5 Best Nintendo Switch Games in (May 2024)

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Which games are the most highly recommended for the Nintendo Switch? As there is a tonne, we should be able to assist you. To think Nintendo released the Switch back in 2017 is crazy.

Over 80 million units have been sold as of this writing, attesting to the success of a console that houses some of Nintendo’s finest work in years. Developers deliver many great Nintendo switch games since there are so many eager Switch owners.

While Nintendo has had a great run of releases on the Switch, other developers haven’t slacked off. Since the Nintendo Switch has such a large user base, developers of all stripes have rushed to port their games to the system.

In other words, you’ll have access to an even wider variety of awesome content. Now, therefore, which titles are the most well-regarded on the Nintendo Switch?

So, whether you bought a Switch on launch day or are simply getting one now. There is a tonne of must-play games on the system. The Nintendo Switch is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to unwind at the end of a long day, take the kids on an epic journey, or do all three.

List of Best Nintendo Switch Games

New Nintendo Switch owners may ask what software to use to kick off their system. An in-depth discussion of the finest titles available for the Nintendo Switch follows. Pricing varies geographically.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still one of the most played and praiseworthy family-friendly games on Nintendo Switch over two years after its initial release.

As lockdowns spread over the globe, players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons could escape to a peaceful island and enjoy a never-ending loop of activities like fishing, bug-catching, and designing their own virtual homes.

Nintendo has regularly updated New Horizons with new features, such as the enormous Happy Home Paradise downloadable content and many free additions.

The island you create in New Horizons can be completely reshaped thanks to the game’s brand-new terraforming function.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a consistent charmer that justifiably deserves its place as one of the best Nintendo Switch games, whether you’re chatting with the locals, trying to complete your museum catalog, or traveling to your friends’ islands.

2. Astral Chain

Before I put in a considerable number of hours into Astral Chain, I had my doubts about whether or not I would enjoy it. It was all a little too formulaic for my taste, like an action game done with a paint-by-numbers approach.

I shouldn’t have worried; it’s one of PlatinumGames’ (the studio responsible for the Bayonetta series) more innovative offerings in recent memory.

You play as an officer in a special unit tasked with protecting Earth against extradimensional threats in a future where such attacks are commonplace. The unique selling point of this game is that you can train these monsters into powerful armies called Legions.

When confronted by waves of mobs or larger, more formidable adversaries, you’ll take control of your character and the Legion at once. Besides using your Legion(s) in battle, you’ll put them to use in other ways, like investigating crimes and getting about.

3. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The first game this section highlights is the Switch-exclusive Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest Zelda game features a unique tale and takes place in an open environment based on the kingdom of Hyrule.

The lack of a linear storyline in Breath of the Wild has earned it plaudits for its player-friendly design. Instead, players have unrestricted freedom to venture out, accept tasks, and advance in power at their own pace and price.

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They might even try to fight the game’s ultimate boss as soon as the hub world unlocks, despite having almost no chance of doing so.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo didn’t stop with 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the best Zelda game ever made; they also delivered us what is arguably Mario’s best adventure a year and a half later.

Returning to the sandbox design of the world seen in Super Mario Sunshine, our plump plumber must explore massive levels to solve hidden obstacles and acquire the hundreds of Power Moons necessary to fuel his hat-shaped ship, The Odyssey, and rescue peach.

Here, though, Mario has the unique ability to mimic the moves of nearly every foe he faces. He hasn’t been studying with Kirby, but he has befriended a hat with special powers.

Cappy grants Mario the ability to assume the form of any non-playable character or random object, granting him access to previously unattainable abilities and actions. Kids will be entertained for weeks by Mario’s latest adventure, which features a wide variety of exciting movement options and content.

5. Cuphead

Cuphead, developed by Studio MDHR, is a fantastic action platformer and a dazzling homage to classic animation. Before coming to Nintendo Switch, Cuphead was available on Xbox One and PC.

It made the transfer to the Nintendo Switch hardware without a hitch, and it functions faultlessly whether you’re using it in TV or handheld mode. The visual aesthetic of Cuphead is instantly recognizable. Cuphead has an aesthetically timeless design thanks to its hand-drawn figures and animations that look like they were taken straight from a 1930s cartoon.

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To fully immerse gamers in another era, a jazzy soundtrack was created. It’s a cartoon that you can play. Cuphead is not only a visual success but also a well-designed run-and-gun with thrilling boss battles and inventive side-scrolling levels.

Cuphead is a must-try for those who thrive on difficulty, whether you play it solo or with a friend. The Delicious Last Course downloadable content for Cuphead finally releases this summer.