8 Best Offline Music Apps for Android in 2024

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Food for the soul can be found in music. In addition to entertaining us when we’re alone, it sets our mood and influences our emotions as we go about our daily routines.

As a result, one of our Android phone’s most frequently used features is the ability to play music. Music has evolved together with society over time.

Digital technology has reduced the size and increased the ease with which music can be obtained.

The conventional methods of storing and selling music on vinyl, cassette, and CD have been superseded by modern methods of listening to music on phones and other digital devices.

Any app that allows you to listen to music that has been downloaded and saved to your phone is known as an “offline music app.” The term “online music app” refers to an application that allows you to stream music over the internet.

Music can be downloaded or streamed through some apps. If you want to listen to digital music, you’ll need a music app.

We’ve compiled a list of the best offline music apps for android so you can listen to your favorite tunes whenever and wherever you want.

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Best Offline Music Apps For Android

You can download music for offline listening using music streaming apps like Spotify or YouTube Music.

The list does not contain any such programs. So, let’s look at the top Android apps for listening to music without an internet connection.

1. Pixel – Music Player

Those in quest of a Material-styled music player will find it in Pixel – Music Player. If you want a music player that can do it all, this is the one for you.

The music player has various options for browsing and playing your local music collection. A 5-band audio equalization and a radio station are also included.

2. Phonograph Music Player

The Phonograph is an excellent music-playing app. These dynamic changes are caused by the several pre-installed theme color sets that have been integrated into the application.

Don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles regarding the app’s functionality. On the other hand, phonograph might be the perfect software for your music player if you’re looking for a simple, never-ending listening experience.

With the tag editor, you can easily change the title, artist, and album name of individual songs and albums, as well as entire catalogs of music.


At first glance, AIMP appears to be a somewhat primary music player. AIMP’s interface is a tad bare-bones compared to other popular apps.

That may be the whole point. This software aims to play your music without interfering with your concentration. This program is free to download.

Its 29-band visual equalizer can handle a wide range of file formats. Custom themes and dark mode are supported. More than 50 functions are included in AIMP, an open-source music player.

In other words, it’s more than adequate for the average listener. On the Google Play Store, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5. To listen to digital music offline, you must use this fantastic player. You can’t keep putting it off any longer!

4. Shuttle Music Player

If you’re looking for an open-source music player for Android that’s simple to use while still packing a powerful punch, go no further than Shuttle Music Player. There is a modern and material design in the music player for Android.

6-band equalization with bass enhancement is also available. It’s even possible to utilize it to play back lyrics. Lyrics can only be played if you have .srt file.

5. Pulsar Music Player

For a long time, Pulsar Music Player has been one of the most popular Android offline music players due to its stunning user interface, which is free to use but does not include any adverts.

Also included are gapless playback, display of the lyrics, crossfade and speed modification, tag editing, and last.fm scrobbling. Other features include support for Chromecast, voice command, and Android Auto.

That it has a built-in sleep timer is also a big perk of Pulsar Music Player for me.

6. BlackPlayer Music Player

I also like the BlackPlayer Music Player, another of my go-to music players. The app has a clean, modern aesthetic that looks best on AMOLED screens because of the heavy reliance on deep blacks across the user interface.

You’ll get a vital 5-band equalization with bass boost, 3D surround sound virtualize, and amplifier with the app! Support for Android Auto and Wear OS is also included, as is a sleep timer. Other features of this software include gapless playback.

This app’s only flaw is that it relies on in-app advertising for its funding. Fortunately, these adverts aren’t too annoying. Other than that, I’m satisfied with this app’s performance.

7. jetAudio HD Music Player

Both free and premium versions of JetAudio HD’s Android Music Player are available. Most customers won’t need to upgrade because the free version offers so much. The sole drawback to the free edition is that ads support it.

If you haven’t heard of CNET.COM, that’s no problem! One of the most famous music players on the site is jetAudio HD Music Player.

You may play any music format, have 32 equalizer presets, use a dark mode in your browser, and even play MIDI files. Now is the time to give it a shot!

8. Rocket Music Player

Since its debut, Rocket Music Player has been a fixture in the music industry. Several issues were fixed, increased performance, and expanded the feature set.

An equalizer with more than 30 themes and a tag editor that can be customized; Chromecast connectivity; a sleep tracker; brilliant playlist selection; and even podcasts assistance with Android Auto support are all included for free.

Using the same tool, you can also add lyrics to your videos. Frequent difficulties, such as Chromecast troubles and GDPR compliance, have been addressed in Rocket Music Player’s most recent release.


For Android devices in 2022, these are the best music player apps for offline use. Try out a few apps on the list to see how easy they are to use, how user-friendly, and how well they meet your specific needs.

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