10 Best Kids Dancing Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

Are you looking for kids dancing apps that teach your kids unique methods to get some exercise, learn some dance steps, and have a good time without leaving the house? Kids may have fun while learning new dance moves and styles through online dancing lessons.

Kids Dancing apps are great for kids because they provide a fun way to release energy while encouraging physical activity. Using a dance app is a joy. They are portable so that you can take them with you on your phone or tablet, and they are great for getting your kids moving and learning new skills. They’re also a terrific way for youngsters to meet new friends and have fun.

We tried to provide something for everyone by including free and paid activities and classes for kids of varying ages and skill levels. So let’s check out the list of the best free Kids Dancing Apps for Android and iOS. 

Best Kids Dancing Apps for Android and iOS

Many dance apps are available, but we’ve picked the best kids dancing apps for android and ios users. with these apps, your kids will learn basic dancing steps at home.

1. STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

Steezy is a one-stop shop for you if you’re a passionate dancer. The growing library of completely structured sessions led by step-by-step teachers makes this app stand out.

As a result, picking up on procedures and procedures will be simple for you to do. The app may be a fantastic resource for amateur dancers and experienced choreographers.

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Casting all of our sessions from your mobile device to your TV can come in handy when you want to shake your legs with all of your friends or create competition.

As an added bonus, you can save the hassle of a bad connection by downloading the lessons and practicing offline.

Download For Android and iOS

2. Danssup

Engaging with dancers worldwide and watching their exceptional performances can teach you things that hours of practice in isolation simply can’t.

Danssup is a one-stop shop for all things dance-related; the site features countless dance videos from which viewers may gain valuable insight by observing the dynamic performances of well-known choreographers and dancers.

In addition, you may show off your moves or advise other dancers by posting videos on the site. Thanks to the app’s monetization option, you can make some quick cash with your masterclass.

Danssup also allows you to host dance auditions, making it easier than ever to find exceptional performers.

Download For Android and iOS

3. NinjaMe

In search of some kid-friendly, humorous apps? It’s a dance gun app, and it’s called Ninja Me. You can wear the ninja’s mask and watch yourself dance in the virtual mirror.

All the kids in the house will have a good time with the NinjaMe app, and parents can rest assured that they’ll be contented. People can mimic the dance moves of the characters.

Get some pleasure into your life by playing this game with your loved ones when you have some free time. You may express your individuality using the collage tool and your own photographs.

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You can lighten up and have a good time with this Ninja dancing game. The ninja dance move is simple to pick up. Because of how little it is, this software won’t take up much space on your mobile device.

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4. Just Dance Now

Use this app to improve your dancing skills and wow your friends and family. Here’s your chance to let loose and score big by performing your inner dance routine in front of an audience.

There are more than 500 songs available in this app. Professional dancing requires learning a wide variety of steps and a grounding in various historical styles.

This software is simple whether you’re a little kid or a large dancer. All the music and choreography suggestions were updated monthly to provide you with the best possible experience.

Videos created with this app may be easily shared and played on any device, no matter how basic or advanced the connection. This app is a gaming app with educational value, perfect for young users.

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5. Toca Dance Free

One of the most downloaded apps for kids, Toca Dance Free gives them complete control over their own dance moves. Children may create every facet of a dance performance, from the choreography and music to the setting and costumes.

Every dancer, no matter their skill level, can benefit from the free version of Toca Dance since it encourages individual expression via movement. In Toca Dance Free, players don’t dance but instead choreograph the actions of the virtual dancers.

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I can’t think of a better technique to encourage imaginative expression and stimulate a passion for dancing. There are no limits to the personalization options in Toca Dance Free.

Young people can develop their own dance routines and perform them in front of an audience. Young people are in charge of choreographing a dance routine, working with their team to perfect it, and then performing it for an audience.

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6. JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance

Do you want to find a dancing instructor in your area? If you want to learn how to dance like Jojo Siwa, go no further than this top-notch, user-friendly app! A favorite dance move may be learned quickly and easily with a little bit of extra enjoyment thrown in.

This app will keep you on your toes; test out different personalities, swap out your threads and get ready to dance.

You can play as anybody you want and create whatever outfit you choose. Experiment with various outfits and cosmetics for your player character.

This game app will help you learn how to dance while giving your character a new look. The Jojo girl will teach you the song of your choice, and you may perform it with her.

Download For Android and iOS

7. Dance School Stories

Do you desire the greatest online dancing instruction and are passionate about dancing? The Dance school app can be used to learn dance steps.

If you want to learn how to dance, you can do it by watching a professional dance video and learning at your own pace online. Join dance lessons that offer more than just the basics.

You can use the app as a rehearsal space before your actual audition. Demonstrate your abilities, work on your dancing technique, and get a jump on perfecting your routine before your actual dance audition.

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This app will allow you to plan out your dance schedule. Create a timely reminder and get informed about upcoming sessions.

Download For Android and iOS

8. Hip Hop Dance School Game

Train your kids like pro dancers at just early age. This is a dance game for your cellphone for your star kids. The best and most numerous dance instructors are available to you.

Your youngsters gonna enjoy this app. In this app, they will learn to dance by playing some games. Easy and fun dance game for kids.

To learn how to dance online, you must sign into your account with any available login method, then choose a dancer to emulate.

You won’t have trouble using this app, whether you’re a kid or an adult. This app makes learning a wide variety of dance styles simple and enjoyable.

Download For Android and iOS

9. Dancy

Dancy is an excellent combination of fun and dancing that will help you easily learn over 120 hip dance moves. The app simplifies learning to dance by categorizing the steps and routines into music genres like jazz, belly dancing, break dancing, samba, salsa, and more.

You may also follow the three 3D models as they demonstrate different dance moves. With the ability to spin in any direction, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of how a given technique is executed.

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If you’re interested in further delving into the subject matter, you may buy access to additional models within the app. What we like about this app is that it includes 10 songs with danceable music that can be used to learn new dances.

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10. Everdance: learn to dance app

Is the finest online dance app or tutor what you’re looking for? If you’re having trouble, we know how to help. This app provides access to free online dance courses.

Take some online classes in your field of interest to further develop your skills and showcase your talents to the world. This app is available to anyone.

If you want to learn how to dance but don’t know the basics, you can attend a free online class to get started.

The best dancing instructor is available in the palm of your hand with this app, and anyone, regardless of age, may learn to dance. Your lecture can be recorded, as can your dance practice.

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