specific device, among its many other features and services. URLs, phrases, and entire website categories can all be blocked.

The KidInspector, like Spyrix, puts all your data in the cloud so that you can get to it from any device at any time.  KidInspector can record and monitor a user’s browser history, search history, active windows, social media discussions, and IM conversations.

4. BlackBox Express

If you need a keylogger, go no further than BlackBox Express, a security monitoring tool. Though it’s no longer available for free download on the official website, Windows 10 can still run the 2011 version.

It differs from other solutions in that it can keep tabs on not just one but up to two hundred computers over a network.

BlackBox Express can log and record keystrokes, web searches, programs run, pages visited, email clients, webmails, IM chats, and screenshots. Aside from adding alerts for keywords, websites, and apps, you can also choose to ban certain persons from monitoring.

5. SGS KeyLogger

SGS KeyLogger is a service that records keystrokes and system events without requiring a password. It’s as basic as it gets, with only a few logging options, like recording keystrokes and program events.

Its primary function is to record the use of modifier keys like Ctrl, Alt, Enter, Backspace, Delete, and so on. View recorded emails, chats, and instant messages sent and received on your computer.

Your computer gets copies of both logs. You can limit storage size, file count, and log location. A fresh log is created every hour if the keyboard is connected to a log.

6. All In One Keylogger

One of the most feature-rich keyloggers available right now is All In One Keylogger. It operates stealthily in the background, recording everything from keystrokes to screenshots, websites viewed to social network talks, printer activities, and directory changes.

For concerned parents and productivity-minded businesses, the fact that it can block undesirable websites and applications is a significant benefit.

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All In One Keylogger can turn a webcam-equipped PC into a basic surveillance system by recording audio and taking pictures. Logs can be sent through email, FTP, LAN, or exported to a USB drive, all of which are quick and easy to set up with this tool.

7. Kidlogger 

Another great keylogger for parents is Kidlogger. You can monitor your child’s screen time and gain insight into their online activities, including the websites they’ve visited and the people they’ve talked to on instant messaging applications.

The photos they’ve taken and downloaded, their phone calls and who they’ve called. With features like browser history monitoring, keystroke tracking, time tracking, snapshot taking, and file and folder usage.

The software can also generate reports through email detailing the most frequently utilized apps. Investing in Kidlogger is a wise choice. Start here if you’re wary of keyloggers and this is your first time using one.

8. Real Free Keylogger

After working on Real Free Keylogger for a long time and getting to version 2.5 in 2014, the person who made it seems to have stopped.

You will be asked to create a password for the application after installation and before the launch. This will ensure that only you can access the configuration options and activity logs.

When the software is in stealth mode, you can alter the default hotkey combination (Ctrl+Alt+X) to something else. Even though some people still try to hide the software, the “Stealth Mode” button in the main window is only available to people who pay for it.

9. OptimUser

OptimUser collects and transmits user activity data, including keystrokes, apps used, and websites visited. The software is meant to function as a surveillance tool to monitor the actions of workers.

We can send you logs every hour, every day, or every week. You’ll need to set up an email if you want reports sent out automatically.

It displays statistics about time spent on a website or on software, in addition to log files. It assigns positive, negative, and neutral ratings to apps and websites.

10. Perfect Keylogger

It’s no exaggeration to say that Perfect Keylogger lives up to its name in every way. The software disappears from the Task Manager and System Tray when it is in stealth mode.

It can also change the names of the executable files and registry entries it creates. Perfect Keylogger is easy to use and can be pre-packaged and put on the target computer without being seen.

The software keeps track of everything you type, including messages and passwords, and warns you if you type in a word or phrase that shouldn’t be there. Screenshots and photos taken with a webcam can be a helpful supplement to written diaries.