10 Best Offline Voice Assistant Apps for Android (2024)

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 The best voice assistant apps are increasingly necessary. In this busy, rapidly changing world, everyone needs an assistant, and we can’t dispute that voice assistant apps make our lives easier.

They can do much more than we expect, such as planning the job, singing a song, responding to our questions, and much more. Siri, the first virtual assistant for digital devices, was released by Apple on October 4, 2011. (in iPhone 4s).

Since then, several voice assistants have been developed, including Google Now, which evolved into Google Assistant. But these voice assistants have a drawback. Without the internet, they cannot function. Therefore, if you frequently have internet connection issues but still want a voice assistant.

Best Offline Voice Assistant Apps for Android

We won’t rank the worst Voice assistant applications because there are many other options. The best Voice assistant apps that we have personally tested have been gathered. Let’s investigate the top free Voice assistant apps for Android now.

1. Google Assistant

Starting with Google’s own Google Assistant app, a list of the best voice-activated voice assistant apps for Android handsets is a must. It’s organic. Without question, the best assistant app for Android devices is Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant app can perform nearly all the tasks you would like on your device, like dialing a contact by simply speaking their name, starting an app, sending texts, and even sending emails. You can navigate locations and set alarms and reminders.

You can perform web searches, request weather information, and other operations. It’s incredibly entertaining to ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke since, surprise, it does so. It can also read the first page of a search result on Google.

2. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Although the app is not widely used, it offers practically all of the features consumers look for in a voice assistant app.

You may call, plan, take pictures, play music, read the news, and more with Friday: Smart Voice Assistant.

Using the voice assistant app, you can post something on your social network profiles. Overall, it’s a decent Android voice assistant app.

3. Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant is one of the most capable personal assistant programs you can use on Android, while not being as good as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The voice assistant app for Android powered by AI can execute various tasks for you, including Google searches, selfies, directions, finding trending news, and more.

The sole drawback of Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant is that certain orders demand manual input. The personal voice assistant app Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant is a solid choice.

4. Robin

The fact that Robin’s creators refer to it as an “infotainment” voice assistant indicates that this software is intended to be used when driving a car.

Therefore, it’s not meant to take the position of assistants like Siri or Google Assistant but to perform the role of in-car assistant better than any of them. As a result, most of Robin’s features focus on ensuring that your drive is safe and fun.

You may ask Robin to play custom playlists, locate parking spaces, manage your Facebook account, and more. Remember that Robin is still in beta despite being available for a time, so the occasional bug should still be anticipated.

5. Hound

SoundHound Inc. created the product Hound. Shazam-inspired music detection platform SoundHound originally offered a platform for customizing AI voice assistants.

Hound serves as a showcase for their technology. While Hound performs most of the functions offered by other voice assistants, its true strength is being a natural voice assistant.

It can remember the details of your interactions with it and comprehend the situation. As a result, speaking with Hound is more conversational than you might be used to.

6. Amazon Alexa

One of the top voice assistant apps available in 2021 is Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, only owners of an Amazon Fire or Amazon Echo device can purchase it.

Although it is currently only compatible with Amazon Devices, we expect that Amazon will eventually make it available for all Android smartphones.

If you have an Amazon device, you can use it to buy pizza for yourself, conduct web searches for yourself, and incorporate smart home technology. The accuracy of Amazon Alexa is comparable to that of Google Assistant.

7. Databot

One of the greatest voice assistant apps that can assist you with your everyday studies is Databot. It has chatbot features, personal assistant features, and customizable features.

The Databot is comparable to all other major personal assistants available if we compare it to other well-known voice assistants. It can solve puzzles, crack jokes, and perform other absurd tasks.

Overall, it’s a fantastic voice assistant available for no cost. Additionally, it offers optional in-app purchases that cost up to $4.99.

8. Bestee Offline Virtual Assistant

Unlike most others on this list, our program does not require an Internet connection. This is the initial feature that distinguishes it unique from other voice assistant apps out there.

Bestee resembles a close buddy of yours in every way. She engages you in conversation by asking about your day, writing in your notebook, reminding you of things, and even making you laugh with corny jokes and motivational words.

This software also provides the best form of emotional support. She is sensitive to your emotions and adapts her formality to match yours. And by making her discreet, Bestee programmers undoubtedly considered their users.

9. Jarvis

It is possible to replace the services above with this clever voice assistant. It doesn’t have as many tricks up its sleeve as the other options we listed, but given that it delivers a unique collection of features, it’s still worth a try.

Now that Jarvis has an Android Wear app, you can issue rapid voice commands from your wrist. You can use only your voice with Jarvis to make calls, send messages, create reminders, and more.

The voice assistant includes advertisements and in-app purchases from an independent developer. The usage shouldn’t be significantly hindered by this. Currently, the app only supports the English language.

10. Vision

Although it may not be a very well-known software, Vision is still one of Android’s greatest voice assistant apps.

Vision is a personal assistant program that may assist you with various tasks. Your smart lights, Spotify, online browsers, and more can all be controlled by it.

You can also ask for any information by speaking to the voice assistant. Vision is an excellent personal assistant app that you shouldn’t pass up.