10 Best Note Taking Apps for iPhone, iPad and iOS

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For inspiration, ideas, business insights, or even reminders, the best note-taking apps make it quick and easy to create and use notes while on the road.

The prevalence of mobile devices, especially business smartphones and note-taking apps, has increased. This means that a variety of mobile note-taking apps are now available.

The ability to take notes on a mobile device can be a great asset, whether you’re an engineer on a call, a secretary collecting minutes, or simply struck by an idea while commuting.

While simple note-taking software programs are available, sometimes included as free software with mobile devices, these programs can be extremely constrained.

Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

On the iOS app store, you can use many note-taking tools to jot down your important information. Therefore, this post will examine the top iOS note-taking applications ranking.

1. Apple Notes

For iOS and mac, this is the standard note-taking app. It’s likely already installed on your smartphone, and you’ve probably opened it a few times without giving it much thought.

Apple Notes allows simple note-taking, free device syncing and adding images, tables, and various attachments. Thanks to its robust search tool, you can access notes and attachments fast.

2. GoodNotes

Another competitor, GoodNotes, focuses on managing documents and handwritten notes. Additionally, it excels at doing these things, which will draw in students of all ages.

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You may search your handwritten notes with GoodNotes, annotate PDFs and PPTs, and interact with others. Most individuals find that quickly typing a to-do list on the keyboard is handier than writing one out by hand.

3. Bear

Bear’s sole note-taking app on the iOS platform gives Evernote and the built-in Notes app on iOS some real competition. After being released in 2016, the app quickly established a solid position on the list of the best note-taking apps for iOS devices.

The app handles all the tasks you would anticipate of a good notes app, including taking notes in text, photographs, videos, and doodles, earning it the title of Apple’s Top iOS App of 2016.

4. LiquidText

LiquidText is more of a research and study tool created to assist you in parsing PDFs and other documents, in contrast to standard notetaking apps that provide a blank page for you to scribble down notes.

As with any other note-taking program, you can highlight and annotate text as you read your paper. As you collect information from your document, you can group it, establish links between the contents using lines, and much more.

5. Whink

Whink is a straightforward note-taking tool everyone can use, even those who have trouble with technology. It has a stylish UI and simple tools to make taking notes easy.

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Whink’s pen tool simulates a gel pen with conventional ink colors, unlike most other note-taking applications; thus, writing with it feels just like writing with a pen on paper. This app’s multitasking capabilities are one of its best features.

6. Notability

With Notability, you can not only take notes but also get inspired, record ideas, and let your imagination run wild to improve your life.

If you don’t like to take notes, the third-party iPhone and iPad software Notability is a fantastic substitute. When it comes to writing and modifying text and image notes, this software is unique.

7. Agenda

The sleek, date-focused note-taking app for iOS and iPadOS is called Agenda. A detailed picture of the past, present, and future provided by an agenda can help you plan.

You can add due reminders to your tasks and turn your notes into events on your calendar.

8. Craft – Docs and Notes Editor

Craft is a writing tool for producing beautiful notes or papers and exchanging ideas. Craft allows you to share anything and everything with only a tap.

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Inline markdown, code snippets, backlinks, pictures, audio files, videos, adding PDF files, and rich link previews are all fully supported by the app.

9. Evernote – Notes Organizer

When inspiration strikes, Evernote won’t let you miss the chance to record it. Evernote is undoubtedly the best note-taking app for the iPhone, offering various organizational capabilities and the capacity to collect a wide range of digital information.

To avoid distractions and get more done at work, home, and everywhere, combine your notes, to-do list, and weekly or monthly plans. To remain on top of your calendar, you can sync your Google Calendar.

10. Zoho Notebook

Your notes from your devices are backed up to the cloud using the simple-to-use note-taking tool Zoho Notebook. Zoho Notebook’s pre-made hand-drawn templates enable you to give each of your notes a special touch.

You can select either the landscape or grid view in this note-taking app. Additionally, you can use a passcode or fingerprint scanning to secure your secret notes.