10 Best Moon Phase Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

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The sole natural satellite of Earth is the Moon. The phases of the moon continue to change every week and every day. It is calming to observe the moon’s many phases. Do you enjoy observing or keeping track of moon phases? Try out these Android applications for moon phases.

You can keep tabs on the moon’s phases in real-time using these applications. Precise moonrise times and three-dimensional moon models. Simple timer and reminder settings. Simple interface apps. Track the moon’s phases by downloading these apps.

Best Moon Phase Apps for Android and iOS

Here are the greatest moon-phase apps. Some offer free services, while others have expensive plans with extra features. Make sure the app is compatible with your phone before choosing.

1. My Moon Phase

The top slot on this list belongs to My Moon Phase. This software has a tidy, clean, but animated UI design. There is a tonne of information available about astronomical topics.

The program displays the moon’s activities and offers many other useful statistics, including sunset, rising, sign, quarters, and many more. My Moon Phase does, of course, provide a helpful calendar.

This moon phase widget is the ideal companion whether you are just starting out or have been tinkering with the moon for some time.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Star Map Tracker: Stargazing

Which moon phase app is the most accurate? The solution, then, can depend on your initial preference. It won’t harm you to try Star Map Tracker, though. Star Map Tracker offers the sensation of stargazing.

This app will offer its users engaging yet realistic experiences, regardless of whether they are new to staring at the sky or have been doing it for some time. However, both iOS and Android users can use this app.

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This software will make recognizing stars, galaxies, and constellations much more interesting. With the AR experience, you can also see the sky. Whether you are looking at the moon or the sun.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Moon Globe

Moon Globe is a different moon app that you ought to take into consideration. Users claim that this app is particularly distinctive compared to the other apps on our list.

What would you receive after utilizing this app? You don’t have to pay for its services, so there. On the other hand, the app provides you with a realistic moon view.

It is also feasible to examine the moon’s surface, much like you would if you were using a telescope. You can choose from several modes to view the moon.

Download for iOS

4. Daff Moon Phase

Daff Moon Phase is one of the best moon phase applications for Android phones that you should take into consideration. This app is an improvement over the moon phase calendar apps.

Naturally, it details things like lunar eclipses, sunrise, solar eclipses, day duration, and much more. Do you want to add a widget for the moon phase to your phone’s home screen?

You can also enable push notifications if you wish to stay updated on the eight primary planets. The best aspect of the Daff Moon Phase is that no subscription fees are involved.

Download for Android

5. Luna Solaria

Do you know who Luna Solaria is? Regardless of your phone’s operating system, this app displays the moon phase. You will also get a graphical representation of the moon in addition to the moon phase.

Luna Solaria is a respectable moon cycle app worthy of your consideration; it can be said with certainty. You can find out the position of the sun, much like the majority of the apps on this list.

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The infographic is the only element that might decline. Only the moon’s current phase, which is today, is visible. You must purchase the premium subscription to access the complete month’s worth of material at once.

Download for Android and iOS

6. Phases of the Moon

If you are looking for a good moon phase widget on Android, you should check out the Phases of the Moon app. As its name suggests, it is designed to show your information about the state of the earth’s satellite.

Phases of the Moon is successful because the developers use a simulation from NASA. By that, you can view the moon from various angles. Similar to several apps on this list, you can check out several aspects when it comes to astronomical things.

Thus, other than understanding the moon’s current phase, you can know the sun, rising, zodiac, and many more. It is also possible to find out the lunar phase shortly.

Download for Android

7. You know Moon Phase

Do you wish to know the current moon phase? You might want to download the You Know Moon Phase app from the App Store. This app is quite intriguing and cutting-edge.

The user interface (UI) is organized and simple, and icons effectively represent all features on the screen. The app may notify you if any upcoming lunar occurrences occur, similar to several other apps on this list.

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Overall, the You Know Moon Phase app is a fun tool for monitoring the satellite’s condition. Additionally, since this is free software, there is no excuse not to download and use it. But you can only utilize it if you use an iOS device.

Download for iOS

8. Moon Phase Plus

Lean on the moon to guide you! You won’t only get the moon’s phases for the “nearest city;” you’ll get them for where you are right now. Check out the countdown to the next phase of the moon, whether it be full or new.

On a wide, straightforward display, and easy to read, you can view a live simulation of the moon as it looks to you on any day in the present, the past, or the future.

Check out the times the moon will rise and set so you can organize your activities around the lunar cycle. Support for the Apple TV is included! You’ve found the app you’ve been looking for right here!

Download for iOS

9. iSolunar

iSolunarTM Hunting & Fishing Times, based on the original solunar theory, predicts peak feeding and activity periods for all fish and wildlife species depending on the moon’s position and lunar phase.

Simply research the finest hunting and fishing periods for the date you are considering while planning your next vacation. No matter what you’re pursuing or where you are, this amazing tool will help you increase your chances of success!

Download for iOS

10. SkyView® Lite

On the other hand, you should consider SkyView if you’re seeking a moon phase app for Android and iOS. This software offers several complimentary services while you can explore the cosmos.

Above all, this program provides fascinating features for astronomy enthusiasts, including satellites, planets, stars, the moon, and many more.

You can go back in time and learn more about past events in addition to being shown everything you need to know about the moon and the sky; however, it is nearly like utilizing a time machine.

Download for Android and iOS