8 Best NZXT CAM Alternatives and Replacements (2024)

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For complex jobs like producing graphics, playing games, and so on, it is essential to keep an eye on the capacity of your PC. To minimize overheating, you may wish to check the system.

NZXT CAM is one of the most excellent tools for the job. More advanced PC monitoring software is available, which is why many people search for NzxT CAM alternatives.

For example, you may be able to specify the CPU name (e.g., Intel or AMD), the quantity of RAM (e.g., 2GB or 4GB) and the size of your hard drive by using PC monitoring software. However, there’s much more to know about your computer’s specs.

These apps are an excellent resource for learning more about your computer’s operating system or any other installed software.

In addition, you should check your PC system’s capacity and look for potential problems before such problems become real. A good monitoring program to prevent system breakdown will save you time and money.

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What is NZXT CAM?

An excellent PC performance monitoring tool, this app allows you to adjust the temperature, bandwidth, and even color settings for various components in your computer system. This will enable you to fine-tune the capacity of your PC system.

The game sync feature of NZXT CAM allows your hardware to match various games. Alternatively, you can personalize every aspect of your system to your liking.

A reliable in-game overlay that doesn’t interfere with gameplay displays real-time monitoring of your system’s capability, including FPS, temps, bandwidth, and more. It’s also available.

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Best Nzxt CAM Alternatives

NZXT CAM may have an excellent reputation and a lot of features, but you may not find it adequate for various reasons, as indicated above. Here are best alternatives to NZXT CAM that you should consider.

1. GPU-Z

For monitoring critical system information, TechPowerUp has developed this lightweight software. Further, the GPU-Z software keeps track of details regarding a computer’s video card and graphics processor.

A gaming PC monitoring software like Nzxt CAM would be great for players with these features.

There is no charge for using Nzxt CAM or GPU-Z; both are free. In case you didn’t notice, the name of this program sounds a lot like the old Nzxt CAM replacement.

To be clear, TechPowerUp was granted permission to use the term CPU-Z by the CPU-Z developers.

The GPU-Z software provides information about the graphics card’s GPU, technology, memory type, memory capacity, driver version, transistors, bus interface, and other details.

The sensors’ data is also shown on the screen. NVIDIA, AMD, ATI, and Intel graphics cards are supported. In addition, the BIOS of a computer’s graphics card can be backed up.

Before using GPU-Z, you do not need to install it. It does, however, come with an optional installation. It’s as simple as running the downloaded file.

This method is much easier to set up GPU-Z than setting up Nzxt CAM. Nzxt CAM, on the other hand, has many more customization options than GPU-Z.

2. CPU-Z

CPUID has developed an excellent best free nzxt alternative. Using this shareware, you’ll be able to discover the details of your PC’s processor, motherboard, chipsets, RAM, and other components. It is designed to run on both Windows and Android platforms.

The results of CPU-Z are presented in a straightforward table that includes numerous technical terminology and statistics. The conclusions it delivers are based on data, which may not be helpful to most computer users. The results might be of interest to experts, however.

Visual displays and distinguishing elements are missing from this software. As a whole, this program offers you raw data in a simple, understandable format.

3. MSI Afterburner

With the MSI Afterburner NXT software, the camera may be set up. Install Afterburner NXT after unpacking the camera. The Afterburner NXT software is a great way to make your camera exactly how you want it.

The “Camera Settings” tab of the Afterburner NXT software is where you’ll find this setting. You can control the sensor, frame rate, and other parameters here.

4. Speccy

Speccy, a program for discovering your computer’s specs, is a CCleaner product. Free Nzxt CAM replacement that is fast and easy to use.

In addition, there’s a pro edition that gives you access to even more information. Advanced PC insights are only available in the paid edition, offering automatic upgrades and premium support.

As with Nzxt CAM, you get almost the same information with Speccy. Everything from your operating system, CPU to RAM to storage to graphics and motherboard is covered.

In the UI, these facts are displayed in various areas, but the summary section gives you an overview of everything.

Speccy can’t display data in a visual format like Nzxt CAM, but the reports it generates are comprehensive.

With Nzxt CAM, you can change how your PC’s lighting and fan operate. Speccy does not allow you to do this, but it does show you the current temperatures of those components in real-time.

This way, you may anticipate potential issues and address them before they arise.

Speccy is a better choice for PC performance monitoring than Nzxt CAM.

5. Open Hardware Monitor

There is no specialist gaming program like NZXT CAM, but Open Hardware Monitor does the same. It’s a free open source program for keeping tabs on the computing power of your PC. Intel and AMD processors, video cards, SMART hard drives, and ATI graphics cards can all be monitored with this program.

A configurable desktop widget, a system tray icon, or the main window are all options for displaying results. This software does not require any installation and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including XP through 10 and x86 versions of Linux.


Among the several Nzxt CAM alternatives available to gamers is OCAT, the Open Capture Analysis Tool. OCAT, like Nzxt CAM, is open-source and supports overlays in-game. OCAT is also free to use under the terms of the MIT License.

A user-friendly interface like that of Nzxt Cam isn’t there in the OCAT application, but all the information you need is easily accessible. A variety of data can be displayed on your computer’s screen using the OCAT overlay features in-game.

The blacklist is yet another distinguishing aspect of OCAT. This functionality allows you to exclude particular processes from being tracked by OCAT. As a result, the in-game overlay will not highlight the processes.

The default and the user blocklists can be found under the program’s settings. While the user can establish and maintain a personal blacklist, OCAT will automatically add processes to the system’s default blacklist.

OCAT is compatible with Windows-based machines. Vulkan and Direct3D 11 and 12 are supported, as well as other important Windows APIs. You can only use OCAT on a Windows operating system.

Mobile applications like Nzxt CAM are absent from OCAT. Windows 7 and 10’s 64-bit versions are required for the software to function.

7. ASUS AI Suite

With the integrated interface of ASUS AI Suite, you can run multiple ASUS utilities simultaneously. A four-way optimization system is built into this monitoring program.

In addition to monitoring your PC’s temperature, this software can also identify particular hardware problems. Other hardware components, such as CPU, GPU, and RAM, can also be evaluated.

8. iStat Menus

There’s a special version of this PC monitoring software for Apple devices. Many of the Nzxt CAM alternatives listed here do not work with Mac computers.

As a result, if you are looking for an alternative to Nzxt CAM for Mac, you should check out iStat Menus. Bjango Pty Ltd created the application, which runs on macOS 10.10 or later.

In addition to CPU and GPU utilization, memory, network, disc usage, sensors, date and time, battery and power consumption, iStat Menus provides comprehensive information about your PC.

With a quick peek at your menu bar, you can see all this information in real-time.

iStat Menus includes an animated user interface, unlike Nzxt CAM. You can access the entire interface by clicking on the menu bar where the software icons are displayed.

Nzxt CAM cannot compete with the level of customization offered by iStat Menus. The menu bar icons, dropdowns, and graphs can all be customized in color and appearance. Light and dark modes are included in the software.

With iStat Menus, you’ll never miss a big change in your system’s performance data again.

iStat Menus is more user-friendly than Nzxt CAM. A total of 36 languages are supported and can be translated into the software, increasing the company’s user base. Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek are a few examples of the many different languages that can be spoken worldwide.


Finding the best PC monitoring software might be difficult. For the optimal choice, you need to consider more than simply the features you want and the price that fits your budget.

There are numerous NZXT CAM replacements on the market, each with different characteristics. As a result, you, as a buyer, have a wide range of options. As an alternative, Open Hardware Monitor is an excellent free, open-source PC monitoring software.