10 Best Morse Code Apps For Android & iOS (2024)

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It’s possible you’re already familiar with Morse Code Apps, given that you’re looking for them. For a long time, this encoding method has been the standard for long-distance communication.

Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail are often credited as the brains behind the Morse code. This code comprises strings of dots (DIT) and dashes (DAH). Morse code charts are used to read them.

This way, they can be read as letters and numbers after decoding. You can send messages without worrying about their security. In the past, this encoding let sailors and warriors communicate secretly during conflicts. In addition, they have been implemented as radio distress signals and in aviation.

Unfortunately, you can now learn to decode it with only your smartphone. Code can be difficult to produce, comprehend, and translate, but there are tools for that. The top Morse code apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) are discussed here.

Best Morse Code Apps for Android and iPhone

In this piece, I’ll go through some of the top android applications for learning morse code and exchanging secret messages with buddies. You can even practice morse code if you want to improve.

1. Morse Code

This program is an excellent starting point for those who have never learned Morse code. It’s a tool for deciphering Morse code. All alphabets and English words can be entered into this Morse code converter, and the same is true in reverse. The Morse code for each letter of the alphabet is also displayed.

In addition to showing you the results in Morse code, it also allows you to hear the results and copy the code to your clipboard. You can then copy and paste it into a message for delivery to anybody you like. The app’s flashlight functionality is a bonus for sending Morse code messages.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Morsee

Morsee is a basic program for learning and practicing morse code. This program will help you learn to write the English alphabet in morse code, the Japanese kana, and the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian Alphabet).

Click the central button to begin your practice session. You can make a dit with a quick press and a dah with a longer one. Dits(.) and dahs(.) are all that is needed to create a Morse code signal (-).

To send an encrypted message, tap the entire message and convert it to morse; afterward, you can share it with your friends by hitting the preview symbol. It’s a cute little program for learning morse code, an ancient and beautiful form of communication.

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3. Morse Trainer

Morse Trainer is the program for you if you want to learn how to tap Morse code quickly and accurately. It serves no function and has no other features save training exercises; it’s as if you were being commanded by a harsh leader.

Two modes allow you to hone your abilities: the first is an alphabet course that teaches you the basics. Each letter has its corresponding morse code displayed alongside it, and you may practice by hitting the transmit button at the very bottom.

Your progress toward morse code mastery will be proportional to the number of times you practice and are successful.

This program performs an acceptable job of breaking down the fundamentals of Morse code and gradually building up to more complex messages. This software can be found on the Play Store and may be used to gain marketable talent at no cost.

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4. Gboard

Google’s Gboard is equipped with a Morse code app. It’s useful for Google users who want to send and receive Morse code messages. For Android and iOS users, the app includes a Morse code keyboard.

To communicate through Morse, switch to the coding mode on your keyboard. It will allow you to type the message and recommend words that can be typed in the code. It’s very close to the layout of a typical American keyboard. There is no distinction outside the use of Morse code for inputs.

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5. Morse Code Reader and Decoder

Morse code reader and writer for your mobile device. This program will allow you to change regular text into Morse or vice versa. It’s similar to the apps above in that it offers visual and auditory feedback when writing Morse code.

It has a screen-flickering effect and vibration feedback to help express Morse code. As a bonus, the app includes a game where players can test their knowledge of the alphabet and its letters.

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6. Morse Transmitter

The Morse Transmitter is an option if you want a basic app. Primarily, it’s an iPhone thing. An instantaneous text-to-Morse-code conversion is possible with this program. It even comes with a dictionary to help you learn the codes for the letters and numbers. The app has also gained notoriety for its multilingual support.

You can record your Morse codes and experiment using sound and light. A bright flash from the phone’s screen conveys the secret message.

This program rapidly decodes audio and is very simple to use. It is not capable of deciphering optically transmitted coded messages. The Morse Transmitter is available at no cost for download. The interface is clean and intuitive, and the available themes are fun. The camera’s flashlight cannot be used as a communication device now.

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Morse code is an outdated method that is still in use today. There are still benefits to knowing this, even if the professional world doesn’t value it. Use it for a good time, a game, discreet communication, or when your life is in danger.

The apps above can be useful for either learning or using Morse code. They are available in advance for perusing and contemplation.