10 Best Photo Gallery Apps For Android in (2024)

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The default Photo gallery apps on Android phones tend to be boring. If you want to show off your impressive collection of images, you need solid photo gallery apps. In a word, yes, I am pleased with my picture and meme archive. The photographs in my current phone’s folders are shown as tiny thumbnails underneath a list of folders.

Hundreds of photo gallery apps are available in the Google Play Store. Some have widespread acceptance, yet using them is like stepping into an advertisement gallery.

I have compiled a list of the best photo gallery apps for Android that will bring your photos and movies to life, so you don’t have to worry.

Best Photo Gallery Apps For Android

1. Gallery

Google’s Gallery is an intelligent, lightweight, and speedy picture and video gallery apps for Android devices. The application has the support of Google, although it is not pre-installed on Android handsets.

The advantage of using Gallery is that it automatically sorts your photographs into categories such as People, Videos, Animals, and Nature, among others categories.

Enhancing the photographs in the gallery may also be done with the help of a few photo editing tools included in the gallery app. In general, the Gallery app for Android is an excellent photo gallery.

2. A+ Gallery

Since A+ Gallery is marketed as “the best of both worlds,” it features an iOS-like interface and takes many usability elements from Apple’s popular mobile operating system. This doesn’t mean Android users must adjust to a new experience.

It won’t take long to get the hang of A+ Gallery, even if you’ve never used an Apple gadget. Photos, Sync, and Albums are accessible through tabs at the top. The primary one is a chronological listing of pictures.

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Lastly, you may see them in a folder structure. Both Facebook and Dropbox may be synced. An interesting function of A+ is its capability to sort pictures by color.

You may choose one by clicking the corresponding symbol in the upper right corner, then watch as all the other shown photos are eliminated until just the ones that are the closest matches remain.

3. F Stop Gallery

The F-Stop Media Gallery app has been on the current app store for a while. This app’s UI is clean and easy to use, and it has several advanced capabilities thanks to Material Design.

Images may be categorized further by adding tags, which makes searching much easier. You may import your photographs into F-Stop Media Gallery and have them automatically tagged with their metadata (EXIF, XMP, and IPTC).

The Smart Album function helps you make albums mechanically, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, the software can display moving GIFs. If you’re looking for a sleek and convenient Android gallery app, go no further than F-Stop Media Gallery.

4. Google Photos

The Google Photos app allows users to save an infinite number of photos and movies in the cloud. This app has one major flaw: it compresses your media files.

To find photos you haven’t yet uploaded, Google Photos will search every folder on your device. Most Android users already have this app installed, so there’s no use in installing a separate gallery.

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Google Photos may serve as your main media library management system. Additionally, Google has produced a streamlined version optimized for use on older or less powerful hardware.

5. Amazon Photos

Download the free Amazon Photos app to save your photos in one place safely. An Amazon Prime membership is required to access all of its features. Members who pay up may save as many photos as they want and as many films as they can on their 5GB storage.

Amazon Photos stands out because of its innovative Photo Memory Box. Photos from that day a year ago, two years ago, and so on are shown. It’s a great method for recalling the most memorable events in your life.

This Android gallery app has advanced AI technology that facilitates keyword-based file retrieval. Simply enter a term such as “cat” or “flower,” and Amazon Photos will immediately return results including these subjects.

6. Camera Roll

Another easy-to-use gallery software that works well on Android phones. There are albums on the front page that have covers that are quite broad. These albums may be organized according to their name, size, or release date.

When you open an album, you can also “pin” that album to the top of the site. One of the options that appealed to me allowed me to adjust the number of columns in the album so that the thumbnails of the photos shown there may be larger or smaller, depending on my preference.

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This app also includes a file explorer, which allows you to browse all documents and folders stored on your mobile device.

7. Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery may be one of the simplest picture gallery apps for Android, but it still provides all the features you’d expect from the finest. This app makes it simple to sort your files according to several criteria, such as creation date, file size, file name, etc.

To facilitate the categorization of your media assets, the app displays them in a grid with separate tabs for video, still photographs, and GIFs. In a gallery, you may search for a certain folder or temporarily see hidden things.

Password protection for your files is another unique aspect of Simple Gallery. Further, you may experiment with different themes to see how other people have designed their favorite apps.

The app is costless due to its low resource requirements and focuses on the end user. None of those annoying banner adverts or in-app purchases are present.

8. PhotoMap Gallery

In comparison to other gallery apps for Android, PhotoMap Gallery takes a unique approach. It takes your photos and organizes them geographically before placing them on a zoomable map of the globe rather than the more typical grid layout.

The idea behind the app is that it will help you remember your travels fondly for years to come. Once you begin adding pictures to different places, you may quickly go over the map to see pictures from anywhere you’ve been.

9. 3D Gallery

Regarding 3D gallery apps, TVK tools’ offering is without peer. Many other 3D arrangements may be made with the albums and photographs, such as a spiral, mini-parabola, circle, horizontal helix, vertical parabola, vertical slop, etc.

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You may adjust the slideshow’s pace by clicking the button at the top. Ads sometimes slow down the app, but it’s still quick. Being a 3D gallery, a good portion of the surroundings are exposed.

You may choose a new color for the backdrop or even upload your own picture from the settings. Borders, reflections, and transition speeds (scrolling) may also be enabled and modified.

10. AI Gallery

For Android devices, AI Gallery is a lightweight alternative to stock gallery apps that nevertheless packs a lot of powerful features. The software provides a complete catalog of your phone’s media files and allows you to organize them into albums.

This Android software is a gallery, allowing you to organize, examine information about, and modify tags for your picture collection. The pictures in AI Gallery may also be edited, cleaned up, and compressed.