5 Best Keyloggers For iPhone, iPad & iOS in 2024

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Some people may be cautious about installing a keylogger on their devices. It isn’t common to find this kind of software among apps running on our devices. This type of software is usually associated with spyware that attempts to violate our privacy and take possession of our passwords and bank account information.

However, keylogging was used to significant effect and is now being used to enhance the range of instruments for monitoring. Keyloggers can be used as stand-alone programs and various control programs that include keylogger options.

What is a Keylogger? It is any piece of hardware or software that records keystrokes. It wasn’t that long ago the keyloggers could only be used with keyboards of the traditional type. However, touchscreen keyloggers are now also possible.

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List of Best Keyloggers For iPhone, iPad & iOS 2024

1. mSpy

mSpy is a parental control program that allows parents to watch the activities on the intended iPhone. It includes all the usual features of a spy application, such as access to files, location monitoring, geofencing, browsing history, etc.

Of course, one of the best attributes is the keylogger.

This application is among the best keyloggers. You can see everything the target iPhone owner typed on their phone with it. From login credentials, messages and searches, mSpy reliably record everything in a list format.

Keylogger features don’t just reveal the words entered but also provide several other facts, such as the application on which the text was created and the date and time.

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2. uMobix

Like mSpy uMobix is an app for parental control created to assist parents in keeping track of their children’s online lives. It provides the same standard features the top brands offer, such as monitoring social media web browser history, geofencing and tracking location, to mention a few.

Keylogging is among the application’s most notable features.

Thanks to this app’s features, you’ll be aware of everything going on within the targeted iPhone regardless of whether they’re entering passwords, searching for keywords, or looking for YouTube videos they’d like to view.

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3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another popular software for spying that is well-known for its vast range of features. It comes with a variety of innovative tools that can be used to monitor and manage and control the device you want to target.

FlexiSpy has three subscription tiers as well as their complete set of features is available only on the top level, which includes a recording of ambient sounds and remote screenshots, video recording and other features.

FlexiSPY indeed comes with the iPhone keylogger. Through this application, you will see what happens on the target iPhone since it records every keystroke that the user presses.

It is also different from other spy applications in that FlexiSPY presents results in organized boxes separated by application. If you like having all the information on the screen in a single, unified design might be appealing to you.

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4. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro has all the features of the best brands. It lets you view the details of the targeted device, including contact messages, call logs, social media apps, and even physical places.

The most important thing is that KidsGuard Pro also has a keylogger feature.

Additionally, it has a variety of useful features. The location tracking tools it offers are fantastic and you don’t require root access to access it.

Its address book and message and software for monitoring calls also worked flawlessly. The results from the device were displayed in a logical and easy-to-follow format.

But, it has its drawbacks. Although it’s a parental management application, KidsGuard Pro doesn’t offer numerous features that most parental management apps do, such as content restriction.

It is also a bit slower than the iOS version also is less reliable when compared to the Android version. Unlike Android handsets, which can view in real-time, iOS phones need to connect to computers to access data, defeating the function of remote keyloggers.

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5. FamiSafe

Similar to KidsGuard Pro FamiSafe, a different parental-control application can help you control your children’s digital lives.

Apart from the regular monitoring and tracking capabilities standard for apps in this market, You can also benefit from FamiSafe’s many management options, like Screen Time Control and analytics.

These tools let you know the amount of time your child spends on their smartphone and the things they’re spending their time with. If you’d like to, you can create scheduled phone and app blocks, which means that your child isn’t able to be on their phone during the specified duration.

It comes with a decent Content bundle with scanning tools, including keylogging. It lists it in its list.

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