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6 Best Loan Calculator Apps for iPhone / Android (2024)

Best Loan Calculator Apps
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Home Loan EMI Calculator, Auto Loan EMI Calculator, Mortgage EMI Calculator, Auto Loan, and Personal Loan EMI Calculator are among the best loan EMI calculator apps for Android and iPhone. You can compute your EMI, view statistics about your EMI, determine your total interest, and send all of this information via e-mail or text message.

Simply put, an EMI is a monthly payment of the same amount on the same day every month. Payments are spread out evenly over a set period of time using equal monthly installments. As a result, it is crucial to have EMI calculator software for Android and iPhone.

Best Financial Calculator Apps

A loan can quickly and easily obtain an appropriate sum of money. However, to avoid a financial trap, it’s vital to take a sober and responsible attitude to the choice.

Before anything else, you have to figure out all the details. These loan calculator apps and websites will assist you. You can use them whenever you choose, on whatever device works best for you.

1. EMI Calculator – Best Loan & Finance Planner

A fantastic Financial Planner and Loan Calculator, the EMI Calculator is a valuable tool. The EMI Calculator software is straightforward for calculating monthly loan payments. Illustration of the Full Loan Term. Monthly EMI payments should be calculated.

Data charts can be generated instantly. Interest accrual and monthly balance due can be displayed. A PDF is available for everybody to use in EMI and loan planning. This software can help you locate your area’s financial institutions, such as banks and ATMs.

The currency converter offers live exchange rates and 168+ supported currencies. The app’s settings allow for an easy language switch.

Download for Android

2. Loan2Me

If you need a simple and free credit calculator, look no further. Put in the total cost of credit, the time before payment is due, and the interest rate, and you’ll get the outcome of your calculations in seconds.

You may also use it to calculate your available credit. Once again, enter the interest rate, the length of the payback period, and the monthly payment amount.

The calculator will answer your questions about lower rates and early payoffs, among other things. Calculate this month’s interest, tax, and payment amounts.

You may enter information about the dealer’s inventory, deals, property taxes, sales, and more into a dedicated loan payment calculator. A credit report can be made and kept for future use. Everything you do on your connected devices will be synchronized across all of them.

You can track payment history by updating the record as additional payments are made. Using a unique slider, you can foresee the future status of your credit. The report can be downloaded to a mobile device or printed out.

Download for iOS

3. Financial Calculators

This one may be the most feature-rich regarding financial calculators compared to similar apps. If you need to know your retirement, loan, small business, investment, amortization numbers, and a whole host of other financial information, this is the app for you!

This software can be used for all your computation needs, whether you’re a professional accountant, an undergraduate finance student, or someone who loves to keep tabs on their finances.

Download for Android and iOS

4. Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator is a free smartphone app that can calculate all kinds of loans. It can compute the amortization schedule, interest paid, total cost of credit, and monthly payment. Just plug in your numbers, and out pops the answer!

Financial experts can provide their clients with an instantaneous price by emailing them the results of their calculations. There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases with this software, and it can be used offline.

Download for Android

5. Bighorn Loan Calculator

This handy software makes it simple to monitor your loan repayments. It is a quick and trustworthy approach to assessing a loan’s current standing.

This program is perfect for accountants, real estate agents, and anyone who needs quick computation results in their line of business.

Accrual schedules can be made in PDF format. The software also includes a built-in sharing function that lets you send amortization schedules to friends, family, and clients via email. You can ensure you have backups of your files by syncing them to iCloud.

Download for iOS

6. Calctape

This program allows you to do computations on a digital paper tape, so you can leave a paper trail. With this software, you may save your work and write notes on each computation line. Moreover, you can edit the computation by adding or removing lines, and the results will reflect the change immediately.

Keep tabs on your spending with the help of this handy app. Each line can be labeled with the category of expense. The programmer also included several visually appealing themes for other calculation styles.

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