10 Best Meal Planning Apps for Android (2024)

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Meal planning apps are a big help for busy professionals who want to cut down on the amount of time they spend in the kitchen each day, increase the frequency with which they consume something nutritious, and reduce the amount of money they spend on food altogether.

You can choose a reliable meal planning app based on how you live and the foods you typically eat. These apps will allow you to select between a weekly or a monthly plan.

You have the option of planning to complete the task on your own or delegating it to a professional to complete. With the help of our rundown of the best meal planning apps, you can get ready to prepare a balanced dinner for yourself.

These apps provide a wonderful opportunity to plan nutritious meals, shed a few extra pounds, and reduce the amount of calories that aren’t necessary to one’s diet. You can construct and cook a nutritious supper for your family by consulting our list and selecting one of the options.

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Best Meal Planner Apps for Android

Check out some of the best meal planner apps for Android users, which will help you maintain a good diet and eat more nutritious foods.

1. Mealime

Mealime is a straightforward but extremely helpful app. A Mealime app is a great option if you’re looking for carefully selected recipes, an intuitive shopping list planner, and a simple meal organizer.

It’s possible to sign up for a diet plan specific to a variety of dietary needs. The app will remove recipes based on any food allergies you have listed.

Five professional chefs have created this app’s enormous collection of healthy recipes. Cookware needed, ingredients, instructions, and cooking time are all included in a recipe’s description. The app generates a shopping list for you based on the recipes you select.

2. Veganized – Best Meal Planner

Nowadays, a large number of nog-vegetarians are converting to veganism. In the event that you are just starting out on a vegetarian diet, Veganized is the best option for you.

This plant-based meal planner app makes planning, shopping, and cooking vegetarian meals more accessible. Make a grocery list, gather cooking supplies, and keep track of your nutrition with this app!

You can use this recipe app to share your culinary creations with friends and family. Furthermore, this app is known for providing customised meal plans based on a person’s age, gender, weight, and physical activity.

3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Consider getting one-on-one assistance to help you break your usual eating habits. To help struggling professionals, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a must-have food-centric app. Millions of home cooks use this as a resource because it is so well-liked by the general public.

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If you have a specific dietary requirement, you can use this tool to narrow down your search results and also use it to create and share recipes. This fantastic Meal Planning Ap provides step-by-step cooking instructions and a massive collection of different recipes.

4. Eat This Much

Many nutritionists use Eat This Much’s feature-rich meal planner. It has a calorie and nutrition tracking feature that makes it simple to make the healthiest choice.

A daily meal plan can be quickly generated by entering your dietary needs, goals, and other details, searching through thousands of recipes, and then printing it out.

Additional features, such as customizable meal planning for the entire week, the ability to export grocery lists to Amazon Fresh, and more, are included in the premium version.

5. Lifesum

Lifesum is a calorie counter, and food planner rolled into one convenient app. However, the software’s premium edition grants access to meal planning capability. The free version does not.

You can use the app to keep track of the amount of water, carbohydrates, protein, and fat that you consume. Various meal plans are available, such as animal-free, favourable to the environment, high in protein, and standard. Your selections from among the app’s hundreds of recipes will cause the creation of a shopping list that will be generated by the app automatically.

6. Yummly

An excellent meal scheduling software, Yummly offers an incredible user experience. Allergies, nutrition, and food preferences can all be found in your profile.

Using the sliders, you may narrow your search for recipes by a variety of criteria, such as popularity, carb, fat, calorie, or cholesterol content.

More than two million recipes and assistance for a wide range of diets may be found on this app. The grocery list is ready for you when you schedule a recipe for any date. Even you will be reminded of the appropriate time to begin cooking.

7. Plan Meals

Cluttered user interfaces are all too standard when it comes to mobile app development. When it comes to meal planning, too many options and features might make things more complicated than they need to be.

On the other hand, Plan Meals is one of the most hygienic meal planning programs available. With a simple click, the app will help you plan meals up to seven days in advance and generate a shopping list based on the recipes you’ve already selected.

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Only paid users will have access to all of the app’s recipes, so keep that in mind. A paid subscription is required if you want to add recipes that include ingredients, preparation instructions, and nutritional information.

8. Cozi

This beautiful meal planner software helps you keep track of what you eat. It’s perfect for families of all sizes because it easily keeps track of everythingYou may use on Android phones and tablets.

You’ll be able to see a more comprehensive view of your weekly and monthly dietary goals with Cozi. If you’re using it to cook a meal, use its “Cooking mode”, which prevents the screen from going to sleep while you’re making food.

9. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

This year’s finest meal planning apps include Paprika. With it, you may not only plan your daily meals but also make grocery lists and keep track of your favourite recipes.

Using this beautiful app, you’ll be able to search, store, and scale your favourite recipes. Using it is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface and simple download process.

Get it now so you can create your menus. It’s compatible with Android and iOS and can be synced across several devices with ease.

10. ChefTap

ChefTap is a robust recipe planner that simplifies importing recipes from the web. It also helps you to account for things like leftovers when planning a meal. Any website can use the recipe clipper feature.s.

Everything is saved to a shopping list after you build the menu, choose the recipes, and click “Save.” Creating several grocery lists is also possible with this app.


These meal planning apps have made life easier by allowing users to plan meals in a few taps. These apps can help you reach your health objectives and check your weight with nutritional information and meals based on tastes.

If you’re familiar with some other fantastic meal planning apps for Android, please mention them in the comments section below.