10 Best Language Learning Apps For Android (2024)

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If you are looking for language learning apps for speaking, you must read this article. We have the option to work online because of the internet. Today’s digital world introduces us to individuals from all over the world who speak various languages, thanks to social networking sites.

In an increasingly digital world, we encounter numerous people who speak languages other than ours via social networking sites. To improve our communication ability, we need to hire a translator or educate ourselves in a new language.

The syntax, vocabulary, and other aspects of a new language might make learning challenging, especially if you come from another linguistic background.

On the other hand, there are a few apps available for Android that might assist you in accelerating the procedure. This article has decided to provide a list of the language learning apps for Android.

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Best Language Learning Apps For Android

You may pick up a new language on the go with the help of these Android apps. So, to improve your communication ability, look at the best Android language learning apps.

1. Duolingo

With Duolingo, learning a new language is as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Launch the app and select the language you want to study from the drop-down menu to start. Creating an account is optional but allows you to save and keep track of your progress.

This app combines text, images, and audio to get you started on becoming fluent in a new language. The aim is to have you listen to the audio and then manually translate it back into your native language to help you remember the new words.

Your vocabulary and sentence structure will grow stronger with each section you complete. If you’re already comfortable with the language, you can skip portions, and Duolingo will adjust the quizzes accordingly.

2. Busuu: Learn Languages

Busuu offers training in 12 languages. The app progresses from learning individual words through short dialogues and questions regarding conversations. You can listen to the native pronunciations in all of them. You can access most of the app’s features and educational content.

We focus on specific abilities and expressions needed to complete a given task for each topic. For individuals planning a vacation over and who want to brush up on the essentials quickly, each course includes a miniature “travel course”—pretty handy!

The unique feature of Busuu is that you may interact with local speakers while learning a new language. Busuu students use their natural language skills to revise papers written by those who are learning their language. Chatting with native speakers is also available on the desktop version.

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As a teacher, you can collect “berries,” points used to score pupils depending on their activity on the platform. Here is the spot for those who enjoy collecting points and badges!

3. Rosetta Stone

We couldn’t possibly talk about the best apps for learning foreign languages without including Rosetta Stone. Due to its worldwide recognition as the most popular language learning app, we’ve included it.

Adults can acquire a new language more efficiently and expeditiously. Their entire approach to learning a language is based on the principle of “learn like a baby.” This school of thought has severe weakness. As a result, you won’t know how to apply these words in the real world without context. Stone is an excellent tool for learning a new language’s vocabulary without context.

A month or two of using Rosetta Stone may be required before you introduce yourself or inquire about something easy in your target language.

4. Babbel – Learn Languages

Busuu has more free content than the premium version of Duolingo? The app’s free edition includes 40 lessons, so you can pick up a few words in one of the app’s 13 supported languages even if you don’t want to spend any money.

Each class begins with a picture-based approach to teaching vocabulary. The words are then employed in related sentences and brief dialogues tailored to the student’s level to aid in developing conversational skills.

Some pop-ups help you remember key elements in the content you’ve studied and cultural notes in the app’s desktop version.

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There are specialized packages for grammar and vocabulary improvement in addition to the general beginner courses offered by Babbel. Knowing where your shortcomings are in a language might help you focus on strengthening those specific skills.

5. Memrise Easy Language Learning

If you’re looking for a fun way to brush up on your vocabulary, turn to Memrise. Every language you can think of—or invent since there are quite a few dedicated to constructed languages—is covered by the vibrant community of users.

Courses based on popular textbooks or word frequency lists can be found. For example, words from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s Japanese version are included in the “Japanese dirty words” collection.

Memes are sometimes used to assist students in retaining terminology in courses. Memrise has a lot of fun because of memes and gamification. To help you remember the words you’re learning, the app employs a teaching strategy known as word association learning.

Everyone is welcome to contribute their memes to the collection. Memrise’s user ranking system rewards users who create, edit, and earn memes with points (from Membryo to Overlord).

6. Google Translate

This app can translate not just typed words but also handwritten ones and your voice. This means that to transform the text into the target language, you can either manually enter the text, draw the text, or voice the text.

You may also bookmark the translations you often use so you can immediately access them whenever you want.

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Although Google Translate is not the same as other translation tools, it is an excellent resource if you struggle with a particular word or phrase. Suppose you would instead limit your language study to select phrases and sentences exclusively.

It can be beneficial when you are communicating with someone unable to understand your native language.

7. Cambly

Cambly is an app for Android that will speed up the process of learning English. It’s essentially an app that connects you to a native English speaker so that you can practice your English conversational skills over video chat.

You can practice your English conversation skills, pronunciation, and any English abilities that you would like to improve with the app’s many friendly English tutors who are eager to assist you.

8. Quizlet: Languages & Vocab

Quizlet could be the perfect option if you are looking for a simple method to practice and become fluent in various languages. If this describes your situation, read on.

The app makes it simple to put what you’re learning into practice and improve. Using Quizlet, learning languages, history, vocabulary, and science may be done efficiently and effectively.

9. Learn 33 Languages – Mondly

Another app with a stellar reputation for teaching foreign languages, Mondly is compatible with Android-based smartphones.

You get access to Mondly’s free language lessons in 33 different dialects. The app’s user interface is intuitive, and it offers free lessons on an almost daily basis.

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In addition, it provides many entertaining language courses that can assist you in enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciations. In addition, it makes use of intelligence reporting so that it can always keep track of your progress.

10. ELSA – Learn English Speaking

This English pronunciation app aims to improve your ability to communicate fluently and effectively in English. You can take an expert-written speech test using the app.

Upon the exam, you will receive a thorough report on your strengths and shortcomings in pronunciation.

When the AI speech coach analyses your findings, it will choose the finest bite-sized lessons to help you develop your strengths and reduce your faults.