10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers (July 2024)

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On Minecraft prison servers, players who spend real money to improve their status in the game get bonuses. Some of the perks, such as improved products and access to special mines, are not particularly significant. But there are a great variety of other benefits as well.

Each one is full of the latest Minecraft mods that will make your stay memorable. Even more exciting, some players introduce brand-new recipe options. Meanwhile, many are trying to create mini Minecraft biomes inside a jail.

However, if you are unclear about which one to choose, you have arrived at the right place. we have chosen the best Minecraft Prison Servers that you will enjoy and ought to try to play on at some point.

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Each featured Minecraft Prison server offers something special and is geared at a specific type of player. That’s why there aren’t any rankings instead. You can utilize the table to zero down on a certain type of server that fits your needs.

1. Purple Prison

Server Address: purpleprison.co

Where else can you find a server as wonderful as Purple Prison? In the Purple Prison game mode, players gain experience by engaging in activities including mining, constructing, trading, and more.

The starting point is fairly simple. Each day, the server plays host to enormous automated PvP events. If you’re looking for a Prison server in Minecraft, go no further than Purple Prison.

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Because of its incredibly well-maintained community, the Purple Jail Server is among the most popular prison servers. This server has been around for a while and has gained many notable members who have taken it to new heights in popularity. You must at least try it out.

2. The Archon

Server Address: thearchon.net

The excellent mods and unique game modes we implemented on our first prison server for Minecraft have made it a hit with players. Updating is consistent, and there is a lively user base.

This server’s prison mode implements a wooden aesthetic through a custom resource pack. After that, you’ll be equipped with a backpack and upgraded tools to help you mine as efficiently as possible.

If you are bored of prison, you can switch to other special game modes like robbery or the outlands. They’re a fantastic match for the incarceration motif. For those who prefer more traditional game modes, the server offers sky block, factions, and survival.

3. LemonCloud

Server Address: lemoncloud.org

Every seasoned Minecraft player has heard of the server LemonCloud. It’s well-known for its entertaining twists on conventional game mechanics. Like the other game types available, Prison can be played here.

The Prison mode in LemonCloud is well implemented and faithful to the game mode’s intended purpose. The objective is to reach “Mine Z,” which is located beyond “Mine A,” from where you spawn.

You can then opt to use your points to buy stuff from the server’s custom shop, or you can use them to gain a reputation and brag about your abilities to everyone in the community.

Many special enchantments and enhancements designed specifically for Prison mode can be found on the server. Over everything, a fantastic Prison testing ground!

4. Minecraft Central

Server Address: mccentral.org

Since its inception in 2013, the Minecraft Central server has had a consistent population of one thousand gamers and more. The server’s Prison mode is exceptionally well-made and will leave you wanting more.

It has everything necessary for a pleasant incarceration experience. The daily treasure chest has a special meaning for this server. Every day, you can log in to the server and see what awards you’ve earned, some of which can be redeemed for premium server perks.

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This ensures an attitude of daily play! Minecraft Central is the place to be if you’re searching for a serious Prison server with lots of grinding.

5. FadeCloud

Server Address: fadecloud.com

In addition to its massive player base of 500+, FadeCloud’s Prison mode boasts several impressive additions. First, every single person on the server has their own mine.

In most cases, players will converge around a small number of mines to maximize their resource collection efficiency. It’s easy for things to get busy here. However, by using FadeCloud, you won’t have to worry about this issue again.

In addition, each mine on the server has its own unique aesthetic! The Nether, outer space, fantasy, urbanization, the countryside, the desert, and the dead of winter are all included in this category.

Being stuck in the same boring mine for hours on end is no fun at all. Each mine has a unique design to give you a breath of fresh air when you finally get inside.

6. Advancius Network

Server Address: advancius.net

Advancius is a Prison server that does not allow any form of Pay-to-Win (p2w). Instead of enabling purchases to skip ranks or buy boosters, the server compensates its players for grinding and hard work.

Consequently, this server gives all its players a fair shot at improving their skills, which is fantastic news if you’re just starting out. There is no more archetypal Prison server than Advancius’s. It provides everything you need for a satisfying time in prison.

The server features various loot crates, a bespoke shop, several mines, and a dedicated plot area. Advancius is the server for you if you’re sick of Prison’s never-ending grind and want to take it easy for a change.

7. MC Prison

Server Address: buy.mchub.com

Among classic servers, MC Prison is a top choice for many players. According to some players, many newer jail servers even consider it their foundation. It maintains a commitment to player autonomy.

Mining, constructing, giving, and fighting are just some of the many ways to advance in rank on this server. Drop parties, donation benefits, and weekly free giveaways for those who want to go ahead to the good stuff.

Every participant might have their own specialized space for running a virtual store. Such businesses are essential to the viability of the server economy. It’s also why the community on this server is so welcoming despite having player-versus-player combat enabled.

8. Jartex Network

Server Address: jartexnetwork.com

With “fun” as part of its domain name, Jartex makes good on its promise to keep us entertained. Unlike the other servers on this list, this one has a jail theme but centers on gambling.

Not only that, but you also gain access to unique abilities, magical spells, and even stylish clothing options. Nonetheless, you should join a cartel before venturing inside a casino or your mines.

The server features numerous types of cartels and gangs, and each of them offers unique rewards to its member. If all of that isn’t enough for you, the server also contains some of the most impressive structures and side missions for you to explore.

9. Vortex Network

Server Address: vortexnetwork.net

An straightforward Minecraft server, Vortex Network features games like a prison, sky block, survival, and Pixelmon. But they all have their own special twist on the space genre. Spaceships, planets, and other objects from the cosmos make appearances everywhere you go.

Additionally, the server has its own custom resource pack to round out the experience. Users can engage in PVP, form gangs, and even enter combat zones when in the server’s prison map.

Gaining experience requires you to mine, trade, and participate in events. The Prison Cosmic is an alternative to the standard prison and features its own adventure map with its own quests, recipes, and more.

10. OPBlocks Network

Server Address: opblocks.com

OPBlocks, which is featured on our list of the top Minecraft servers of all time, offers players access to several extremely potent tools. There is a thriving player base, helpful devs, and many fun, compact games to play.

Skyblock, Survival, Parkour, and Prison are the four primary game modes supported by this server. In the server’s prison game mode, players are given a set of magical equipment and their own personal mine to explore at their own pace.

The prison is also home to various optional quests, player-owned mines, and unique skills. Because of this, the server’s emphasis is not solely on competitive leaderboards; users can also pursue their own plots.