10 Best PC Optimizer Software For Windows 11/10 (2024)

Windows performance can be improved using PC Cleaners, reputable programs that take care of various optimization duties. System file cleaners can remove trash files, caches, cookies, and caches and cookies that have been deleted.

It helps users remove faulty registry files and startup items, limit background processes to free up RAM, and more.

For example, if your Windows PC is experiencing slow startup times, frequent system crashes, and other standard PC faults, you should get your hands on the best paid and free PC cleaning and optimization tools.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best PC optimizer software for Windows in 2022 so that users can get the most out of their computers’ full capabilities.

Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows PC

Before we get started, here’s a little reminder. Only the best PC optimizer software tools will help if the issue is with the software.

However, these Windows boosters won’t assist much if you have a hardware problem or your PC doesn’t meet the system requirements. you can also take a look at the best defrag software that also helps you to boost your computer speed.

1. CCleaner Professional

Over the past decade, thousands of professionals have used Ccleaner Professional PC cleaner software to improve their PC performance.

As a result of the scanning engine’s ability to remove junk files and other remnants, this was all made feasible.

Additionally, if your computer is experiencing problems with the Windows Registry, the Registry cleanup tool in this software will solve the problem. This software allows users to manage their backups and other files effortlessly.

Most professionals use the premium edition of CCleaner, which provides them with the most optimized features at a very reasonable price. As a result, have it installed on your PC as soon as possible so that you may enjoy some high-quality PC software.

2. Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced System Care is one of the best PC optimizer software in the present market. It doesn’t have a lot of clutter or adornment.

Simple to use, with an intuitive user interface and an easy way to get started. It speeds up the system’s processing and improves its skill set.

An innovative feature of this application protects browsers and emails, defends the system from viruses, and speeds up PC and startup.

This is the tool for you if you install and uninstall applications frequently. It may remove all unwanted software and browser extensions in seconds.

3. Avast Cleanup

Consider using Avast Cleanup if you want to see noticeable gains in PC speed and efficiency. You can speed up, improve, and increase the efficiency of your PC using this PC Optimization software.

Using Avast Cleanup, you may optimize your games, update your programs, optimize your hard disc, remove junk files, and so forth. However, you can use the free trial to perform a one-time computer cleanup with Avast Cleanup, a subscription feature.

4. Advanced System Optimizer

This fantastic PC cleaner program has practically every function a perfect PC cleaner should have. This is a good solution for those PC users who want to increase their PC’s speed and efficiency.

This PC cleaner software can automatically delete all the garbage files, cache memory, logs, and unnecessary data on your computer. Probably the most critical factor in this PC cleaner’s success is the fact that it has a visually appealing user interface.

This PC cleanup software can also act as a privacy shield for your computer by removing rubbish and residual data. Encryptor and Windows Optimizer are just a couple of the fantastic tools available to keep your PC safe from viruses and other malware.

We’re confident that Advanced System Optimizer has earned its place at the top of this list because of its many impressive features.

5. Avira System Speedup

PC optimizer Avira System Speedup claims to speed up your computer and remove all of your internet traces. You may speed up PC starting times, remove garbage files, and do other performance-enhancing tasks with just a single click.

There are free and paid versions of Avira System Speedup. Only a few speed-enhancing features can be optimized in the free edition, including startup your PC and removing temporary files.

Premium features, such as battery optimization, registry cleaning, and backup & restore options, are only available with the premium version.

6. WinZip System Utilities Suite

Another sort of PC cleanup software is vital for the performance improvement of all PC users.

The PC cleaner’s powerful and optimized tools can resolve the difficulties affecting your computer’s efficiency.

The thorough scan will uncover all of your system’s garbage and lingering files in only a few minutes. Aside from that, you’ll be able to secure your PC’s data with this cleaning.

Using WinZip System Utilities Suite PC cleaning, you can enjoy a new, wiser, and more efficient PC up to several constraints. As a result, WinZip System Utilities Suite is a fantastic all-in-one cleaner for your PC, offering a wide range of benefits.

7. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer has more features than any other program on this list. With the help of the Ashampoo WinOptimizer, the PC’s performance might be boosted, cleaned, and optimized.

Aside from removing garbage and managing starting apps, it may also adjust your internet connection to increase the speed of your relationship. Ashampoo WinOptimizer can also remove recalcitrant applications and files that have remained on your computer after a previous uninstall attempt.

8. Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup may eliminate unnecessary files and free up space on your hard drive. Also included is an advanced startup manager for disabling apps that are programmed to open automatically during Windows starting and cause the PC to bog down.

The PC Cleaning tool may uninstall unnecessary programs, remove outdated download files, and perform registry searches. It features a fantastic temp file remover that takes up a lot of space on your PC.

You may also use the powerful malware removal module in the Pro version of this best Windows optimizer to clean up infected files, privacy leaks, and traces of your identity from all your browsers.

Windows optimizer and security program it’s well-known for its ability to keep out common viruses, trojans, adware, and malware.

9. Norton Utilities

According to Norton Utilities, your PC will be cleaned, tuned, and speeded up in minutes. It will automatically optimize your PC’s processor, memory, and hard disc if it detects a high-demand software or game.

Norton Utilities’ ability to retrieve accidentally deleted files from your computer is another perk of the software. On the other hand, Norton Utilities is a paid product.

10. Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Pro is one of the most excellent PC optimization tools on the market. Optimize and increase the performance of your hard drive with Glary Utilities Pro.

In addition, you may use Glary Utilities Pro to optimize memory, the context menu and the registry, startup, and more. For privacy or security vulnerabilities, the program can also be used to scan and resolve them.


You can use any best PC optimizer software available to improve your PC’s performance. To get the most out of your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, you’ll want to get started with these tools right now.

Please let us know in the comments section below if you are aware of any other PC optimization tools.