10 Best Math Game Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

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You’re ready to do some enjoyable math, right? The best Math Game Apps For Android and iOS can be found here. Math is a challenging field of study. Some people excel at it, while others struggle. But if you’re a math whiz or want to improve your skills, you may choose from a wide variety of math games optimized for mobile devices. We found mostly children’s games.

After all, instructional video games are extremely popular at the moment. Nonetheless, we uncovered a respectable quantity of adult math games, so the collection now includes a mix of kid- and adult-oriented options. Here are some of the most popular and well-reviewed math game apps for android and iOS to get you started.

Best Cool Math Game Apps For Android and iOS

These games are so engaging that you won’t even realize they improve your mental abilities. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best math game apps for android and iOS users.

1. Threes! Freeplay

The game “Threes” is deceptively straightforward yet incredibly addicting due to its increasing difficulty. Believe me when I say that you won’t be able to escape from it like any other endeavor.

The rules of the game are straightforward: to produce a higher number, you can only add ones, twos, and threes together. Any number more than three should only be joined with its own matching number.

It should come as no surprise that the quantity of points you receive is directly proportional to the size of the number you may achieve by combining matches.

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2. Math Master

The objective of the game, which is quite self-explanatory given its name, is to train you to solve basic mathematical problems most quickly and effectively as possible.

The game features multiple game types and over a hundred levels, each becoming increasingly challenging as the player progresses through the game.

One of the many strengths of the application is that it may be used successfully by both young and older people. Included in all of this is the fact that the user interface of the game is fairly basic and uncomplicated.

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3. 2048

One of the most played mobile games of all time, 2048 is a fun and challenging mathematical puzzle. You rearrange the tiles and merge those with the same numerical values. The total number of tiles is increased by 1.

Therefore, an eight is obtained by adding together two fours. You can keep playing until you either run out of moves or reach 2048.

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The game is suitable for all ages, has several different board sizes, and features straightforward gameplay. The complete game costs 99 cents. Google Play Pass users can also enjoy this game at no cost.

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4. NumberDrop

Playing “NumberDrop: Hard Math Puzzles” is a great way to exercise your brain and improve mental arithmetic. As a pleasant alternative for people who no longer attend school.

This game is a great way to keep your brain active and sharp daily. You’ll be presented with a brief overview and the game’s primary objectives when you first launch the app.

The dark blue squares must have matching numbers in the bottom row of light blue squares, and the opposite is true for the other rows. Slide to see supplementary content.

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5. Heatos

Heatos will gently challenge your mind. Thanks to the game, you may unwind from a busy day without worrying about how you look.

Heatos is a good choice for those who want to enjoy themselves while setting themselves apart from the masses. The game will appeal most to folks who prefer warmer climates because they dislike being chilly.

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Adding up the temperatures of surrounding cells is the primary method by which you can eliminate the negative values from the playing field. Keep in mind that if you mix two low temps, you’ll have an even lower result.

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6. Sudoku

There are several different mobile versions of the classic puzzle game Sudoku. Even if Sudoku.com has the most traffic, there are other websites where you can play. In all likelihood, you have at least heard of the puzzle game Sudoku.

Put one through nine into each cell of a grid so that every column, row, and subgrid contains those numbers. That’s the fundamental idea behind the game, albeit there are variations.

New problems can be purchased frequently from Sudoku.com and are reasonably priced. In addition, if you have a Google Play Pass, you can access all the content at no additional cost.

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7. Toon Math

The fantastic Toon Math game provides a fun alternative to boring schoolwork in the math department. The game is useful for both practicing and enhancing one’s mathematical abilities.

With it, you may go through a wide range of mathematical problems. Any age can enjoy this monster-sized math challenge. It’s an excellent learning tool, and you should try it out.

It’s a fantastic way to test and improve your brainpower while also providing you with remarkable difficulties. As you progress through the game’s challenges, you’ll be able to free up more playable characters.

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8. Unblock

When it comes to puzzle games, Unblock is both the easiest and most exciting. You can use it to improve your mental acuity and train your brain. Unblock is the best game you can play when you have free time.

The game’s high-logic content will force you to think creatively to progress through its many challenging levels. The difficulties increase with each successive level.

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Clearing each level requires the player to carefully plot out their next move. Unlike the other levels, this one has some neat variances in it.

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9. Orixo

Orixo is an app that can help you improve your logic even if you’re not particularly interested in math or computers.

The puzzles in this game are logical in nature, but they have a heavy mathematical slant, which makes for some interesting gameplay. There are more than 150 levels available once you’ve downloaded the game, and they’ll all need you to use your brain.

At first glance, Orixo may appear simplistic and even dull. However, the difficulty level will increase as you progress through the game. Empty cells should be filled up by painting the numbers that are adjacent to them.

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10. Mental Math Master

If you find elementary mathematics too easy, you may submit an application for the position of Mental Math Master.

The software was made to help people like this by giving them new and interesting challenges that only geniuses could solve. If you enjoy digital games and brain teasers, this app will be particularly satisfying.

With the use of Mental Math Master, users can strengthen their mathematical faculties in their heads. Here, you may train your mind to focus, persist, and remember things besides math.

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