10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android (2024)

Android allows you to alter the look and feel of its user interface altogether. App launchers, icon packs, widgets, and various other features let you personalize your Android phone or tablet to your heart’s content.

Among the many options for personalization available, the one I use the most live wallpaper apps to change the appearance of my home screen.

Customizing your device’s appearance in a flash is made a snap with the help of wallpapers. Live wallpapers are a favorite of mine.

Beautiful live wallpaper is a great way to personalize your smartphone or tablet. We’ve compiled a list of the Best live wallpaper Apps For Android.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps For Android

It is important to note that the Google Play Store offers various live wallpaper apps for Android smartphones.

You’ll be able to download the best live wallpapers for your Android device when you use these apps as your live wallpaper source. As a result, we have limited the list to include those tested by hand.

1. Forest Live Wallpaper

The Forest Live Wallpaper apps provide relaxing live backgrounds, and the available animations are stunning. It can reflect the weather outside and even includes some exciting surprises during the holiday season, such as dazzling stars at Christmas and fireworks during the New Year’s celebration.

It also features night settings, which you can use to make your wallpaper more apparent when it’s dark outside. Even if the app isn’t updated very often, it is still among the best live wallpapers that can be used on Android phones.


The outer space-themed Customize your live wallpaper with the ASTEROID App by changing the backdrop color, the type of asteroid that appears, and even the color of the asteroid itself.

It also features a static image option that displays a photo every 10 seconds and is a standard live background app. This is an excellent option to save battery life while still having fun with the lock screen.

You can upgrade to this app’s premium edition to access more fascinating features, such as the ability to create your own asteroid designs.

3. Muzei Live Wallpaper

One of Android’s most popular live wallpaper apps is number three on our list. The app I’m referring to is Muzei. Every day, the app replaces your wallpaper with fresh live wallpaper.

I love that Muzei has a plugin system that allows it to support a variety of formats. As a result, you’ll be able to access the Play Store to get add-on wallpapers. If you’re looking for an excellent live wallpaper app, this is one to look at.

4. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper is an excellent app if you like wallpapers with abstract shapes. A 3D parallax effect is created by the shapes in the background moving ever so slightly. Every time you go back to your home screen, the app’s backgrounds change.

Since Google’s Material Design is the inspiration for the colors and design, it looks great on Android smartphones. People who prefer clean, simple wallpapers will enjoy this app.

5. Pixel 4D

Pixel 4D is a fascinating live wallpaper app for Android that you should check out. What’s this? Over 300 stunning 3D live wallpapers are included in Pixel 4D, allowing you to customize your Android device’s look and feel.

Pixel 4D offers a dedicated section for AMOLED live wallpapers and the usual live wallpapers. To conserve battery life, the AMOLED Live wallpapers were created for phones with AMOLED displays.

6. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

To completely control how your live wallpapers look and behave, you need to download the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker app. You can practically make your live wallpaper using this application.

For example, you may select an image and add information such as the date and weather and other data such as shape animations.

You’re limited by your creativity and abilities here, so don’t be afraid to get creative. To take full advantage of this app’s capabilities, you’ll need to devote significant time to understanding it.

7. Video Live Wallpaper Maker

The Video Live Wallpaper Maker software is unlike any other applications described in the article. With Movie Live Wallpaper Maker, you can transform any video into a live wallpaper that can then be applied to your home screen.

The Video Live Wallpaper Maker app does not cost anything, enabling users to generate an endless number of live wallpapers.

8. Motion

Motion might be the ideal choice if you’re looking for dynamic 3D animated Live wallpaper apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. A parallax effect is used in Motion’s 3D animated live wallpapers. What’s this?

In addition, the software provides a wide variety of genres from which users may select live wallpapers, like superheroes, abstracts, animals, space, and many more.

9. Walloop

It’s possible to get HD and Live Wallpapers with Walloop, an Android software that does everything. Massive HD Live wallpaper collections with 3D parallax effects and 4K wallpapers are available in the app.

Not only that, but Walloop also makes it possible for customers to browse different categories, such as AMOLED, nature, anime, abstract, and many other options.

10. SwampWater

If you’re a fan of live wallpapers, but not everyone is, this one is for you! The software provides a solid color background serving microscopic organisms’ habitats. It’s fascinating to watch these minuscule creatures move on their initiative.

Your phone will be transformed into a microcosm of a living, breathing planet. You can only modify the background color. It’s not for everyone like I mentioned, but I enjoy it and think you will too.


All of these apps have been reviewed by us, and we are only passing them along to you because we think you’ll enjoy them. Check out the list and let us know what you think. If you don’t see your favorite app on this list, don’t worry. Feel free to comment in the comment section.